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25 Year Product Warranty, 25 Year Performance Warranty

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Hyundai VG Solar Panels

hyundai VG solar panels

Using shingled cell technology the VG solar panels are a perfect, high quality solar panel solution for homeowners to take advantage of. It also comes with a sleek, all black design and high panel efficiency of 19.9%.

Hyundai UF Solar Panels

hyundai UF solar panels

The more popular panel of our these two is the Hyundai UF series. This sleek, all-black panel offers ultra high efficiency of 20.8% and backed by a whopping 25 year solar panel warranty.

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hyundai solar panels come with a 25 year product warranty

Hyundai Solar Panels Are Backed By A Whopping 25 Year Warranty...

Hyundai solar panels come with a whopping 25 year warranty which pushes them up there with the industry leaders like Sunpower, LG and QCell solar panels. 

Not only this, but Hyundai’s warranty is much stronger than others because they also hold profits from other areas such as their car manufacturing side of the business. They have also been around since 1972 which shows they are a reliable company to invest in. 

Hyundai Solar Panels Use Shingled Cells For Higher Performance

Hyundai solar panels use shingled cell technology. This is essentially where the cells of the solar panel overlap meaning there is no space for sunlight to escape or get missed. 

This results in higher efficiency within a specific area of the panel. Combined together these shingled cells increase the solar panels overall performance and efficiency making this technology some of the best in the world. 

hyundai solar panels use shingled cells which increase performance and efficiency

What Makes Hyundai Solar Panels Any Good?

Manufactured In South Korea

Hyundai solar panel are manufactured in South Korea. Here tends to have higher regulations and standards of quality compared to those of China, Brazil or India. 

#81 Forbes Most Valued

Hyundai solar technologies was voted number 81 on the forbes worlds most valuable brands

Hyundai Solar Technologies are voted #81 on the Forbes list of most valued companies in 2020. This is a huge statement and shows how reliable Hyundai panels are. 

Blue Chip Solar Manufacturer

Hyundai solar panels are blue chip panels which means they are more reliable than most other solar panels on the market.

Hyundai produce blue chip solar panels. This essentially backs that they are a low risk, reliable and valuable investment. They have an annual turnover of over 30 billion.

Our Hyundai Solar Engineers Designed These Systems:

6.63kW Hyundai Solar System

17 × 390W Hyundai UF Solar Panels
1 x GoodWe Inverter

5.85kW Hyundai Solar Panel System

15 × 390W Hyundai VG Series
1 x SunGrow Inverter

5.46kW Hyundai Solar System

14 × 390W Hyundai UF Solar Panels
1 x SolarEdge Inverter

5.6kw hyundai solar panel system

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