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Slash Your Energy Bills With LG's High Quality And Long Lasting Solar Panels.

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lg neon 2 solar panel

Coming with a 25 year product warranty, the LG NeON 2 is one of the best solar panels homeowners can buy. Using advanced technology you can expect a lot from this panel. 


lg neon h solar panel modules

The LG NeON H is their latest panel module. It’s easily their most impressive solar panel yet. Suited for Australian climates, this panel is long lasting  and high performing. 

10 Year Workmanship

10 year worksmanship warranty

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Why Choose LG Solar Panels?

Long Lasting Warranties

25 year LG solar panel warranty

LG solar panels back up their product with a 25 year product warranty. This is the best in the industry and shows just how confident they are in their solar panels. 

Top Brand Australia

top brand pv award for lg solar panels

LG have also won the Top Brand PV award which is voted by solar installers. We voted LG solar panels to be one of the best for us to work with, and for our customers to buy.

Most Trusted Brand 2020

most trusted brand award for lg solar panels

Australian’s voted LG solar panels as a trusted brand in Australia meaning they are really worth every penny. We’ve tried and tested LG solar panels. 

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Generate More Energy From Your System With LG.

LG solar panels are some of the most efficient solar panels in the industry. This means you can generate more energy from your solar system. With more energy comes lower bills and greater savings. LG can provide you with a fast return on investment when compared to some other solar panels. 

Backed Up By LG's Warranty & Bankability.

LG is a well established brand. This means they can back up their product with long lasting warranties so you can take the risk out of your investment. Not only this, but because they also have other avenues of finances such as electronics you can be sure that even in 25 years, LG solar can still back their warranty. 

What Can LG Solar Panels Give You?

Slash Your Bills

LG solar panels will significantly reduce your household bills when installed to your home. You can wave goodbye to rising energy prices. 

Increase Property Value

Your property will see an increase in value when you install LG solar panels to your roof. A self-sustainable home is valuable in the 21st century. 

Return On Investment

Solar panels are an investment. Because LG solar panels are affordable and high performing, they can provide you with a fast return on investment. 

Become Eco-Friendly

By producing your own power through solar, you will no longer be pulling much energy from the grid. This can help save the planet and make you eco-friendly.

Gain Energy Independence

Gain your independence of energy provider through lg solar panels high performance. This means you will no longer need to rely on the grid from energy at all. 

Risk-Free Investment

LG offers long lasting warranties with their solar panels meaning your investment is safe for 25 years. You can be sure to see your return way before then. 

Trust Us With Your LG Solar Panel System.

20 x LG 375W NeON 2 solar panels with
Enphase Mirco-Inverters and a Tesla Powerwall 2.

20 x lg 375w neon 2 solar panels

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