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QCell Solar Panels Review

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QCells Solar Panels Review: German Technology, Or Just Fluff?

Yep, we know. Qcell are a big name in the industry and yes, they just keep on getting bigger and bigger. This is most likely due to their foundations as German engineered solar panels. 

Well, I guess I could say that but it would also be due to their high performance, long lasting warranties and affordable price…

Qcell solar panels are pretty much perfect for every single homeowner because they meet everyone’s standards. They are affordable, but they also provide industry leading warranties which promote a high return on investment. 

So, if you’re a homeowner who is interested in affordable but quality solar. You’re in the right place. I want to go through a full review of QCell solar panels so you can really get a good understanding if they are right for your home. 

I’ll also compare these to some other solar panels, but more importantly I’ve created a comparison between Qcell and Jinko which you can read here

Now, if you are ready to start getting a design proposal for QCell solar panels please don’t hesitate to request one from my QCell solar design engineers here.

Ok, let’s jump straight into this. Here’s my full QCell solar panels review.

Table Of Contents

About The Company

Who are QCell?

If you haven’t yet heard of QCell they’re one of the world’s largest solar cell manufacturers. In fact, in 2019 they were the sixth-largest worldwide. They were founded in Germany all the way back in 1999 in an area which came to be known as Germany’s ‘Solar Valley’.

QCell develops and produces silicon photovoltaic cells and solar panels. Their systems are installed on residential, commercial and industrial sites. They also provide services to solar power plants.

Now, they’re renowned for their advanced technology, fast return on investment and warranties. These days they focus on a mid-range to high quality series of solar panel modules available in Australia. They are most commonly used for residential systems

All of that sounds good but it begs the question. Are they worth your investment? QCell are of higher quality than other panels, especially using German technology… Therefore they come with a higher investment requirement. So… Are they worth it?

From 2016 to 2020 QCell solar panels have ranked as some of the best rated panels by PVEL. That’s honestly a really good record and one QCell should be proud of. (PVEL are a world-leading independent solar performance testing service)

Where are Q Cells solar panels manufactured?

In 2012 QCell was purchased by South Korean business Hanwha. They still have their original engineering offices in Germany but their solar panels are now manufactured primarily in South Korea, China, Malaysia, and the United States. As of yet, they don’t have any manufacturing facilities in Australia which is a bit of a shame. 

All in all, South Korea has a very good reputation for quality and business therefore making QCell a strong candidate as a high quality solar panel. This is similar to most other solar panels which are mainly manufactured in China, Asia’s and South Americas.

Do they have offices in Australia?

Well, here’s the important thing. Although QCell panels are headquartered in South Korea, they do have an office located in Sydney. That’s a great thing as it gives customers peace of mind. Especially when it comes to things like warranties or any issues you might be facing with your solar panels. Let’s be honest, no one wants to be stuck on the phone for support in South Korea or Germany… 

QCell solar panels have proudly served the Australian market since 2009 and are becoming more and more well known by the year. We’ve seen a huge increase in the demand for QCell solar modules over the past 2-3 years. 

This is good to see that QCells has an Australian presence, I truly think this is important and shows their commitment to our market. I’d definitely love to see more though, it would be great for more offices or even a manufacturing plant to open up but there are a lot of factors to consider. 

qcell solar panel office locations on a map, including the office thats in Australia.

Types Of Q Cells Modules Available In Australia

QCell solar panels have a variety of solar modules on offer to the Australian market. As I mentioned before, all of their solar panels are well known for their high quality and ability to provide fast return on investment. They also all make use of the advanced technology that has made QCell a world leader in solar tech.

So, let’s have a look at all of the Qcell solar panel modules that are available for us to invest in Australia. Here you can decide which solar panel is going to be best for your home as well (if you are interested in Qcell panels). 

QCell Boost Solar Panel

375w – 395w Sizes
20.8% panel efficiency
18 year product warranty
25 year performance warranty
6 × 22 monocrystalline Q.ANTUM solar half cells
Anti LID Technology
Certified for high wind loads (4000Pa)

qcell qboost solar panels

The most affordable QCell solar panel option available in Australia has got to be the Q Cells QBoost. This panel ranges in size between 375W and 395W. It has a 20.8% efficiency which will provide you a fast return on investment. 

One great thing about this panel is that it has a fantastic warranty attached. An 18 year product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty means peace of mind for customers. For such an affordable panel, it definitely makes for a persuasive offer.

So, I’d suggest this solar panel for those homeowners who are looking for a quality solar solution that is going to provide a long lasting, high return on investment. The high efficiency combined with the 18 year panel warranty creates the perfect mid-range, risk free solar system.

qcell g9+ solar panels

QCell G9 Solar Panel

445w – 465w Sizes
20.9% panel efficiency
12 year product warranty
25 year performance warranty
6 × 22 monocrystalline Q.ANTUM solar half cells
Anti LID Technology
Certified for high wind loads (4000Pa)

Very recently in late 2020 we heard the exciting news that Q Cells released their G9 series of panels. Designed in a joint-effort by the Korean and German R&D teams, these panels boast efficiency rates close to 21%.

