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Trina Solar Panels Review

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Trina Solar Panels Review: Winner Of Solar PV Brand 2021 | Jan 2023

It has been long overdue for me to write my comprehensive Trina solar panel review, so that is exactly what I am doing today. 

Trina solar panels are one of the largest manufacturers in the world, arguably the best to some. Founded in 1997, the company has taken the market by storm by producing efficient, reliable and popular solar panels. That is why I have decided to review Trina today because the features are too good to not share with you. 

To put it into perspective before we dive in, Trina shipped enough panels in 2019 for 1,351,351 homes in Australia to have solar panels. Pretty huge, right? 

If you haven’t seen it yet, I have given my full review of the Trina Vertex S+ before so check that out. Today I am going to look at the company as a whole and dive deeper into why they are taking the solar market by storm. 

Let’s get tucked into what my Trina solar panels review says about these panels.

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trina solar vertex s+ solar panel review

Trina Solar Panels Were Found To Be The Most Popular Module Across Australia In 2021, With 14% Of The Market Share.

So, just because they have installed a lot of solar panels, does that mean they are any good? The simple answer is yes. They are not a best seller for no reason. They provide a quality product. 

Trina is one of our best sellers and has been for a while. It’s extremely popular across Australia due to its high performance and affordability. Trina was ranked the #1 solar module across Australia by SunWiz.

Trina held 14% of the market share in 2021, highlighting how amazing they really are. It goes to show how much they dominate Australian homeowner popularity. When you think about how many homes in Australia have solar panels that opt for Trina.

Trina holds more of the market than Jinko or Sunpower, which are classed as the best solar panels in the industry. It really shows how good Trina solar panels are and puts confidence and trust into the buyer because if they were not good, no one would buy them.

Who Are Trina & Why Did We Choose To Review Their Solar Panels?

Ok, let’s look into the history of Trina and why I have decided to review their solar panels today.

Company history

Founded by Jifan Gao in 1997, Trian solar panels were actually the first photovoltaic manufacturer in China. With 13,000 employees, Trina is publicly listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. 

They have set 20 world records in silicon solar cell efficiency and solar module power output, proving they have a pretty good track record.

They are committed to sustainable development and innovation as they want to reduce the cost of photovoltaic power and its environmental impact. 

Trina, in my opinion, stands out of the crowd for a Chinese manufacturer. Rather than having high volume and average performance, Trina provides high quality, affordability and high volume.

Have they won any awards?

Trina solar panels also scored a 100% Bloomberg rating. A Bloomberg tier 1 ranking does not measure the quality of the solar panel; it measures the bankability of the manufacturer based on public information. It has received this 6 years in a row, indicating the quality and popularity of the Trina solar panels. 

Additionally, Train ranked first in sustainability by Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (SVTC) in 2017 and 2018. Highlighting, yet again, just how reliable, sustainable and highly regarded they are. 

Do they have Australian offices?

Yes, they do! As well as 21 other locations. 

I always see it as a massive bonus when companies have offices in Australia, as it means you can get in touch if any panels stop working. It is easier to make warranty claims and find out more about their sales team by having a base here. 

Also, because of time zones, you don’t want to be stuck on the phone with China when you have an urgent issue. So presence is super important for me.

Trina solar panels have support offices in australia to help with any warranty or sales support.

We Ranked Trina Solar Panels #2 In The Best Solar Panels Of Australia In 2023

I recently ranked Trina as the 2nd best solar panel you can buy in Australia. This is why I wanted to do a Trina solar panel review to really highlight why I ranked them so high. 

For me, ranking them so high shows how much they are industry-leading and how much we can endorse these panels as high performers. 

Of course, one of the main reasons is their affordability, considering how much comes with the price. You’d expect to pay the premium for what you get with Trina solar panels such as the Vertex S+.

This solar panel went up against some of the greats as well like Sunpower, Jinko, Canadian and QCells. Still, outperforming all of these panels and offering better warranties and efficiency. 

Most importantly is the value for money. Trina offers such an affordable solution with the Vertex S+ which essentially gives you a high-end panel for a budget price which knocks a lot of their competition off the pedestal.

Trina Solar Panel Specifications Review

Trina Vertex S+ 415w

What I Like About It...

There is not much I don’t love about the Trina Vertex S+. I really love the dual glass feature because it means it is suitable for all weather conditions in Australia. Come rain or shine, the dual glass is suitable for any area of Australia, even those who live near beaches and experience a high amount of sand.

Offering high efficiency, long lasting warranties and backed by N Type technology. This solar panel is designed and built for performance and quality. 


25-year product warranty
Dual glass monocrystalline cells
30-year performance warranty
0.4% annual degradation (1% in the first year)
415w power output
21.4% panel efficiency
Multi busbar technology
120 monocrystalline cells
Operational temperature -40~+85C

Trina Solar Panels Are The Second Largest Global Supply Of Solar Panels

Some facts to back up the claims are that Trina is actually the second-largest global supplier of solar panels. So not only are they a massive supplier in Australia, but they are also supplying the world with solar panels. 

