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Queensland Battery Rebates: What We Know

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Sunshine & Savings: Get Ready for the Queensland Battery Rebate

G’day solar-savvy Aussies, it’s time to dust off those rooftop panels and get prepped for a brighter future! The Queensland government is setting the stage for a brand-new battery rebate scheme, and that means big bucks for you and big steps towards energy independence.

Imagine this: your rooftop panels soak up the Queensland sun, generating clean power not just for your home, but for a whole network of batteries across the neighbourhood. This network, a tapestry of smart home owners acts as a mini-grid, storing sunshine and sending it back to the grid when it needs it most.

Think of it as a superpower you can share. By storing your excess solar energy, you’re not just saving on your bills, you’re helping stabilize the grid, making it more resilient and less reliant on fossil fuels. It’s a win-win for everyone: you, your neighbours, and the planet.

The Battery Booster Rebate Scheme throws up to $4,000 your way to help install this sunshine-saving superpower. That’s like a free ticket to say goodbye to pesky power bills and hello to a future powered by the sun and community.


(Details are still being finalized, but word on the street is the program kicks off next year. So, stay tuned!)

So, what can you do to get ready for the battery bonanza?

  1. Get excited! This is your chance to become a solar storage superhero, powering your home and your community.
  2. Do your research. Explore the different battery options and find one that fits your budget and lifestyle.
  3. Remember, Lightning Energy has your back! We’ve been fitting batteries and keeping Queensland homes bright for years. We have the expertise, experience, and competitive prices to make sure you get the perfect battery for your home and join the solar storage revolution.


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Luke Cove
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Lightning Energy

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