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SunPower Maxeon 6: Here’s Why It’s The #1 Best Solar Panel

Well, the Sunpower Maxeon 6 solar panel has been around for less than a year in the Australian market. Since then, the Maxeon 6 has taken the industry by storm.

Look, this solar panel literally has the best performance stats by a huge amount. It’s not like there is a small percentage difference compared to other panels. Seriously, when I take you through the stats you can see for yourself. 

In Feb 2022, Sunpower released a huge announcement that they are increasing their warranty for the Maxeon 6 modules from 25 years over to 40 years. This puts them as the number #1 leading solar panel for warranty. 

I’d also like to highlight the performance and degradation of these solar panels. You can expect to see 0.25% annual degradation which is extremely low compared to the industry average of 0.45% (almost double!). 

The Sunpower Maxeon 6 also uses Enphase micro inverter technology similar to the Maxeon 5 we talked about a few months ago. This comes with a huge range of benefits from higher returns, more efficiency and flexible designs. 

Anyway, let’s take a big jump into the Sunpower Maxeon 6 to see why I’ve nominated it as the best solar panel in the Australian market in 2023.

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sunpower maxeon 6

The SunPower Maxeon 6 Comes In Sizes Of 420w, 425w, 435w And 440w Whilst Still Being A Compact Size

One amazing feature is just how much power has been packed into the Maxeon 6 for its size. Usually to be able to produce around 440w of power output the panel would be quite large.

This is not the case for the Maxeon 6 which is only slightly larger than the average size of a solar panel in Australia. So, the average size of a panel is 1.7m x 1m and the Sunpower Maxeon 6 is 1.872m x 1.032m which is barely much bigger than your average panel.

For me this is super important. If you think about it, now you can generate more energy with less solar panels. This means you can maximise the space you have available on your roof and ensure you are installing enough solar to generate a big number of savings. 

I think coming into the electric age we are in need of systems that are able to generate more energy than what we actually use, to not only future proof our homes but allow us to get the savings that is needed to make a difference. 

It’s also worth noting a praise towards this achievement of creating a panel so compact. It confirms again the money Sunpower must have invested in their Maxeon 6 technology to get it to be the best in the industry.

You Can Get Up To 22.8% Solar Panel Efficiency Which Is The Most Efficient Solar Panel On The Australian Market Right Now

Well, it’s been a long time rumour that Sunpower is the most efficient solar panel in the industry. We can confirm that with the Maxeon 6 modules this is completely true. Even though panels come and go, Sunpower has maintained their top position for over 10 years.

Coming in at 22.8% panel efficiency, the Maxeon 6 dominates all panels before it by a solid 0.3%. This is actually quite a lot in the industry considering some panels are 0.05% more efficient than others. 

With the Maxeon 6 you can maximise your savings and generate more energy with the space you have available over a longer period of time. The only panel that actually comes close to matching Sunpower is the Maxeon 3 modules which is 22.6%. 

This goes to show just how much they are dominating the industry. Now, I usually wouldn’t focus too much on the panel efficiency of the Maxeon 6 but it’s another feature I wanted to highlight due to its extremely high performance.

If you are interested in the most efficient solar panel in the industry, then this is it.

SunPower Maxeon 6 Specifications

Sunpower Maxeon 6

What I Like About It...

Well to be honest, what is not to like about this solar panel? I mean, it offers a 40 year lifetime warranty on both the performance and product making sure you are GUARANTEED to see a minimum return on investment from the Sunpower Maxeon 6.

I think one of the things I love the most about the Maxeon 6 really is the return on investment. Over the course of 40 years you are ensured a huge amount of energy generation and savings. 

Not only this, but as we move towards the electrical age and our energy consumption increases you can future proof your system with the micro inverter technology and the massive energy production. 

This means even if your energy increases in 10 years by 25% or more, you can still maximise a huge amount of savings with the Maxeon 6.

Overall, there is so much that makes this panel one of the best including its extremely low degradation and high performance, compact size and power, n type Maxeon cell technology and much more.


