My One Bad Review

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My One Bad Review...

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I want to tell you a story

It’s a story I don’t like to tell but I need to get it off my chest.

As a solar company owner, I pride myself on my companies 5 star reviews.

I have nearly 500 positive reviews online for lightning energy

But sometimes you need to be judged by your bad reviews.

Unfortunately, over the years there has been a few situations that didn’t go to my favour.

One time, about 2 years ago, my sales manager at the the time came into my office, asking me if we could sell a new to the market, low end battery (it rhymes with no-watt) and price beat another installer.

I was backed into a corner and told “sell this cheap battery at this very cheap price” and you’ll get this customers business.

I reluctantly agreed to the deal, supplying a cheap battery to this customer.

On the installation day, it was an absolute nightmare to install and commission.

I probably lost money just on the overtime rates alone as commissioning took so long.

Sure enough, after a few months the battery failed.

The customer was obviously holding me, the installer, liable for this, as per consumer law, which was fair.

However, it wasn’t an installation issue, it was a battery fault that required a site visit, then a firmware update, then another site visit, then another update, it went on and on.

None of which we got paid for.

As the saga ensued between the customer, the installer and the manufacturer

The customer let rip a ruthless 1 star review on my company.

But the issue was with with product and manufacturer the whole time, not us.

Well the lesson I learnt that day is, don’t lower your standards and sell cheap unreliable products because a customer demands it.

Always stick to your guns and only sell quality products, at a price which allows you to install it properly and offer after sales service.

Remember, good quality isn’t usually cheap and cheap isn’t usually good quality.

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Luke Cove

Luke is passionate about renewable energy and has been an electrician for over 15 years. After spending over a decade mastering his craft on the tools, he took to a leadership role within the renewable energy industry.

On a mission to electrify Australia. Luke is known for being at the forefront of his industry offering design, supply, installation and advice on solar panels, solar batteries, lighting, electric vehicles and chargers.

Luke has been known to invest most of his time (and money) in helping people create and experience new lifestyles through clean energy at home, business and with their cars. As well as investing his time training the next generation of climate enthusiasts through his team at Lightning Energy.

My One Bad Review

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