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World Leading Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels At An Affordable Price.

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Longi HiMO 3

Longi HiMO3 Solar panel

Perfect for small homes, this solar panel will take a big dent out of your power bills. They’re efficient, cost effective and come with a long warranty.

Longi HiMO 4

Longi HiMO4 solar panel

Longi’s HiMO4 is one of their best selling solar pane. It’s packed with power and efficiency to destroy your power bills and of course it comes with a long warranty.

Longi HiMO X

Longi HiMO X solar panel

We call this the affordable Sunpower solar panel. It performs similar, it looks similar but it costs half the price! What more could you want with this panel.

Why Are Longi Solar Panels So Good?

Long Standing Company

longi is a long lasting company

Longi is a leading name within the solar industry. They are a long standing, reputable company who deliver highly durable mono-crystalline solar panels. These panels are hugely popular on the market and hold extremely high efficiency ratings.

Monocrystalline Panels

longi solar panels are only monocrystalline high quality solar panels

Longi only produce monocrystalline solar panels. These are the most efficienct, high performing type of solar panel in the industry. It’s the same technology that SunPower and LG use. The main difference is that Longi is much more affordable. 

Backed Up By Warranty

longi solar panels have long lasting warranty

Because they provide high quality solar solutions, Longi back up with products with a long lasting warranty. This is for 12 years and is 2 years longer than the industry standard of 10. You can rest easy knowing your investment is secure. 

Select Your Package...

10 Year Workmanship

10 year worksmanship warranty

Local CEC Accredited

Cec accredited installers

Expert Solar Design

Solar Electricians
Not Salesmen

inhouse team of solar electricians
longi solar panels have won dnv-gl award 3 years in a row

Longi Solar Panels Won The Top Performer Award 3 Years In A Row...

The DNV-GL award is a well respected win in the solar panel industry. Longi can be proud to say they have won it 3 years in a row. 

This really sets them apart from the crowd in terms of their solar panel performance. These tests are designed to bring out the worst in solar panels. 

Longi Solar Has One Of The Biggest Global Presence...

As you can see through the map, Longi have a large global netwok. They are providing solar solutions around the world. More importantly, they have offices in Australia for support and sales. 

This increases securing when buying Longi’s panels. You can speak to somone in the Australian office and know that Longi is going to be here for a long time.

longi solar panel locations

Specially Designed Longi Solar Panel Systems.

Longi 8.4kW Solar System

24 x 350w Longi HiMO All Black Solar Panels
1 x Goodwe Inverter
(The Affordable SunPower!)

Goodwe inverter for longi solar panels all black 350w

Longi 6.6kW Solar System

18 x 370w Longi HiMO4 Solar Panels
1 x Fronius Inverter

fronius inverter with longi himo solar panels

Longi 9.9kW Solar Panel System

27 x 370w Longi HiMO Solar Panels
1 x SunGrow Inverter

longi himo3 solar panel system
sungrow inverter with longi himo solar panels

Longi Solar Panel Review: Why They're Better Than You Think!

We have written you a complete review on Longi solar panels. For those who are still in research mode this can help you understand if Longi is right for your home. 

Here we compare which solar panels are best compared to Longi, and what our honest opinion on Longi solar panels is. 
(You can trust us, we’re experienced solar electricians!)

It’s in the title, they’re a lot better than what most people think and there’s proof of that. 

Either way, feel free to give the full Longi solar panel review here.

head office

10/1866 Dandenong Road, Clayton VIC 3168
4/43 Station Ave, Darra QLD 4076
2/27 Bennett St, Thebarton SA 5031
Unit 32/62 Hume Hwy, Lansvale NSW 2166