AC solar panel
40 year product warranty
40 year performance warranty
0.25% annual degradation over 30 years
425w power output
22.8% panel efficiency
N type Maxeon cell technology

Sunpower Maxeon 6 Boasts 0.25% Annual Degradation Meaning You Get Over 35% More Energy Across 25 Years

Most importantly, the Sunpower Maxeon 6 has a whopping 0.25% annual degradation. This means even at year 40 you are getting 88.3% power output is mind blowing … 🤯

Now, to put this into a little bit of perspective the average in the industry is around 0.4% – 0.45%. So you can really see that being almost 50% lower in degradation you are getting so much more for your money with Sunpower.

It’s true, the Maxeon 6 really is solar for life. For homeowners who are looking for a one time solar solution that is going to last over 40 years then truly, this is the solar panel for you. 

Sunpower actually forecasts that you will get over 35% more energy from the Maxeon 6 across 25 years when compared to conventional solar panels. I can imagine that this may push to more like 50% in 40 years when normal solar panels will usually break or degrade.

For me this really confirms why the Sunpower Maxeon 6 is the best solar panel in the industry. There are not many solar panels that could come close to matching this performance and just goes to show the return on investment you can get.

The Sunpower Maxeon 6 Uses Enphase Micro Inverter Technology To Better Performance Which Is Backed By 25 Year Enphase Warranty

One important note is the Enphase micro inverter technology that is built into the Maxeon 6 solar panel. Similar to the Maxeon 5, the use of Enphase technology allows for a more flexible design but also increases the performance of the panel by a significant amount. 

You are backed by a 25 year product warranty by Enphase for the micro inverters which is good to see. This technology also allows freedom to expand your system in the future which I believe is extremely important as energy consumption is always increasing. 

This truly is a solar panel that works smarter, not harder. The Enphase technology helps increase the panel efficiency and energy generation because it converts the power directly at the panel. 

It also means it’s much safer on your roof removing the amount of DC that is active. I’ve got a blog here on Enphase microinverters if you want to learn more about their benefits and how they work. 

Overall, this combo is deadly for competition because it quite literally makes the Maxeon 6 the highest performing solar panel in the industry. Let’s not forget to take into account the flexible design and ease to increase your system in the future.

maxeon 6 is built with micro inverters by Enphase

You Can Get The Best Warranty In The Industry By 20 Years With The Sunpower Maxeon 6 Solar Panel

Yet again, the dominant Sunpower Maxeon 6 rises to the top being the only solar panel in the industry offering 40 years product warranty and 40 years performance warranty. 

Let’s compare to other solar panels which are the industry’s highest with 25 years… Jinko is 25, QCell is 25, Canadian 25 and so on. 

Sunpower is the only solar panel manufacturer that offers 40 years product and performance. This is 20 years higher than every other solar panel in the industry which is truly amazing to see. 

What I love the most is how much pressure a move like this puts on the solar industry and other solar manufacturers. They must now begin to change their technology to be better or increase their warranty. 

So, if warranty is a big factor for you then again the Sunpower Maxeon 6 will be your best solution. It’s for life, really it’s a solar panel for life.

The N Type Technology Used In The Maxeon 6 Cells Is Classed As The Most Advanced Technology In The Industry

There is certainly a lot to talk about when it comes to the Maxeon N type cell design. The way Maxeon 6 cells are designed without gridlines makes them even more effective at capturing sunlight. 

Using N type technology is notoriously higher performance than other cell types and lasts significantly longer as well. Of course Sunpower will be using this advancement for their solar panels 😆.

It’s actually suggested by Sunpower that the Maxeon 6 cells “eliminates 86% of the reasons why conventional cells fail”. This goes to show just how much research they’ve invested into the cells to make them the best. 

Overall, the Maxeon 6 cells are incredible in performance and efficiency. They convert at a whopping 22.8% as mentioned above. This is the most efficient panel in the industry and it’s all down to this cell technology.


Well there you have it. The Sunpower Maxeon 6 solar panel, the best solar panel in Australia right now and arguably the best solar panel in the world. 

Simply put, you cannot find another solar panel that comes close to matching this type of technology and performance. No other panels offer 40 years warranties. The Sunpower Maxeon 6 is literally the only one. 

Again, offering 0.25% annual degradation is something to seriously be impressed by. I am certainly impressed. 

If you are interested in getting a price for this solar panel then don’t hesitate to contact me or my team.

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Luke Cove
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Lightning Solar & Electrical

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