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Veu - Victorian energy upgrades

Claim your VEEC rebates for replacing old heating and cooling systems with more energy-efficient ones through our expertise.


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Want to claim the VEU rebate?

Take our 30-second quiz to see if you are eligible for VEECs.

Reduce your energy bills with a more efficient system.

VEU-approved systems are designed for energy efficiency, translating to lower energy consumption. This translates directly to potential cost savings on your energy bills, putting more money back in your pocket every month.

Decommissioning done for you.

We’ll take care of properly decommissioning your old system if necessary, for a smooth and compliant upgrade.

Reduce your co2 emissions for your local Melbourne community

By switching to a more energy-efficient system, you contribute to a lower carbon footprint. VEU-approved systems consume less energy, which translates to fewer greenhouse gas emissions from power generation.

We're here to support you with your VEU rebates.

Don’t navigate the VEU rebate program alone! We can guide you through the VEU application process to ensure you get the rebates and the VEEC certificates you deserve. 

Are you eligible for the VEU rebate?

Find out if you can claim the VEEC rebate.

The property must be more than 2 years old

Kickstart your energy savings journey! The VEU program requires your Victorian property to be over 2 years old to qualify for VEU rebates on a brand new, energy-efficient reverse cycle air conditioning system.

You decommission your existing system if required by the accredited provider or installer

VEU-approved installers can ensure a smooth and compliant upgrade, including decommissioning your old system if required. This ensures environmentally responsible disposal of your existing unit.

You must be upgrading an existing heating and cooling system with a more energy-efficient system

The VEU program is designed to incentivise upgrades. To qualify for VEU rebates, you’ll need to replace your existing heating and cooling system with a VEU-approved reverse cycle air conditioner.

The new system must be a VEU-approved product

Ensure your new air conditioning system boasts the VEU tick of approval. The VEU program only offers rebates for upgrades to VEU-approved reverse cycle air conditioners, guaranteeing superior energy efficiency and potential cost savings.

How To Claim Your VEEC certificates through the VEU rebate program...


Choose your VEU-approved installer

The foundation of your VEU success lies in choosing the right installer. Look for a company that boasts VEU accreditation, ensuring they meet the program’s stringent standards and can guide you through the rebate process seamlessly. Bonus points: Choose an installer with a stellar. 


Get your free proposal and unleash savings

Get a free, personalised quote on your ideal air conditioning system from our VEU-savvy team. We’ll chat about maximising your VEU rebate and unlock significant savings on a brand-new, energy-efficient upgrade for your home! This system will be built around your current home and preferences.


Let your installer handle the paperwork

No need to stress about permits and paperwork! We’re a VEU-approved installer, and that means we handle most of the documentation for you. We understand the VEU program inside and out, so you can focus on getting excited about your brand new, energy-efficient air conditioning system. This is how it should be done.


Sit back, relax and enjoy your new lifestyle

Once the paperwork is finalised, your we will begin your install. We will handle the installation process flawlessly, ensuring your new system meets all VEU requirements. Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for – enjoy a more comfortable home with significantly lower energy bills. Enjoy your new system. 

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We will handle all of the de-comissioning for you.

Upgrading to a VEU-approved air conditioner is a win-win for comfort and your wallet. But what about your old system? We ensure a smooth and compliant VEU upgrade with eco-friendly decommissioning. Our certified technicians handle the safe removal of your old system, protecting the environment and potentially maximising your VEU rebate. 

Renters, you are eligible as well.

The Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program is renter-friendly! Renters can benefit from the rebates offered on energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, but with a few key points to consider:

Get your landlords approval

Since the upgrade involves the property itself, you will need written approval from your landlord before proceeding. Please make sure you get approval before contacting us. 

Joint decision making together

Ideally, both the renter and landlord should discuss the benefits and potential cost-sharing for the upgrade. The energy savings on bills can benefit both parties.

What are VEEC certificates?

These are certificates awarded for verifiable energy savings. When you upgrade to a VEU-approved air conditioner, the energy savings generated by the new system contribute to the creation of VEECs. These certificates have market value and can be sold by accredited persons (like installers) to retailers who are obligated to surrender a certain number of VEECs each year.

VEU program approves energy-efficient systems.

The VEU program acts as your trusted source for high-performance air conditioning systems. Choosing a VEU-approved system guarantees you’re getting a top-notch air conditioner that not only keeps you comfortable but also significantly reduces your energy consumption.

Upgrading to a VEU-approved system generates VEECs.

When you upgrade to a VEU-approved system, you’re not just investing in comfort, you’re contributing to a greener future! The energy savings achieved by your new system contribute to the creation of VEECs. These certificates hold market value and can be sold by accredited installers.

Accredited installers sell VEECs for you.

Accredited installers like us can sell the VEECs generated by your system. The value from selling these certificates translates to more savings for you. Choosing a VEU-approved system and working with an accredited installer can lead to a lower upfront cost for your air conditioning upgrade.

We install and supply split system air conditioners for the people of Melbourne.

Walk through our split system air conditioner installation process with us.

At Lightning Energy, we understand that the thought of an air conditioner installation can seem daunting. But fear not! Our team of Melbourne-based, licensed, and qualified technicians is here to ensure your split system installation is a smooth and seamless process.

Pre-Installation Survey

For added peace of mind, we offer a pre-installation survey. During this consultation, you can fill out our quick quiz to assess your specific needs, recommend the ideal system size and location, and answer any questions you may have.

System selection & ordering

Based on your needs and the pre-installation survey, we’ll help you choose the perfect split system from our selection of trusted brands. We’ll then handle the ordering and ensure your system arrives promptly.

Professional split system installation

Our experienced Melbourne technicians ensure a smooth installation process. Installed for optimal airflow, connecting pipes, establish a dedicated electrical circuit, configure drainage to remove moisture, and finally test and demonstrate the entire system for your peace of mind.

Post-installation support

We don’t disappear after installation! Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have and provide ongoing support to ensure you get the most out of your split system air conditioner.