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Mornington Peninsula’s Solar Rates Discount

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Energizing Change: How Mornington Shire's Solar Discounts Aim to Light Up the Peninsula


  • Mornington Peninsula Shire proposes a significant incentive to encourage rooftop solar uptake by offering a 20% discount on annual council rates for qualifying installations.
  • The discount is available to households installing, replacing, or upgrading solar systems over 5kW, with the property’s capital improved value under $2 million, starting from July this year.
  • Aimed at reducing power bills, the initiative targets not just homeowners but also landlords, encouraging broader solar adoption across the peninsula.
  • Funded through a differential rate, the program is designed to have no financial detriment to the Shire, redistributing costs fairly among ratepayers who do not participate.

Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula Shire is exploring a new initiative aimed at boosting rooftop solar adoption through a notable incentive. This initiative involves offering a 20% discount on annual council rates for households that install, replace, or upgrade solar systems of over 5kW, starting from July this year. This rebate is available to homes with a capital improved value of less than $2 million, aiming to increase solar uptake among residents, including those in rental properties.

Aim of the incentive:

Mornington Shire Mayor Simon Brookes highlighted the success of solar installations in over 20% of residential dwellings within the area. However, he noted the gap for those yet to invest in solar, particularly after the reduction of state and federal government rebates, which don’t cover all costs. The rate discount is seen as an additional incentive for these households and landlords to embrace solar energy.

The primary goal of this proposal is to reduce power bills within the community, with a particular focus on encouraging landlords to invest in solar for their rental properties. Brookes emphasized that this initiative would have a neutral financial impact on the Shire, as the cost would be offset by a differential rate applied to households not participating or ineligible for the discount. This means that the burden on these households would be minimal, with an estimated average increase in rates of about $3 per year if 1,000 properties participate.

Unfair or a Reward For Those Doing Their Bit?

Despite the potential benefits, the proposal has sparked debate, particularly regarding the fairness of increasing rates for households that already have older solar installations. This concern, among others, will be addressed during the consultation period open from February 19 to April 12. The feedback gathered will be crucial in determining the feasibility and acceptance of the solar discount proposal.

Mayor Brookes defends the initiative, arguing its significance in promoting a more decentralized power generation system as the grid transitions away from traditional models. The aim is to future-proof the power supply by encouraging broader participation in solar energy generation. This approach reflects a proactive stance by the local council in addressing the challenges of the power system and supporting the community’s transition towards more sustainable energy solutions.

Closing Thoughts: Have Your Say

The Mornington Peninsula’s consultation process represents an opportunity for the community to voice their opinions and contribute to a decision that could lead to a greener, more energy-efficient future. With the potential to set a precedent for other local governments, this initiative underscores the importance of local action in addressing global environmental challenges.

Are you a Mornington Peninsula resident? Have your say here.

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