Lightning Energy

REA Fusion 2 Solar panels

Next Generation Australian Engineering, Made for Australian Homes, by an Australian Owned Company

Prduct shot of the new REA fusion 2 panel with an Enphase badge showing that the panel is Energised with Enphase products

Australia's Class-Leading Panel.

Higher energy output and increased operating window with Bi-Facial solar panel topology, robust dual glass design and Enphase Microinverters built-in, Engineered in Australia, for Australians.

A Maximum of

Watts of PV Energy

REA Fusion 2 Panels

Get more power from your system with these panels. REA offer a 25-year build and 30-year performance warranty. Boasting a class-leading 22.53% panel efficiency with a dual glass construction to help you maximise your energy production!

INCLUDES: Solar panels, Tesla Powerwall, Zappi Charger.

Built to Last.

Year Build Warranty
Year Performance Warranty

Panel Level Control.

Increased performance & guaranteed reliability with individual panel-level monitoring, all from your smartphone.

Small on Size, Big on Power.

REA Fusion Solar Panels are integrated with Enphase IQ8 Microinverters, eliminating string limits and converting volatile DC power to safer AC electricity at the panel level.

Expandable by Design.

REA’s all AC architecture makes difficult roof designs possible and adds the ability to expand the system at a later date if needed.

All Black, All Class.

Designed with maximum aesthetics in mind.

Next Generation Technology.

Get the best.

Why settle? Lightning Energy are REA Premium partners, ensuring you get the best price on the best panels Australia has to offer.