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istore heat pumps

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iStore Heat Pump 180L-270L

The iStore heat pump provides homeowners with a fantastic alternative for a solar battery. Reduce your energy bills and carbon emissions with this hot water heat pump. 

INCLUDES: Solar panels, Tesla Powerwall, Zappi Charger, Fronius Inverter

Get Up To $2,000 In Solar Hot Water Rebates.

Claim $1,000 In Hot Water Rebates From Solar Victoria

Claim $1,000+ In STC's From Federal Government

Introducing iStore's Solar Heat Pumps: The Sustainable Solution for Your Home!

Unlock the power of renewable energy with iStore’s Solar Heat Pumps—a game-changer in eco-friendly home heating and cooling. By harnessing the energy from the sun, these cutting-edge heat pumps provide efficient heating and cooling while significantly reducing your carbon footprint. And when it comes to expert installation and service, look no further than Lightning Energy—proudly recognized as one of Melbourne’s leading installers for Solar Heat Pumps. Experience the perfect blend of innovation and expertise as we transform your home into a sustainable sanctuary. Embrace the future of heating and cooling with iStore and Lightning Energy today.
istore heat pumps

Fan draws air containing heat across the evaporator

The evaporator turns the liquid refrigerant into a gas

The iStore compressor pressurises it into a hot gas to heat

The hot gas inside the iStore coils heat the water 

The refrigerant reverts back to liquid back
to the evaporator to restart process again

Cycle continues until a set target is achieved

Exclusive Technology For Up To 400% Efficiency.

1kW of power is converted into 4kW of heat energy.

The iStore heat pump is highly economical with 4 intelligent operating modes which allows you to maximise your savings and energy. 

iStore heat pumps optimal design has an external wrapping layer to ensure that more energy is transferred into heat. It also boasts easy installation and flexibility for placements. 

With the iStore heat pump your energy is safe. It has very low energy consumption providing a 400% conversion rate producing 4kW of heat energy from 1kW of power. 

Get More Savings With iStore.

Why Choose iStore Heat Pump For Your Home?

Maximise Solar System

maximise your solar system with istore heat pumps

Make the most of your solar system by installing an iStore heat pump. Your solar energy will heat your home for free. 

Claim Hot Water Rebate

claim up to $1000 off the cost of istore heat pump with solar victoria rebate

Solar Victoria incentive allows homeowners to claim up to $1,080 off the cost of an iStore heat pump as well as STC’s For $1000. 

Reduce Energy Bills

reduce your energy bills with istore heat pump

Spend less heating your home and get more monthly savings. According to iStore you could save up to $950 on annual bills.

Welcome To Your New Solar Powered Lifestyle.

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