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Longi Solar Panel Review

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Longi Solar Panel Review: Why They’re Better Than You Think

longi solar panels

This Longi solar panel review is set out to cover every (good and bad) area of the brand, and panel. 

I’m going to cover everything from the company history, their reputation, any awards or records and even compare it against some of the best solar panels in the market. 

Australian’s seem to be slightly unsure of Longi, maybe because it’s a chinese brand? Or maybe because they only entered the Aussie market in 2017 and are fairly new. We tend to for LG or SunPower as we value quality over price. 

So, are Longi solar panels actually any good? 
Or are they just as good as their low price? 
Should you buy Longi solar panels for your home? 

Over the past few years Longi has actually become one of the top sellers in Australia… And over the past decade Longi has also grown to become one of the biggest solar panel manufacturers in the world. 

It was actually voted by Australians as a Trusted Brand in 2020… The only other solar panels to get this vote is LG and SunPower… Does this mean we are saying Longi is just as good as them? (I cover this in way more detail below)

Could Longi just quite be the best solar panel available on the market today? Based on price, warranty, value and performance? Well, let’s find out. 

Don’t forget, we’ve also got a battle of two of our most popular solar panels… Jinko vs Longi! Which one is best? Just remember, there is no cookie cutter solar. What might be best for one homeowner won’t be best for another…

Also, if you’re interested in these solar panels then feel free to get a solar proposal (We don’t do quotes, we design solar systems for homeowners. Each home is different and requires a bespoke, tailored system to maximise your budget, roof and energy output) then get in touch with our of my Longi solar design experts here

Table Of Contents

longi solar panels company history

Longi Company History

Who are Longi solar?

Longi solar was founded in 2000 by Xi’an LONGi Silicon Materials. With their headquarters based in China, the company had a focus on producing solely mono-silicon solar panels.

Back in 2016 Longi became the fastest growing solar manufacturer in the world. Now, they contribute to around a quarter of the world’s solar panel market demand.

This gave them a resident place on the Silicon Module Super League. Their success is stemmed from a desire to provide high efficiency, value-based, affordable solar panels.

Back in 2007 Longi purchased Lerri Solar, one of their main competitors. Back in 2017, it was then announced that Lerri Solar were rebranding to Longi Solar giving them a leading position in the solar market.  

Where are Longi solar panels manufactured?

Longi solar has 9 different manufacturing locations spread across mainland China.

They also have recently expanded their factory in India, which is now capable of producing 1GW of mono cell solar panels annually.

Additionally, Longi has an existing 500MW manufacturing plant in Malaysia. Last year it was announced that they also had plans on expanding this to produce 1GW of solar panels as well.

This shows how rapidly they are growing, and how popular their solar panels are.

Longi also has offices in 6 different countries; USA, Australia, Brazil, India, China, Germany and Japan. Within these areas are warehouses for stock. It’s safe to say that Longi has quite a big global presence. 

where are longi solar panels made?

Does Longi have offices in Australia?

Yes, Longi Solar has an office in Sydney.

This is really important because it makes it much easier for customers to get in contact with Longi. If there are any issues with warranty claims it can be done with their team in Australia, meaning you won’t need to get stuck on the line to an international helpdesk in China.

Having offices in Australia also means they can have more of an idea about their best selling products for our country. This may lead to better production and a bigger presence.

I personally think that it’s a must to have offices in Australia if you are selling your stock here. 

Longi has its eye on the Aussie commercial solar market:

Recently back in April, Longi launched its 370W Hi-MO4 with its eye on the commercial solar market in Australia. To be fair, these are some really good performing solar panels.

Back in August we also saw Longi’s HiMOX series released in Melbourne. We can be sure that Longi is not going anywhere, and is probably going to start getting bigger and bigger in Australia (which is a good thing).

What Are Longi's Different Solar Panel Models?

Longi Hi-MO 3

The Hi-MO3 is an OK starting solar panel for homeowners that are looking to cut the cost of their energy bills. For the price, it offers good value for money. It’s passed the TUV SUD test and got the certificate. 

Longi HiMO3 key selling points;

  • Sizes 305W-325W 
  • Half Cut Cells 
  • Conversion Efficiency 19.6%
  • Monocrystalline PERC 
  • 6 BusBar
  • 10 Year Product Warranty 
  • 25 Year Performance Warranty 
  • Fluoride backsheet
  • Solid PID Resistance 
  • Higher Energy Yield 
  • Reduced Hot Spot Risk 
  • Lower Operational Current 
  • Reduced Resistive Loss 
  • Temperature Coefficient 
  • First Year Power Degradation <2%
Longi HiMO3 Solar panel


For the price that you pay for this solar panel it’s extremely good value. All round this solar panel is probably better than any others in the same price range.

Due to its high conversion efficiency, long warranties and 6 busbar technology. I highly recommend this solar panel.

