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Are Solar Panels Worth It In Brisbane?

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Are Solar Panels Worth It In Brisbane?

Can solar panels benefit YOU in Brisbane?

We reveal the exact reasons why Solar panels are worth it in Brisbane!

Queensland is the Sunshine State!

Brisbane in certainly renowned for its glorious sunshine. Everyone who lives here speaks highly of it, and everyone who doesn’t gets jealous and wants to move to the sunshine state.

Nowadays solar panels are becoming increasingly popular in Brisbane and this is down to the regular rays of sunshine we see.

On average in Brisbane there are 283/365 that are sunny! Think about all the energy you can generate each year.

The sun is the greatest source of free energy and in Brisbane you can have full access to it, which means you can use to generate a considerable amount of energy. 

This energy can then be used to power your home and reduce your energy bills. 

Having this much access to the sun, you can really start to take advantage of your solar panels. By being able to harvest energy all year round this clearly suggests that solar panels are definitely worth it in Brisbane

the suns makes solar panels worth it in brisbane

Solar is a renewable energy source

Due to the sun being a renewable source of energy, homeowners can harvest free clean energy through your solar panels… all day… every day!

Renewable energy is a sustainable source of power that will not run out. Our sun is due to last another 4.5 billion years so you can be confident to invest in solar panels without having any restrictions on the sun’s energy. 

Living in Queensland, you are guaranteed plenty of sunlight hours for your solar panels to turn it into free electricity.

You can use this energy generated by your solar panels in Brisbane to power anything electrical in your home. Yes, this even means your games consoles, fridge, TV… anything electrical! 

The sun isn’t going anywhere, so why not take advantage of this amazing free source of clean energy?

Whilst you’re doing this you are also slashing the cost of your energy bills as well, it’s a win win! We feel like we can all agree that by using an endless and free renewable energy source, it makes it worth installing solar panels in Brisbane.

solar energy is renewable

Installing solar will reduce your energy bills

This is easily one of the most popular benefits of solar panels, and it really shows that solar panels are worthwhile in Brisbane… 

When you install solar panels you start to generate your own clean energy from the sun.

This means that you will no longer need to buy energy from the grid. Instead you are powering your home yourself, and this will significantly reduce the cost of your energy bills each month. 

Any money that you were previously spending on energy bills will now become spare cash flow.

You can use this money to pay off your solar system quicker or even just spend it on something nice for yourself or family.

This also means that solar panels can provide you with a return on investment, and the system is able to pay itself off within time.  

To put it into content, if you can considerably reduce your energy bill would you ask if solar panels are worth it in Brisbane? Either way to answer your question… We think YES!

solar panels in brisbane will decrease your energy bills

Energy is sustainable and eco friendly

In this day and age the climate crisis is a real threat. Most energy that is generated in the world today has a big negative impact on our planet.

Burning fossil fuels produces harmful CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases into the environment which is how most of us get our energy.

Not only this but these fuels are also an unsustainable source of energy meaning it will eventually run out. 

By installing solar panels in Brisbane you will cut out using fossil fuels and instead generate your own clean energy.

This means you will not only be saving money, but also saving the environment at the same time! 

Solar panels are the cleanest sources of energy on the planet right now.

They will continue to be the most efficient and eco friendly way of producing energy in years to come, and are becoming increasingly popular in Brisbane. 

Additionally, by taking a stance against the climate crisis and installing solar panels at your home, you will become more popular in your community.

Neighbours and friends will appreciate your ethics towards helping the planet and may even want to come and check your solar panels out! 

Environmentally friendly energy generation is possibly the biggest benefit of solar panels and makes them worth getting in Brisbane. 

environmentally friendly solar panels in brisbane

Solar panels add value to your home

Installing solar panels will instantly add value to your home! Not only will they benefit you by decreasing your energy bills but also by making your property more valuable. 

These days, people are becoming more aware of the benefits of sustainable energy. By adding solar panels to your home it makes it much more attractive to potential buyers.

If you ever do look to sell your home in the future you know that you will still get your money back from your investment in your solar panels. 

This is why Over 700,000 homes in Queensland have already converted to solar. Its even becoming more and more popular and its predicted within years to even double that figure! 

This goes to show how much of an asset solar panels are to homeowners, and proves exactly why solar panels are worth it in Brisbane.

solar panels add value to your home in brisbane

Solar Rebates in Queensland

Queensland governments are offering great incentives to homeowners in the way of solar rebates. This is making it even easier to switch to solar panels in Brisbane today. 

