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Is Enphase the Best Solar Inverter?

Enphase Energy, a US-headquartered manufacturer, has made significant strides in the solar market, including in the vibrant city of Melbourne. Their expertise lies in the development of microinverters that cater to the specific needs of Melbourne’s solar industry.

In Melbourne, where solar power installations are gaining popularity, Enphase microinverters have emerged as a game-changer. These innovative inverters, operating at the panel level, offer distinct advantages over traditional string inverters commonly used in the region.

Melbourne residents and businesses opting for Enphase microinverters can enjoy the benefits of enhanced system design flexibility, individual panel monitoring, and improved safety measures. These advantages contribute to the overall efficiency and reliability of solar power systems in the bustling city.

Enphase’s commitment to excellence is evident in their latest offering, the Enphase IQ7 & IQ8 series. This seventh-generation microinverter range has found widespread adoption in residential and commercial applications throughout Melbourne. With its lighter weight and increased compatibility with powerful solar panels, the IQ 7 series has become a popular choice among Melbourne’s solar enthusiasts and industry professionals and the IQ8 is expected to follow.

Enphase Micro-inverter system diagram that's been simplified.

So What Are The Key Features Of Enphase?

Enhanced Energy Harvest:

Enphase microinverters are designed to be scalable, enabling easy expansion of the system by adding more panels and microinverters as required. This flexibility makes them suitable for installations of various sizes, ranging from small residential systems to large commercial setups.

Leading Dependability:

Enphase microinverters offer improved reliability due to their independent operation. If one microinverter fails or encounters an issue, it does not impact the performance of other inverters in the system. In contrast, a single failure in a string inverter can lead to a significant decline in system performance.

Scalability and Flexibility:

By employing module-level MPPT, Enphase microinverters can optimize the energy extraction from each individual solar panel. This is particularly advantageous in installations where panels face varying shading conditions, orientations, or soiling, as it minimizes the adverse effects on the overall system’s efficiency.

Streamlined Design & Installation:

Microinverters eliminate the need for complicated string sizing calculations and high-voltage DC wiring, thereby simplifying the design and installation processes. They also eliminate the necessity for monitoring at the string level, as each microinverter provides real-time performance data.

Enhanced Monitoring and Maintenance: 

Enphase microinverters offer comprehensive monitoring data at the module level, enabling system owners to track the performance of each individual panel. This information can help identify underperforming panels or potential issues, facilitating prompt maintenance and maximizing system uptime.

Heightened Safety:

Microinverters operate at low DC voltages, minimizing the risk of electrical shocks or fire hazards during installation, maintenance, or emergencies. Additionally, Enphase microinverters include built-in rapid shutdown functionality, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and enhancing the overall system’s safety.

Improved System Performance Analysis: 

Enphase microinverters provide advanced monitoring and analytics capabilities, empowering users to evaluate the performance of their entire system, identify patterns, and optimize system efficiency over time. This data-driven approach enables users to make well-informed decisions and maximize their return on investment in solar energy.

What's The Difference Between Enphase IQ7 and IQ8?

At this point in time, both IQ7 & IQ8 are very similar. The main driver for deciding between the two will most likely be compatibility reasons with higher wattage panels, as the IQ8AC and IQ8HC have maximum rated power of 360w and 380w respectively. If you are installing panels of a lower wattage or short circuit current, IQ7 may be the better choice as it is more economical.

Enphase IQ7 Specs

Enphase IQ8 Specs

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Enphase Microinverters

enphase microinverter iQ7, iQ7+ and iQ7X

Enphase microinverters are some of the most popular products in the market right now. Using advanced technology you can attached microinverters to your panels to allow full control and visibility of your system.  

Enphase Enlighten

full enphase energy solar system

The all-in-one Enphase home energy solution is everything you will need for a fully optimised system. Included are Enphase microinverters, Enphase battery, Enphase Envoy and Enphase Enlighten. You’ll get one of the best systems.

Enphase Battery

Not all battery technology is created equal

Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) is simple safer. Our batteries utilise cobalt-free LFP chemistry that outperforms other battery technology at high temperatures, reducing risk of thermal runaway fires.

What Can Enphase's Energy System Give You?

High Performing System

enphase envoy gives you high performance with microinverter technology feeding to your system.

Using micro-inverter technology, Enphase Envoy connects the system together. In turn, you get a fully optimised system with panels being able to perform individually without shading or other issues.  

