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Claim Your Victorian Solar Rebates With Lightning Energy

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Don’t stress. Quality solar is made simple by us. We’ll handle your rebate so it’s one less thing you need to remember.

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By going with us, we can quote you the final price with the solar rebate included meaning you will see the discount upfront.

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Our team are fully accredited by CEC and government bodies to be able to claim the solar rebates on your behalf and make the process easy.

The Solar Rebate Victoria.

What is it, and how does it work?

The most simple answer; get $1400 from the government when you move to install solar panels at your home. The more complex answer; the Victorian state government is helping make solar panels more affordable for homeowners. You may be eligible to claim up to $1400 off the cost of your solar system. 

Live the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of with excess cash at the end of each month. Move towards a greener, cheaper lifestyle that’s even more affordable thanks to the solar panel rebate by Solar Victoria. 

You may also be eligible for an interest free loan of the approved rebate value. This can help any homeowners who don’t have the cash upfront, but want to take control of their energy bills. We can help you go through this with our solar designers and experts. 

Yes, it’s true. You can claim both the solar hot water rebate, and the Vic solar panel rebate together. This applies to both existing owners of solar and new homeowners considering solar. 

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Check out our awesome customers who have claimed the rebate through us and are now living a cheaper, greener lifestyle and helping reduce co2 in their local area!

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The Federal Government Solar Panel Rebate
(Small-Scale Technology Certificates)

What Are STC's?

The federal solar panel rebate consists of giving homeowners who have installed solar small-scale technology certificates.

You can later sell these certificates for money, or let your solar installer claim them for you. This means they can deduct the price of STC’s from your quote, making solar even more affordable for you.

The value of an STC is always fluctuating. On average you can sell 1 STC for around $30-40 depending on your solar installers rates.

STC’s change in value and quantity based on your location, the date of installation and the size of your solar system.

On average in Victoria, a 6.6kW system will give you around 87-90 certificates (again this really depends on location, size and dates – it can vary a lot!)

Am I Eligible For STC's?

You Can Claim Both The Solar Victoria Rebate, And The Federal Rebate Together!

you can claim both the victorian solar panel rebate and the federal solar rebate together to reduce your cost

Solar is becoming more and more affordable every year. What’s even more great, is that you can claim both the Victorian solar panel rebate and the federal solar rebate together.

If you are getting a 4-5kW system and claiming both the Vic rebate and the federal rebate, you can look at around $3,000 for the cost of your system.

These are rough estimates, as it will depend on what type of solar panels, cost of installation and size of system for STC’s. It could be more, it could be less but feel free to get a quote to find out.

You will only be able to claim the Solar Victoria rebate once though. Whereas the federal rebate can be any many times you want as long as they are different properties.

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