The G9 modules are pretty good but there are some areas that let it down a little bit. Luckily, this is just one module and not all of the solar panels QCells produce. Either way, they only come with a 12 year product warranty. For the technology, I’d at least like to see a 15-18 year product warranty. 

However, in saying this… The G9 series are excellent for those who are looking for a really fast return on investment. The advanced technology and high efficiency makes it perfect for those homeowners who want a quality panel, claim the rebate and slash their energy bill.

QCell G10+ Solar Panel

390w – 415w Sizes
21.1% panel efficiency
25 year product warranty
25 year performance warranty
6 × 22 monocrystalline Q.ANTUM solar half cells
Anti LID Technology
Certified for high wind loads (4000Pa)

qcell g10+ solar panels

In my opinion one of the most advanced Q Cells modules available is the Q Cells G10+. It’s a fantastic option which promises great performance over the long term. Although top-of-the-range in terms of quality it’s worth noting this advanced tech is going to require a larger investment, I’d argue it’s worth it. 

The G10+ ranges between 390W and 415W in size. It offers fantastic low light performance and comes with an outstanding warranty. A 25 year warranty for both product and performance. Now that’s a panel that’s going to stand the test of time and slash your energy bills right down.

This G10+ gives LG Neon2 and Sunpower Maxeon 5 panels a really good run for their money.

Other QCell Solar Panel Modules

So, there are some other modules available as well. They are not so common but they are available by request. These are known as their G5 range and G6 range. They are both fantastic mid-range panels and have great energy efficiency. Although they are not industry leaders they offer a good balance between cost and performance.

G7 & G8 Modules Are Best For Commercial Solar

But when it comes to commercial use, their G7 & G8 panels take the cake. The G7 and G8 come with larger format 144-cell panels. Much more suitable for covering larger services. This, combined with Q Cells high standard for performance and efficiency makes them ideal for commercial projects.

Not only do Q Cells produce solar panels, they also produce solar batteries. The Q Cells Q.Home ESS is a solar battery that is also a solar inverter. I think it’s fantastic that Q Cells have managed to design this hybrid system – it means one point of contact for any technical support.

The Q.Home ESS battery is scalable allowing up to three units to be combined into one system. One of my favourite features of this solar battery is the ability to combine as many as three units into one system.

QCell Are Mid Range Solar Panels

One thing that may make the difference in your choice of solar manufacturer is what kind of range you’re looking at. QCells fit nicely into the mid-range category. They offer great technology and a very fair price tag.

To be honest, QCell solar panels are actually a perfect fit for all. This is why I’d class them mid-range. They are great for both homeowners who are looking for a long lasting, high quality investment but don’t have the budget for the high-end panels like Sunpower or LG

Being a mid-range panel comes with many different benefits. I’d also say the G10+ series are more high end than mid-range because of the specs and the technology used to create these panels. 

These panels are perfect for homeowners who are eligible for the solar panel rebates and looking for a high quality system for a reasonable investment. A Qcell system will also pay itself very quickly meaning you can maximise your savings. 

Even if you are not eligible for the solar rebates, the G10+ panel would be a fantastic panel solution to slash your energy bills and provide a lifetime return on investment. It’s safe to say you will be making a lot of money from these panels once they are paid off.

QCells Solar Panels Provide A High / Fast Return On Investment

In my opinion QCells solar panels are an ideal choice if you are looking for a fast ROI. Firstly, this is due to their efficiency. QCell’s high panel efficiency allows them to harvest more energy from the sun using advanced German technology. 

Secondly, QCell panels do not come with a huge price tag. This is actually very impressive given that other panels in the industry offer less warranties & efficiency and a higher price tag… Therefore, Qcell solar panels really do stand out from the crowd. 

If you’re specifically after the fastest return on investment possible I recommend the QBoost panels. They offer the perfect balance between affordability and performance for this goal. You will get what you need from the QBoost module, and it gives LG Neon 2 and the Sunpower P3 panels a good run for their money. 

Even the Jinko N Type 370w panels, they don’t seem to compare as good as QCell is looking right now. Most impressively, QCell panels seem to be constantly evolving into the newest modules or series which means they are getting better and better.

qcell solar panels provide a long lasting, and fast return on investment for homeowners

They Have Long Lasting Warranties

QCell are renowned for their long last warranties. 25 year performance warranties can be found across their range. However it is their 25 year product warranties which are really impressive. This can be found on their G10+ series. 

Honestly, I think that 25+ year product warranty will become the new normal soon but it’s good to see that QCell solar panels are leading with this and not following. 

Even their QBoost boasts an impressive 18 year product warranty which is above the industry standard of 12 years. To put it into perspective, Longi and Trina all carry 12-15 year warranties. Even the LG mono X series comes with a 15 year warranty. 

Therefore, you can see that QCell solar panels come with a good, long lasting solar panel warranty. This is important because it removes the risk from your investment and ensures that you will meet a minimum savings from your system before you’re not covered anymore. 

