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Seraphim Solar Panel Makes We Provide



seraphim blade solar panels

Serpahim's Best Value Panel

The Blade Series is designed with new ‘half-cut’ cell technology, which helps to reduce risk of internal power loss. Not only this but it helps prevent mismatch and the dreaded shadow effect. This will vastly improve the overall performance of these solar panels.

This state of the art technology with solar panels is becoming increasingly popular as the results speak for themselves. Seraphim solar panels will deliver you high performance, with low risk of faults. This makes these panels a very reliable choice.



seraphim all black solar panels

Serpahim Most Popular Panel

This range can be said to be the more aesthetic option. Boasting a very sleek, all black finish, these panels are a popular choice among homeowners mostly due to their pleasing appearance. But that’s not all that comes with these solar panels. 

They are still some of the highest performing solar panels made by Seraphim. With strong efficiency and long lasting warranties you get the most for your budget. Whilst at the same time getting some super dashing solar panels to make your neighbour jealous.



seraphim microinverter solar panels

Seraphim Highest Performer

Seraphim’s micro inverter range of panels is an incredibly unique, new technology which claims to enhance the performance of every individual cell. This means every cell works independently and will continue to perform even if others are shaded. 

This kind of technology makes your solar panel system more flexible to fit in different areas of your roof. Even areas that you might find are shaded for a period of the day. By having this you are able to slash your bills further because your system is more efficient. 

Are Seraphim Solar Panels Really Any Good?

Seraphim is rapidly becoming one of the top players in solar

Seraphim Solar is very quickly becoming a well-established name within the solar industry. The company was founded in 2009. In that short time this company has built a very good reputation for themselves, now competing with the long standing solar companies.  

They offer a vast range of panels for both commercial and residential solar. Across the board their panels have been rated very highly and are known to deliver  high performing, durable products.

So although Seraphim is a relatively young company, the ratings on their panels give all the feedback needed receiving mostly 4/5 star reviews. The results really do speak for themselves and their solar panels are one of the most popular on the market today.

seraphim solar panels reviews

High performance panels at an affordable price

serpahim solar panels high quality and affordable

Having seen the reviews for yourself, homeowners together can agree that seraphim provide high quality solar panels. Due to their research and design in their latest solar panels, they are pushing themselves apart from the crowd. 

Including technology such as micro-inverters really puts them up there with solaredge and enphase solar panels. Seraphim are changing the game and looking for a leading position in the solar industry.  

Best of all, Seraphim are affordable solar panels. They are nowhere near the price of LG or SunPower and offer similar performance as well. These are perfect for homeowners who are looking to slash their energy costs with quality solar panels.

They offer a comprehensive warranty package

Seraphim offers a very reasonable cover package of 15 years product warranty and 25 years performance warranty. This shows that Seraphim have confidence in their solar panels. Enough to provide such long lasting warranties. 

The company has specifically designed these panels to last for decades. Their panels are certified to be corrosion resistant, making them a great choice particularly if you live in a coastal area. It allows us to trust Seraphim solar panels and that they will perform and show good return on investment.

seraphim solar panel warranty

Seraphim Solar Panels Are Made In:

Their panels are primarily manufactured in Changzhou, about an hour drive from Shanghai. The company also has production facilities in Northern China’s Shanxi province. We would like to stress that they will undergo the same test and regulations as other solar panels to meet the tier 1 criteria. You can read our full review on Seraphim solar panels here

Why choose Seraphim solar panels for your home?

Premium products, affordable price

The panels that Seraphim produce are amongst the most popular solar panels in the world. Not only are they highly reliable, durable panels, they’re also very affordable – giving you incredible bang for your buck.

With the solar industry becoming increasingly popular, it can be a hard task to decide what company is best for you. Seraphim offers peace of mind, knowing that you’re getting highly regarded products without breaking your bank.

They offer unbeatable prices for the quality of the panels. They promise to deliver your home with optimum power, saving you thousands on your energy bills and adding value to your home at the same time – it’s never been easier to switch to solar today!

They are built to last

The panels are weather and corrosion resistant, reliable, high efficiency panels that are built to last. They have been designed to withstand harsh weather conditions so no matter where you live, you can enjoy these panels! 

With Seraphim panels, you can be reassured that you will receive a reliable, durable and weather resistant product. With the additional security of a 25 year performance warranty, it’s a no brainer.

If you’re looking for low cost, high performing solar panels with a whopping 25 years performance cover, look no further. We believe that these panels will be an asset to your home, providing you with many years of renewable power and slashing the price of your energy bills forever.