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Long Lasting QCell Solar Panels Engineered In Germany Giving You High Return On Investment.

25 Year Product Warranty, 25 Year Performance Warranty

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QCell G9+

qcell g9+ solar panels

QCell G9+ modules are another fantastic high efficiency solar panel. They are a great starter panel for homeowners who are looking for a high quality, long lasting system that is going to provide a high return on investment

Qcell QBoost

qcell qboost solar panels

The QBoost solar modules are a fantastic range of panels suited for homeowner or commercial businesses. Boasting a high 21% efficiency and long lasting performance, these panels are an excellent solution. 

QCell G10+

qcell g10+ solar panels

The QCell G10+ is the best of the bunch. These awesome solar panels boast a 21.4% efficiency and a 25 year product warranty meaning you can be sure this panel will give you a long lasting return and performance. 

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What Makes QCell Solar Panels Any Good?

Fast Return On Investment

canadian solar panels offer a fast return on investment

Using their Q.auntum technology, QCell soalr panels perform better under temperatures and low light performance meaning you are getting more energy from your system and a high return on investment.

High Product Efficiency

qcell solar panels offer panel efficiency of above 21% on all solar panels

All of QCell solar panel modules boast a 21%+ efficiency rating. This means over 25+ years you will see a considerable amount of extra energy from your system if you use QCell panels. This is up there with LG & Sunpower.

Long Lasting Warranty

qcell solar panels comes with a 25 year warranty

QCell panels are offering a 25 year solar panel warranty on the G10+ modules. This is the best warranty in the industry. Even with the QBoost you get an impressive 18 year panel warranty which is good. 

qcell solar panels use german technology which is some of the best

QCell Solar Panels Use German Technology...

QCell solar panels first started in Germany. This European technology is known to be much higher in quality of those from China or other places. This is the reason why QCell offers some of the best warranties in the industry. 

By using advanced Q.uantum technology Qcell create cells that use nano coatings to optimise on the reflection of the sunlight. Not only this but they also perform well under extreme temperatures which is great for Australia. 

High Efficiency Menas A Faster Return On Investment

QCell panels offer above 21% conversion efficiency meaning they will convert 21% of the sunlight that reaches the solar panel. This is really good and compares to the industry bests like LG panel or Sunpower panels. 

Most importantly, this extra efficiency helps in paying back your system quicker. It means you will get a faster and higher return on your investment from your qcell solar panel system. 

qcell solar panels provide a long lasting, high quality return on investment

What Are The Benefits Of QCell Solar Panels?


Slash Your Energy Bills

QCell solar panels will slash your energy bills and free up your cash flow each month. This can be a life changing experience and give you peace of mind over your money. 


Fast Return On Investment

Due to the high performance of QCell solar panels, you can get a fast return on investment. Not only this, but their long warranty ensure your return will last over a 25+ year period. 


Tackle Climate Change

QCell panels help the environment by producing your own clean, renewable energy. You can also sell this clean energy back to the grid and supply your community with green energy. 

QCell Solar Panel System Designed By Solar Engineers.

QCell 8.25kW Solar System

22 x QCell QBoost 375w Solar Panels

qcell solar panel system

QCell 6.4kW Solar System

17 x QCell QBoost 375w Solar Panels 

qcell boost solar system

QCell 5.8kW Solar Panel System

 15 x 390w QCell G10+ Solar Panels

qcell g10+ solar panel system

Complete Review For QCell Solar Panels: German Technology

Interestingly enough QCell are engineered and made using German technology. Anything that is designed in Europe tends to have a much higher quality and performance. This is definitely evident with QCell solar panels. 

Qcell solar panels come with some really strong warranties for a very affordable price. This puts them up there as some of the best panels in the industry. We’ve done a good comparison between Qcell and Jinko solar panels you can read here

If you are interested in learning more about Qcell solar panels, you can read our full review here

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