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Where To Buy The Tesla Powerwall 2?

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Where To Buy The Tesla Powerwall 2?

Where You Should Look To Buy The Tesla Powerwall 2

1. Look to buy the Tesla Powerwall 2 locally

The first step in where to buy the Tesla Powerwall 2 is to shop locally. Trying to find a supplier in your local area would be a great place to start.

By shopping locally you can lower your chances of any future problems. When you get your Tesla powerwall installed by a local supplier you can build a relationship quickly, given on your geographic location.

It will also make it much easier for you to communicate with your Tesla installer if there are any unanswered questions you had.

We also feel that this is a much more secure option, because if there are any problems after your installation then your supplier is close.

This prevents any issues of installers not getting back in touch or having to go through another country to get your issues solved. The best way to find an installer is through local searches on Google for solar installers.

find a local installer to buy tesla powerwall

2. Always buy from a Tesla approved installer

Once you have found a Tesla powerwall 2 supplier that you like, then you should double check that they are fully accredited by Tesla to install the powerwall 2.

You can do that by checking on the Tesla website. We feel this is one of the most important steps in researching where to buy the Tesla powerwall 2. This is because Tesla provides their accreditations based on training and specific requirements.

If your installer has not undergone any training it may result in a less than satisfactory installation, leading to problems in the future. These problems will cost you more money to fix and become an expensive mistake.

Problems like these can be avoided by making sure that your installer has the correct accreditation and skills. Another important step in finding out where to buy the tesla powerwall 2.

tesla certified installer

3. Remember to double check the warranties

Another factor to consider when researching where to buy the tesla powerwall 2 are the included warranties.

If you have a chosen installer but they offer no installation warranty then you should reconsider.

Although you get the Telsa powerwall 10 year performance warranty, this will not cover any installation defects.

You should really be aiming for an installation warranty of around 5 years or more. Any installers that do not offer this may show a lack of confidence in their skills or may be hiding something.

Again this is really important to consider in your search of where to buy the tesla powerwall 2 in Australia. 

long lasting tesla powerwall 2 warranties

4. Reviews should be ALWAYS be checked!

Reviews play an important role in the research of finding where to buy the tesla powerwall 2.

You should always, ALWAYS be checking your installers reviews. We cannot stress this enough.

Checking reviews will filter out the good installers from the bad. They will give you a clear insight into how your installer works and what other peoples experiences were.

Any Tesla suppliers that don’t have any reviews may be a risky move, so it’s best to stay away from them as well. There are many different platforms you can check reviews on.

Facebook, Google and SolarQuotes are some popular platforms with genuine reviews.

This should be the final step in finding out the best place to buy the Tesla powerwall 2 in Australia. 

reviews for tesla solar installers

What price should you pay for the Tesla Powerwall 2?

On average you can pay around $1000 per Kwh for a solar battery in Victoria. The difficulty of the installation and location may increase or decrease the price. It’s best to a quote from your chosen solar supplier too see how much you are able to get your powerwall for. 

The price of installation can vary due to many different factors that may make the job easier or harder. 

You can expect a different price for factors like the location of the battery and the location of your home (metro or regional). 

Other factors also include how many loads you would like backed up, your existing switchboard, if its single or three phase and your existing solar system. 

What if you find prices that are cheaper?

You may also be able to come across some discounted prices. You should be very wary of these prices and Tesla have set a limit on what the powerwall should be priced at.

Any lower prices could be a sign of something suspicious. Always take into consideration prices that are much lower than the average market price.

low prices for buying the tesla powerwall 2

What you should avoid when buying the Tesla Powerwall 2!

Try to avoid cheap installers with under-market prices

We also want to stress AVOIDING cheap installers. This can lead to problems in the future. Most likely the installer has lack of experience or accreditation which is why the price is low.

Your Tesla powerwall may have faults in the future or have issues caused by cheap installation. When you are looking where to buy the tesla powerwall 2, its best to try to avoid cheap installers.

choosing cheap installer when buying powerwall

Stay away from pushy sales people!

Another area we all want to avoid is pushy salesmen. This is definitely a sign that the company or installer may have lack of work, or even lack of business ethics.

You may be pushed into a sale without reading the terms and conditions or warranties. When this happens it will result in expensive problems in the future. We advise trying to avoid any pushy salesmen!

In conclusion, here is the best place to buy the Tesla Powerwall 2...

In conclusion you can buy the tesla powerwall 2 from your local Tesla approved installer near you. We also offer the Tesla Powerwall 2 for a competitive market price today. Feel free to get in touch with our team to find out how much we can discount.

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