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Hail Damaged Solar Panels Nov 2020

damaged solar panels caused by hail

Need a Quote To Replace Your System?

Over the weekend of the 1st of November Queenslanders suffered a serious hail storm which ended up smashing up a lot of solar systems. 

If you have hail damaged solar panels and are looking for a quote to get them replaced, please get in touch with us today. 

Can I Still Claim The Solar Rebate?

You will need to replace your entire system to claim the solar rebate again. 

Will My Insurance Cover This?

More than likely, yes. Here are the best 2 options:

Option 1: Replace 6kW of solar panels and the rail, it may cost $8500 with no rebate.

Option 2: Replace an entire 6kW solar system including panel, rails, cable and inverter. it may cost you $11500 – minus the solar rebate (approx. $3000)