Longi Hi-MO 4

Now we are talking. The HiMO4 is a really, really good solar panel for the price. We’re now looking at much higher efficiency conversions, higher product and performance warranties and innovative design.

Again, this solar panel has passed the TUV SUD test and has the certificate. 

Longi HiMO4 key selling points;

  • Sizes 350W-380W
  • Half Cut Cells 
  • Parallel Connection Design 
  • Conversion Efficiency of 20.9% 
  • Monocrystalline PERC
  • Fluoride backsheet
  • Positive Power Tolerance (0~+5W)
  • Higher Energy Yield
  • Lower Operating Temperature
  • Reduced Resistive Loss
  • Lower Operating Current 
  • Reduced Hot Spot Risk 
  • 12 Year Product Warranty 
  • 25 Year Performance Warranty
Longi HiMO4 solar panel


Overall, the HiMO4 is larger than the HiMO3 and can produce more power. It also comes with an extra 2 years in product warranty which can go a long way. I would definitely be willing to pay a little bit extra for this solar panel.

I think it would be worth the money, not forgetting the extra solar panel efficiency which can help you pay off your system quicker.

Longi Hi-MO X

The HiMO X… Pretty cool name. These are different because of their use of shingled cells. This is basically where solar cells are cut and shaped to overlap each other resulting in higher energy output.

This X series is actually the smallest of the 3 but produces a lot of power. Again this series has also been awarded the TUV SUD Certificate. 

Longi HiMOX key selling points;

  • Sizes 340W-360W
  • Mono Cells 
  • High Strength Frame
  • Conversion Efficiency of 20.6% 
  • Positive Power Tolerance (0~+5W)
  • Sleek Appearance (No Cell Gaps)
  • Reduced BOS Cost 
  • Longer Strings 
  • Reduced Cable Usage 
  • Monocrystalline PERC 
  • Solid PID Resistance 
  • 12 Year Product Warranty 
  • 25 Year Performance Warranty
Longi HiMO X solar panel


I’d say the HiMO X is designed with space in mind. It’s perfect for homeowners who have smaller roofs and less space to utilise, but still want to get the same power output as a normal system.

Really, it’s an all round solid solar panel offering good warranties and high panel efficiency. I can definitely recommend this solar panel.

What Makes Longi Solar Panels Different?

Mono-silicon solar cells

Longi only makes its solar panels using monocrystalline (silicon) solar cells. Most solar manufacturers will either use monocrystalline or polycrystalline. 

Here’s the difference between them:

Polycrystalline is where the solar cells are all heated and melted together to form multiple crystals of silicon. This way is much easier to make, but unfortunately results in a lower conversion efficiency.

Monocrystalline is where silicon is formed and cut into short strips. This results in a single crystal of silicon which allows more room for the flow of electricity. Ultimately, it makes the solar panel and cells convert sunlight at a higher rate. 

By using only monosilicon to manufacture their solar panels, Longi are offering a higher quality product. They are also the biggest producer of monosilicon panels and have been doing it the longest. It means that Longi solar panels are generally 

Strong finance system

It’s worth noting that this year, Longi achieved the high rating of AAA by PV ModuleTech which suggests they are financially sound.

This was the highest rating that any company could achieve, and Longi was the only company to get it as well.

Pretty much, you can rest easy knowing that in the next few years, Longi will still be around and able to live up to their long lasting warranties. 

Does Longi Have Any Credits To Back Them Up?

Longi has multiple world records

Over the past decade or so, Longi has been at the forefront of setting new world records. Most notably, on its solar panel efficiency. They set a new world record back in January, but it’s been topped already.

However, this does paint a picture for Longi’s position. It suggests that they are always improving on their products. Also, they will continue to reinvest profit back into their business to develop new, innovative technology.

It’s definitely good news for the industry, because it raises the standards for all. Let’s just hope that Longi keeps up the good work, and before you know it… I’m sure they will be producing around 25-30% efficiency.

2020 Top Brand PV by EuPD

This is a really powerful award to win. It’s important because it shows that Longi is being recognised for their work and quality. 

The Top Brand PV award is where solar installers (like myself) vote for the solar panels we like to work with, and think are best for the customers etc. 

By Longi being recognised by us, it shows that it’s a genuinely good product with great value for money.

Having worked with 100’s of different solar panel brands I can happily tell you how good Longi solar panels are… But really all you need to do is look at this award, because thousands of other solar installers are saying the same thing.

Trusted brand 2020 Award in Australia

This one is close to home ay!

It’s also seriously impressive… The only other two solar panels brands to have this award is SunPower and LG… Are we all saying that Longi is just as good as these solar panels!! 

But seriously, research shows that more than 3 in 10 Aussies will buy based on the trusted brand award. I think Longi deserved it, and has done well to earn it. 

Either way, if you’re still considering Longi solar panels then this might be the tipping point. All of us Australian’s are recommending it, so it’s definitely worth it.

You can see the full list of trusted brands here.

