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Slash Your Energy Bills.

solar panels can decrease your energy bills in melbourne

On average, solar panels in Melbourne can save you around $640 per year on your energy bill. You can start to see the difference from the first day of your installation. Break free from the chains of energy price increases by going solar. 

Become Environmentally Friendly.

Solar panels generate clean, renewable energy through sunlight. By doing this they do not give off any green house gasses or co2 emissions. You can help do your part tackling climate change by moving to solar. 

Sell Energy Back To The Grid.

There are many incentives provided by the government to help homeowners move towards solar. Some include upfront deductions off the cost, and others tariffs to reward selling your energy to the grid. 

Solar Panel Brands We Install

Longi Solar Panels

Longi HiMO X solar panel

These are killing the game right now. In Melbourne, they are one of our most popular solar panels. We call them the affordable Sunpower panels. 

Jinko Solar Panels

jinko swan solar panel

Jinko solar panels are the most popular solar panels we sell in Melbourne. Most of our customers want these, high quality and high performing solar panels. 

Trina Solar Panels

trina honey solar panel series

Another great budget solar panels which is able to provide homeowners with a fast return on investment. Trina solar panels are an excellent choice.

LG Solar Panels

lg neon 2 solar panel

If you’re looking for long lasting, high quality solar panels then LG is perfect for you. 25 year warranties is the best in the industry whilst still being affordable. 

SunPower Solar Panels

sunpower maxeon 3 solar panel

Sunpower solar panels offer a high-end service. You can get 25 year industry leading warranties and one of the highest efficiency panel to this day. 

Seraphim Solar Panels

seraphim s3 series solar panel

Seraphim used to be our best seller a few years before Jinko and Longi. They provide a really safe return using advanced but affordable technology.

Select Your Solar Package...

Small Home


Choose Your Solar Panels
CEC Accredited Installers
Solar Rebates Included
Tier 1 Solar Modules
After Sales Support

Medium Home


Choose Your Solar Panels
CEC Accredited Installers
Solar Rebates Included
Tier 1 Solar Modules
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Large Home


Choose Your Solar Panels
CEC Accredited Installers
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10 Year Workmanship

10 year worksmanship warranty

Local CEC Accredited

Cec accredited installers

Expert Solar Design

Solar Electricians
Not Salesmen

inhouse team of solar electricians

Specialist Designed Solar Panel Systems.

Malvern East 7kW Solar & Battery

20 x LG 375w NeON R Solar Panels
Enphase Envoy With IQ7+ Microinverters
13.5kW Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery with full home backup
Approx. $3000 Per Year On Bills

Frankston 15.27kW SolarEdge System

47 x SunPower Performance 325w Solar Panels
2x SolarEdge 8kW 3 Phase Inverters
Produces over 100kW of energy per day
SolarEdge consumption monitoring to get the most out of your system

Warranwood 13.32kW SolarEdge System

36 x Longi Hi-Mo 370w Solar Panels
1 x SolarEdge 10kW Inverter with Consumption and Individual Panel monitoring
Saving Approx. Over $3000+ Per Year

Our Promise To You

High Quality Installation

We are raising the industry standards with our high quality solar panel installation. You can trust that your install will be done by seasoned installers.  

Expert Solar Electricians

We are run by solar electricians, not sales or marketing types. It’s our honour to provide genuine solar panel installation to Melbourne homeowners. 

CEC Accredited Installers

Cec accredited installers

Our installers are CEC accredited so you know that are fully trained and go above and beyond the industry requirements. This provides our world class service.

Why Should You Install Solar Panels In Melbourne?

Reduce Your Energy Bill

Solar panels in Melbourne can significantly reduce your energy bill. This means you will have more money each month to spend on things that matter.

The Sun Is FREE

Solar panels generate energy through sunlight. No one owns the sun, therefore the energy that you produce is free, and yours to own. 

Fight Climate Change With Solar Panels

There are no greenhouse gasses or co2 emissions produced by solar panels. You can help take a stance again climate change by producing your own clean, renewable energy. 

Get Solar Rebates From The Government 

Australian federal and state governments offer incentives to help homeowners move to solar energy. This is in the form of deductions or tariffs to benefit homeowners using solar. 

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