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Maximise Your Commercial Property With Smart EV Charging Stations, Multiple Payment Options & Easy Installation...

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Where Are You In Your Commercial EV Charger Journey?

The Best Commercial EV Charging Stations.

Auriga EV Charger

ev up commerical charging station

7kW to 22kW 
Smart Charging or AC Basic
Multiple Payment Options
Floor Mounted 
Australian Made (Melbourne)
Plug & Charge

EV Link Parking Charger

ev link commerical charging station

7.4kW to 22.1kW Power
RFID Badge Payments
Floor Or Wall Mounted
QR Code and App Ready
Full Software Visibility 
Plug & Charger

10 Year Workmanship

10 year worksmanship warranty

Local CEC Accredited

Cec accredited installers

Expert Solar Design

Solar Electricians
Not Salesmen

inhouse team of solar electricians

Future Proof Your Property.

future proof your property by installing EV chargers for renters or homeowners to use.

The entire world is beginning to move towards a renewable age.  Over the past few years there has been a huge increase in demand for EV charging stations to be installed at commercial properties. Wether it’s apartments, units, homes or carparks, the demand for electric charging has never been higher. 

As we move further into the future, you can move into the future by taking the initiative to install EV charging station at your property. You may do this at the convenience for your customers and all electric vehicle owners. There are also options to generate a return on investment from your EV charging station with a built in payment option. You can supply the energy as the price you desire. 

Either way, now is the time to start to consider EV chargers and join the race before it get’s snapped up by other business owners. 

use your credit or debit card to make payments for the energy your customers use.

Simple Driver Billing Options...

One super cool feature for installing commercial EV charging systems at your property is the option to charge any renters or users by the amount of energy they consume. 

You can do this through a credit card payment or even through the QR code app. This is fast and effective for any electric vehicle owners and doesn’t leave you out of pocket. 

You also have the options to track using the integrated software. There are RFID badges available with some systems which are cards you can give to property owners / renters. 

Easy Installation For Both Private Or Public Areas...

Installation for these products are easy and fast. This also means that maintenance is very efficient. You can install these EV charging systems in your private car spots or even in private/public carparks given the correct permission. 

It won’t require weeks of work and noise complaints from your tenants as the installation is quick and simple. Future proof your home and make it more accessible for the new way the world is beginning to move in. 

easy installation on private areas or public carparks

Full Visibility Over Your Commercial EV Charging Stations.

full visibility software wth ev charging stations

With the awesome software integrated with your charging station you will have full visibility over your entire system. This also includes options for:

Personalised offers, promotions or discounts. 
Set up price plans or tariff models. 
Multiple tier pricing options.
Integration for multiple payment options. 
Real time charging with notifications. 
Billing & invoicing. 

You will also have full access to track your energy and associated costs. This will be able to provide you with a clear indication on return on investments or profit and loss margins. There are also a multiple number of external options you can control remotely. This includes monitor session, chargers and station health/performance.  

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