Store Your Energy

Just like our microinverters on the roof, IQ Batteries leverage a distributed architecture to provide maximum reliability. Each solar backup battery includes multiple bidirectional IQ8 Series Microinverters to switch energy from DC to AC and back again for safe, reliable operation. So, even if one stops, the power keeps flowing and the lights stay on.

Full System Monitoring

enphase enlighten gives you full visibility over your system including being able to see performance of each solar panel.

Having full visibility over your system will allow you to see if any panels are underperforming or if there are any issues with your system. You can also get forecasts of generated energy.

10 Year Workmanship

10 year worksmanship warranty

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Expert Solar Design

Solar Electricians
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inhouse team of solar electricians

Enphase Micro-Inverters

enphase microinverters


enphase envoy microinverter



Why Choose Enphase Micro Inverters?

Generate More Energy

With Enphase micro inverters you can generate more energy because your system is more optimised. You can maximise your output with a flexible design and individual panel production.

Safer For Your Home

Enphase micro inverter technology uses All-AC systems meaning there is no dangerous DC current running across your roof. DC is responsible for fires meaning Enphase can keep you safe.

More Reliable System

Because each panels has it’s own microinverter, they each work independently to eachother. This means that if one panels goes down, the others will still keep performing unlike string PV. 

Higher ROI

Your Enphase will generate more power over a 25+ year period because of the better design, more energy from panels and long lasting warranties. This means you can see a higher return.

Full System Visbility

Enphase micro inverters feed back data for each solar panel to the Enphase Envoy and through to the Enphase Enlighten app. This gives you full control over your system and energy production. 

Flexible Design

Because each panel is independent, you can place them in a unique solar design based around the sun and when you want to optimise to generate energy the most.

Better Performance. More Reliable.

enphase micro inverters increase peformance

Scale Your Enphase System When You Are Ready...

Enphase allows for a scalable and flexible design. This means that you can buy the system that you can afford now, and when you are seeing a return on investment, you can add more panels to your roof in areas that string PV systems wouldn’t allow. It’s impressive as you can continue to scale your system align with your energy usage or goals. 

enphase microinverters allowing for scalable design

Enphase Home Energy Solution

Complete All-In-One System For Your Home.

enphase home energy storage solution
enphase microinverter iQ7, iQ7+ and iQ7X
enphase envoy gives you high performance with microinverter technology feeding to your system.
enphase battery solution
enphase enlighten gives you full visibility over your system including being able to see performance of each solar panel.

Long Lasting Warranties

enphase has long lasting warranties

Enphase is offering 25+ years warranty on their solar products (microinverters). This is a fantastic sign that their products are built to last.

More Energy, Higher ROI

enphase products will produce more energy and give you better roi

Enphase systems give you more energy compared to string systems and this will lead to a much higher return on investment for you. 

Take Advatange Of Solar

enphase lets you have full control of your solar system and take advantage of solar as a whole

With Enphase you can really take advantage of solar by having an easy, all in one system available to use at your fingertips.

What Does An Enphase System Mean For You?

By using an Enphase inverter and solar panel system you are allowing your solar panels to work independently. Every solar panel will have its own Enphase microinverter. This means that you will be able to take full advantage of your system and its performance. At the end of the day this will help you increase your savings and reduce your power bills. 

Because of the all-in-one style Enphase gives, you have the power to store the energy that you do not use. You can harvest your solar energy whilst you are out during the day and then use that same solar energy later that night. It’s extremely beneficial and makes you even more independent. 

Because of the all-in-one style Enphase gives, you have the power to store the energy that you do not use. You can harvest your solar energy whilst you are out during the day and then use that same solar energy later that night. It’s extremely beneficial and makes you even more independent. This means less risk of any fire on your roof or across your house. 

Enphase Enlighten software allows the owner to get an in-depth look into their solar system. You will be able to see the performance, your power consumption and your power production. This will allow you to make educated decisions from your system data. 


Our Enphase Solar Engineers Designed These Systems:

Enphase 7.7kW Solar System

21 x Longi Solar Panels
21 x Enphase Microinverters 
1 x Tesla Powerwall 2 

enphase 7.4kW system with microinverters

Enphase Energy 10.4kW Solar System

28 x 370 Jinko Solar Panels 
1 x Enphase Envoy 
Full Enphase Microinverters 

enphase jinko solar panel system

Enphase – Sunpower 8.3kW Solar System

26x 320w Sunpower Solar Panels
Full Enphase Optimisation 

enphase sunpower solar system

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