It shows that QCell has huge confidence in their solar panel product durability and performance over time. If you live in an area where weather conditions could cause damage to your solar panels and affect the performance negatively.

QCell Solar Panels Use Advanced German Technology

As I mentioned before, QCell was founded in Germany.German technology is renowned for its efficiency and performance. QCells produces their solar panels primarily in Asia, but they still have their engineering offices in Germany. This means that even though they manufacture panels in a cheaper country, they have still maintained their excellent German technology. 

When you also compare German technology to other panels like China’s Jinko or Longi you can see the difference in performance and technology. Generally speaking, German technology does better than the technology used by Chinese-designed solar panels. However, I wouldn’t say there is much left in it anymore… 

Customers can look forward to QCell solar panels constantly innovating at the forefront of solar performance. They have great funding and seem to be investing back into their solar panels meaning they are looking to develop and better their panel modules.

qcell solar panels use technology developed and researched in Germany which have a very high level of quality and funding.

Their Panels Are High In Panel Efficiency

One of my favourite things about QCells is the high efficiency of their panels. This is all thanks to clever engineering and heavy investment into their technology. High panel efficiency means that the panels are able to convert a higher percentage of solar rays into energy.

On average, most of their solar panels are sitting above 21% conversion efficiency which is much higher than most panels in the industry and on par with the likes of LG panels. However, they haven’t quite topped Sunpowers panel efficiency (read my review here)

The higher the efficiency of solar panels, the better value for money they are. This is because high efficiency panels tend to produce faster return on investment. Not only this, but the return on investment will also last longer and provide a higher return. This means more savings for less upfront cost… What a great solar panel 😆!

QCell Solar Panels Review:

So, we’ve created a full review on Qcell solar panels which we’ve rated out of 10. This goes over the most important areas we feel make a difference for you as a homeowner. These are price, performance, warranty and efficiency. So, let’s get stuck into this QCell solar panels review.

Price 9.5/10

I think it’s quite clever how Qcells took their advanced German technology and moved towards manufacturing in a more affordable country which is South Korea. This gains the benefit of creating affordable, yet extremely high quality solar panels for homeowners. 

Therefore, we’ve given a high rating for the price of Qcell panels. They are affordable for most especially if you take advantage of any solar rebate schemes available. QCell solar panels also come out favourably against others like Sunpower modules and others like LG solar modules.

Warranty 10/10

Now, for the price and for the technology used in these panels you are getting the best warranty in the industry (Defo with the G10+ panels) therefore it cannot be beaten. That’s why we’ve given the best rating for the Qcell panels warranty. 

Even for the more budget panels they offer an 18 year product warranty which makes a lot of other panels look bad. Especially those like Longi and Trina, given that the price difference wouldn’t be much at all. 

Overall, I’m very impressed with QCell solar panels warranty and I’m certainly interested to see what the future holds with any new solar panels they design or bring out.

Efficiency 10/10

Again, the same applies for their efficiency. It’s really one of the best in the industry. The only other panels I’d say beat this are Sunpower Maxeon 5 or Maxeon 3 panels. The LG H and Neon 2 come in very close as well. 

So, it’s amazing to see that QCell solar panels are up there battling with the industry high end solar panels even though their cost is much more affordable. The technology that is used is also impressive and the reason why these panels are so efficient.

Performance 9.5/10

QCell solar panels provide a high and long lasting performance. This is backed by their 25 year performance warranty which guarantees they will maintain a minimum performance for 25 years. 

Honestly, their performance is really up there with the big boys again. Overall, I know we call QCell a mid range panel but really the performance is up there fighting with the high end panels. I’d say this is mostly due to the German technology that is used to create each solar panel. 


Well there you have it. The full QCell solar panel review. I hope by now you have a better idea on who Qcell are and what they are doing for the industry. They truly are making the industry better by providing high quality panels for an affordable price. 

Let’s hope that it keeps putting pressure on the industry big dogs to lower their prices or forfeit to other panels like Qcell who are pretty much offering the same product and solution. 

To give you a quick summary, QCell solar panels are long lasting, provide a high return on investment and come with some industry leading product warranties which set them apart from a lot of panels on the market. 

If you have QCell solar panels, share your thoughts with us all in the comments below. Are they any good? Are you happy with your system or do you think QCell panels were a waste of your money? 

Share your honest thoughts with us all below 😁.

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Written By:

Luke Cove
Managing Director
Lightning Solar & Electrical

2 thoughts on “QCell Solar Panels Review”

  1. Thanks very much Luke for the excellent ( and accurate ) review on the Q-Cells panels.

    You are spot on, we have had 26 x Q-Cells panels installed on our roof since 2012 , and I’ve gotta say they still look like new .
    Also the performance is fantastic . In fact now is the time to add to the existing system and i want to add another at least 20 additional panels


  2. I am thinking of using QCell Q Maxx G4 410w however I suffer from a bit of shade and was wondering if these panels have the same management system as micro inverter panels.

    If not are you able to suggest panels that have micro inverters .
    I know so little about this solar area so I am looking for direction but Im not getting clear information from the local suppliers.

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