Trina was rated 2nd in the global module shipment ranking for 2021 by PV Tech. Last year, Trina’s total module capacity was 50GW, where 210mm silicon modules accounted for more than 70%. 

Simply put, Trina supplied the world with a large number of solar panels last year and is set to increase in the year to come. 

So, why is this important? Well to be frank if Trina solar panels were not good then solar distributors, installers and homeowners simply wouldn’t buy them. This data shows just how popular Trina is worldwide and confirms the quality of their panels. 

Not to mention making this more of a secure investment as well, knowing that Trina will always be financially stable to pay out any warranty claims etc. 

The Trina Vertex S+ 415w Has Taken The Australian Market By Storm And Dubbed The "Solar Panel Of The Summer"

As summer is upon us, I can wholeheartedly say that Trina Vertex S+ will be the summer’s solar panel. 

The rate at it is increasing in popularity combined with its performance, warranty, price and availability, I can’t see why it wouldn’t be. 

In addition, the solar panel is small while still producing a large amount of energy will make it easier for homeowners to install and generate energy for savings.

With the current energy prices increasing and set to stay until 2024, there has never been a better time to install solar panels. If you install Trina solar panels now, you could pay off the system in 2-3 years and slash your energy bills.

trina vertex s+ is announced as the solar panel of the summer.

You Get 25 Year Product Warranty & 30 Year Performance Warranty With Trina Solar Panels

25 years warranty. Not only that, but also a 30 years performance warranty on your Trina solar panels. It’s good to see this from Trina.

The warranty is really important as it shows the consumer how confident the manufacturer is in the product. In my opinion, the longer the warranty, the better the solar panel is. 

Obviously, that is not always the case, but it should give you more confidence when investing in solar panels. Check out Sunpower with their 40 year warranty, and Sunpower is the best panel in the industry. 

Trina is one of the only panels that provide a high warranty for affordability. As a result, it is one of the best value-for-money solar panels when you consider the warranty that comes with it. 

If you compare it to Jinko and Sunpower, it sits in the same category for its performance, but you are not paying the same premium.

It's Easy To See That Trina Solar Panels Are One Of The Best Brands In Australia

Not too big Trina up that much, but you can see by now why I wanted to do this Trina solar panel review. 

You can pretty much see why Trina is one of the best solar panels. It’s popular, highly efficient, has excellent technology and warranty, super low cost and high return on investment has a short payback period the list goes on. 

All of this makes it so good for homeowners to take advantage of one of the best solar panels in the industry right now. If you don’t have the budget for Sunpower, I would highly recommend Trina solar panels. 

There really isn’t another solar panel that is as affordable and high performing that comes close to Jinko and Sunpower.

Trina Solar Panels Use N Type Cells For A Higher Efficiency Rating (Best Is 21.9%)

If that wasn’t enough, there is more. Trina’s solar panel efficiency is 21.9% which is super impressive. This is for the Trina Vertex S+ dual glass series. 

Trina Vertex S+ 415w uses N-type cells, which are known for their high performance and high quality. All Vertex S solar panels have monocrystalline solar cells, which basically means that the silicon that is used is purer than polycrystalline. 

The efficiency rating of the Vertex S panel is almost reaching the best in the market. Combined with the affordability and 25 years warranty, it shows that Trina is keeping up with the industry’s leaders, such as Sunpower. 

Recently however, it was announced by PV Magazine that Trina broke another record with a whopping efficiency rating of 25.5% in their solar cell. Although impressive, nothing has been put into action on a solar panel for homeowners yet.

Trina Solar Panels Review:

Bloomberg bankability giving in 100% speaks volumes. The prices are pretty unmatched, considering what comes with it. I’ve also ranked this as the best value for money solar panel in the industry.

Again, a good warranty should fill you with confidence. The 25 years warranty for such affordable solar panels is unmatched. Don’t forget 30 years performance with only 0.4% annual degradation.

The efficiency is impressive, but some of the more expensive solar panels have better efficiency, but that is to be expected. When you look at it, for the price, you are getting the best you can get.

The monocrystalline solar cells and dual glass allow the solar panel to perform so well. With varying weather conditions across Australia, the solar panel suits all households and provides the same performance no matter what.


I have no problems with recommending the Trina solar panels to you. In fact, I could not recommend them enough. 

I think I have made it clear through this Trina solar panel review just how much I like them. Yes, companies like Sunpower are just that step above, but not everyone has the budget for that. 

Trina solar panels are going to be the panels of the summer and are really taking the market by storm. What do you think? Do you think Trina deserves all of the credit they are getting?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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