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Maximise Your Energy Output With SunGrow's Industry Leading Efficiency Solar Inverter .

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SunGrow String Inverter

sungrow string inverter

Known as one of the industry’s most efficient solar inverters. This string inverter will complete your solar system with high performance, energy output and give you full control with smart management. 

SunGrow 3 Phase Inverter

sungrow 3 phase inverter

Sungrow is offering a fantastic inverter solution for 3 phase systems. Offering great flexibility and high efficiency you’ll be completing your system with one of best solar inverters. 

Our Most Popular SunGrow Packages.

SunGrow + Longi

sungrow solar inverter with longi solar panels

LONGi HiMO4 Solar Panels
SunGrow Inverter
Flexible System Design
Industry Leading Solar Inverter
Designed By Solar Engineer  

SunGrow + Jinko

sungrow solar inverter with jinko solar panels

Jinko N-Type Solar Panels
SunGrow Inverter
Flexible System Design
Industry Leading Solar Inverter
Designed By Solar Engineer  

SunGrow + SunPower

sungrow solar inverter with sunpower solar panels

SunPower Performance 3 Solar Panels
SunGrow Inverter
Flexible System Design
Industry Leading Solar Inverter
Designed By Solar Engineer  

10 Year Workmanship

10 year worksmanship warranty

Local CEC Accredited

Cec accredited installers

Expert Solar Design

Solar Electricians
Not Salesmen

inhouse team of solar electricians

SunGrow Have Supplied Australian's With 1GW Of Solar Inverters...

To say that SunGrow inverters are popular in Australia is an understatement. We can’t seem to get enough of them. This is good to see as it show’s that the product they offer is high quality and long lasting. 

It also suggest that Sungrow have a good presence in Australia meaning if there are any issues they get dealt with quickly. For us, given the amount of homeowners using SunGrow inverters it shows how good they are. 

SunGrow Have Been Operating For Over 24 Years...

Not only have they been around for 24+ years, but they also were awarded the 100% bankability by Bloomsberg (the same people who do tier 1 rankings).

This shows just how reliable these solar inverters are. You can be sure that if you inverter was to have issues, it would get fixed quickly with no added stress. Sungrow offer some really reliable inverters.  

Sungrow have been operating for over 24 years.

Are SunGrow Inverters The Industry's Best?

10 Year Warranty

sungrow 10 year warranty

Sungrow offer a 10 year product warranty with all of their inverters. This is one of the highest in the industry, only SolarEdge having a 12 year warranty beats it. Backed by 100% bankability you can’t go wrong.

98.4% Inverter Efficiency

sungrow has 98.4% inverter efficiency

More impressively, this is a higher efficiency than Fronius provides. SunGrows use of advanced technology have made them lead the industry in solar inverter efficiency. This mean you can maximise your energy output.

Affordable Price For Quality

sungow is affordable but also quality

All of these impressive features won’t break the bank. SunGrow has a mission to give back to the environment meaning they are not price driven. When compared to others inverters, Sungrow is the most affordable. 

Our SunGrow Engineers Designed These Systems:

sungrow residential inverter

SunGrow Inverter Full Review

If you’re still eager to learn more about Sungrow, I’ve written a full review below. Here I cover all the areas you probably want to know about. If you are still unsure, then feel free to give this review a read.

Also, if you are looking for a comparison on Sungrow Vs Fronius Vs Growatt, then read here.  

Please feel free to read my FULL SUNGROW REVIEW HERE.

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