Longi voted trusted brand in Australia

DNV GL Top Performer (3 Consecutive years)

The DNV GL Top Performer award is famous in the solar industry. The likes of Jinko, Canadian solar and Seraphim have all been winners of this award. 

It includes a series of rigorous tests on thermal cycling, damp heat, dynamic mechanical load and potential induced degradation (PID). Longi solar panels passed all 4 tests last year, which is the best you can do (it’s also quite hard, a lot of panels will only pass 1-2 of these areas). 

2019 was actually the 3rd year in a row that Longi has won this award. The reason why this is important for me is because it shows again that Longi is being recognised for its quality. 

All Quality Matters Award by TUV Rheinland

Longi has again won this award 4 times over the past 4 years. It’s another famous award in the industry which focused on the outstanding quality a product provides. Jinko has also won this award a few times as well.

It’s one of the most prestigious awards in the industry… It’s essentially verifying that Longi solar panels are of outstanding quality. 

We know why this is important, because it shows (again) just how good Longi solar panels actually are.

the full longi solar panel review

The Longi Solar Panel Review

Price 9.5/10

Longi solar panels are extremely well priced. I would go as far as saying, this is their main selling point.

They are able to offer a high quality product for an affordable price. This is how they are better than other solar panels, because they offer monocrystalline at a polycrystalline price. 

You are esentially getting a really high quality product, for the price of canadian or jinko solar panels

So yes, Longi solar panels get a high score here because their price is extremely good. With this comes really good value for money as well. This is why Longi have become so popular over the past few years… Value for money.

Warranty 9.5/10

Longi have separated themselves from their competitors through their warranty. They offer a good 12 year product warranty and also a 25 year performance warranty.

Now, you may be thinking “yeah, well that’s just the same as everyone else”…

When you look closer you will see that Longi guarantees a performance of 84.8% after 25 years. Most other solar manufacturers are only offering 75-80% after 25 years.

So this is the reason why Longi got the high score for their warranties. Again, this is seriously impressive when combined with the price that they are offering.

Performance 9/10

I’d also say this is pretty high too, would you agree?

Considering that Longi only make monocrystalline solar panels and this is the higher performing material for solar panels then it suggests they offer high performing products. 

Not only that, but they back it up with a good 25 year performance warranty. Although they may not be as good as SunPower or LG in the performance area, they definitely give Jinko, Seraphim and Canadian solar panels a good run for their money.

Efficiency 9/10

Even though they have broken the world record multiple times, Longi solar panels are not quite up there with SunPower or LG but they are very efficient. However, in many ways Longi are just as good as SunPower… But in others ways SunPower just dominates… It’s a tough one to call. I’ve done a full review on SunPower here as well, feel free to read. 

Due to them using only monocrystalline you know that you will be getting high conversion efficiency with these panels. 

When you do look at the higher end panels as well, you can see it’s only really by 1-2% more. This is such a small amount it shouldn’t really be considered as a factor.

Either way, Longi offers a higher efficiency than a lot of others such as Jinko, Trina and Seraphim.

Overall Rating 9.5/10

I think 9.5/10 is a very fair rating for Longi solar panels. They are easily one of the most popular solar panels in the world and deserve a high score. The manufacturers have kept their promise in providing high quality solar panels, without comprising the price. 

I would definitely recommend Longi as a high quality solar panel for all Australians. It will be really interesting to see where they go over the next few years. If they keep investing back into their research and technology they could become the BEST solar panels in the world.

Are Longi Solar Panels Better Than Other Solar Panels?

It’s a close call.

I’d say for the solar panels that are in the same price range as Longi solar panels, then yes. With Longi it’s more about how reliable they are.

They offer a high quality, efficient solar solution for a very affordable price. There are not that many solar manufacturers out there that can offer the same without comprising the price or quality. 

I mean, it’s really hard to compare with those of Sunpower or LG because the price is so different. They’re pretty much double the cost of Longi… Does it mean that they are twice as good?

They only offer 1-2% more efficiency? Is it worth it? 

On the other hand, given the longer warranties Longi may not be as good as the higher end panels. I would just make sure you do your research and get a quote for multiple systems.

You may find your system will vary depending on your budget, energy usage, roof shape/size and many other factors. Here’s a guide on how to buy solar panels.


Having installed hundreds of Longi solar panels systems, I can happily recommend them to my friends and family, and even you. They are a really high quality solar panel, and have been recognised for that. 

Even us as Australians voted this as a trusted brand… Alongside LG and SunPower. If that doesn’t say everything, then I don’t know what will. 

For homeowners who are looking to cut their bills with an effective, reliable and affordable solar panel then I would say Longi is the perfect solar panel for you. 

So on to the next question… Which is better… Longi vs Jinko! ←Find out here.

You can also get a quote from us at any time, we have installed heaps of systems all across Australia. We’re excellent at what we do, just check our reviews. 🙂

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