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5 Exciting Solar Projects

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From The Cool to the Iconic: 5 Exciting Solar Projects

The Solar Impulse Flying over the ocean

The remarkable versatility of solar energy has sparked innovation across diverse domains. From a pioneering plane circumnavigating the globe solely powered by the sun’s rays, to a sleek catamaran gliding across oceans harnessing solar power, and even a solar-powered bike path illuminating the way forward, creativity knows no bounds. But it’s not just about transportation; unused land is being repurposed into sprawling solar fields, generating clean energy that powers homes and businesses. These groundbreaking applications underscore how solar energy is transforming the way we move, live, and interact with our world, ushering in a sustainable future filled with limitless possibilities.

The Solar Impulse Solar Plane

A few years ago, the groundbreaking Solar Impulse 2 aircraft embarked on an awe-inspiring journey powered entirely by the sun’s rays. Created by Swiss company Solar Impulse, this experimental plane, weighing as much as a standard family car, took off from Kalaeloa, Hawaii, destined for Mountain View, California. With its wings adorned with ultra-thin monocrystalline silicon solar cells, the plane completed its remarkable 43,041 km in the mission to circle the globe.

Solar Impulse 2, the brainchild of Swiss pioneers Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, was designed to showcase the remarkable potential of clean technologies. This solar-powered marvel undertook an extraordinary journey, soaring over continents and oceans with the mission of highlighting the possibilities of energy-saving and renewable energy production. Its round-the-world endeavor was a testament to the incredible capabilities of solar energy, setting a series of world records along the way. The journey demonstrated that alternative energy sources and innovative technologies could achieve the seemingly impossible, signaling a brighter future for renewable energy advancement.

Hevel Solar Catamaran

An innovative solar-powered catamaran, christened Nova, is set to embark on a groundbreaking 9,000 nautical mile journey from Chile to Australia in December. Crafted by English engineer Phil Morrison, the vessel is engineered for solo transatlantic expeditions and will be captained by Russian adventurer Fedor Konyukhov. Weighing just 2.2 tons, Nova features carbon-fibre composites and boasts a cutting-edge 11 kW PV system with flexible heterojunction solar panels, courtesy of Russian manufacturer Hevel Solar. This array, spanning 66 m2 on the vessel and supplemented by panels on the hull sides, powers the craft’s freshwater supply through a solar-driven desalination system. Complemented by Enel X’s energy storage system, Nova represents a leap forward in autonomous ocean navigation.

The Netherlands' Solar Bike Path

Solar Bike Path

The Netherlands has introduced a groundbreaking innovation – the world’s first solar bike path, marking a leap toward harnessing solar energy for roads. Crafted from concrete modules, each measuring 2.5 by 3.5 meters, the SolaRoad bike path integrates solar panels encased in tempered glass, offering a special non-slip surface for safety. These solar cells currently contribute electricity to the national grid, with future plans to illuminate street lights. This visionary project envisions electric vehicles and bikes being powered through contactless charging directly from the road, capitalizing on the country’s extensive road infrastructure for solar energy generation. The path generated 140 kilowatt hours of electricity within just 16 days, signaling a promising trajectory toward a greener future.

Solar Farm in Chernobyl

Ukraine’s unveiling of the Chernobyl solar farm holds profound symbolism, situated across from the site of the world’s worst nuclear catastrophe three decades ago. Despite being in a contaminated zone with restricted access, the 3,800 panels now generate energy to power 2,000 apartments. Evhen Variagin, CEO of Solar Chernobyl LLC, emphasized the project’s symbolic importance. This 1-megawatt solar plant, a collaboration between Ukrainian company Rodina and Germany’s Enerparc AG, costs around 1 million euros and benefits from feed-in tariffs, ensuring a guaranteed price for power. Having produced power for the first time since the nuclear plant’s closure in 2000, this endeavor marks a new, positive chapter for the site, coinciding with Ukraine’s surging investments in renewables.


As we witness the remarkable feats achieved by solar innovations like the Solar Impulse plane, the SolaRoad bike path, and the Chernobyl solar farm, we’re reminded that the journey toward a more sustainable future is full of promise. From powering aircraft to lighting up roads and revitalizing once-contaminated sites, these advancements demonstrate the boundless potential of solar energy. As we continue to push the boundaries of possibility, the horizon is aglow with the potential to reshape industries, economies, and our relationship with the planet. With each innovation, we move closer to a world where clean, renewable energy sources light our path forward, illuminating the way to a brighter and more sustainable future for all.

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