Solar panels do have an expensive upfront cost, however the solar rebates provided are making solar much more affordable for first time buyers. 

Solar rebates will help slash the upfront cost of installing solar panels and can be claimed through a CEC accredited solar installer in Brisbane. 

We would honestly go as far as saying this makes getting solar panels worth it in Brisbane altogether.

You can claim the solar rebate through the form of small scale technology certificates, which essentially means you get paid to install solar panels at your home. 

STC’s are awarded when you install a solar system under 100KW. 

The size of your system, location and amount of energy that it produces all depends on how many STCS you can claim. 

These financial incentives are a good reason why homeowners are taking advantage of solar panels in Brisbane and really shows that the government thinks that solar panels are worth the investment in Queensland. 

get solar rebates from the government help pay for solar panels brisbane

Sell your energy back to the grid

Another great reason why installing solar panels in Brisbane is worth it. Any excess energy that is produced by your solar panels can be sold back to the grid for cash! 

Yes, you can literally make money from your solar panels in Brisbane. If this doesn’t prove that they are worth it, …then what will! 

Any energy that you do not use from your solar panels can be stored and sold back to the national grid through a Feed-in-tariff (FIT)

The rates for this are variable depending on the retailer you sign up with, most offer very competitive rates so you should shop around to get the best deal. This is just one of the ways that investing in solar panels can really pay off.

To put it simply you are not only saving on your energy bills but you can also make money by selling and excess energy that your solar panels produce.

get cash back from excess solar made from solar panels in brisbane

Look At These Solar Panels Bathing In The Brisbane Sun!

To summarise, are solar panels worth it in brisbane?...


Solar energy has the potential to change the future of the planet and cut energy costs for everyone, forever! 

With rebates making it more affordable, it won’t be long until every Brisbane home is reaping the benefits of solar. 

Invest in your home and your future by creating an eco-friendly, sustainable home for yourself and your family and never pay over priced energy bills again! 

You can sell your unused, clean energy back to the grid, make money and see even bigger savings – this evidently shows that installing solar panels in Brisbane are definitely worth it.

Here are the 7 proven reasons why solar panels are worth it in brisbane as a checklist!

1. Brisbane's sun

You can take advantage of the sun shining all the time. Essentially this means you will be generating energy all day, every day.

By having your solar panels harvest all this energy then you will see bigger savings in your energy bills. You may even be able to completely remove your energy bills altogether.

The sun in Brisbane is the perfect reason why solar panels are worth it.

2. Sell your energy back to the grid.

Any excess energy your solar panels produce can be sold back to the grid for extra cash.

This energy that goes back into the grid will be used to power your local community, meaning you are helping your neighbours use clean, renewable energy rather than fossil fuels.

Not only this but any money you get from your excess energy can be used to help pay off your solar panels.

3. Increase your property value

Homeowners can look at solar panels as an asset. They will help increase the value of your property if you ever look to sell in the future.

Additionally most people are looking for homes that have solar these days because the prices of electricity are so high.

It’s nice to know that you will be one step ahead when you install solar panels at your property in Brisbane.

4. Government financial incentives

The solar rebates are another perfect example of why solar panels are worth installing in Brisbane.

In simple terms you are getting paid to install solar panels in your home… What more could you want! You will also see a huge reduction in your energy bills as well as own the solar system.

Our government in Australia has realised the true benefits of solar panels and want to help us all reap the rewards.

5. Eco-friendly

Of course let’s not forget the benefits that solar panels have on our planet as well.

Something that is able to fight against climate change must be worth it, right? As we mentioned before you can also gain popularity within your community by moving towards a greener future with solar.

Also, you can rest easy knowing that you are not burning any fossil fuels when you use any electrical appliances in your home.

6. Slash your energy bill

Possibly the most popular reason why homeowners install solar panels, certainly in Brisbane where we boast high energy bills.

By installing solar panels you will significantly reduce the cost of your power bill each month because you are buying less energy from the grid.

Instead you are using your own clean energy that is produced by your solar panels. For us, this makes solar panels entirely worth it in Brisbane.

7. Sun is a renewable energy source

Last but not least, our beautiful sun. Being an endless ball of energy it means we can harvest it for years and years to come without the fear of it running out.

What’s best is that it’s completely free and you won’t have to worry about sharing the sun with your neighbours.

We have all been given this opportunity to take advantage of a wonderful renewable source of energy so what are you waiting for!

What can you do to make sure solar panels are 'worth it' in Brisbane?

Solar Battery - Telsa Powerwall 2

If you want to ensure that solar panels will be worth it in Brisbane for you, then its a wise idea to look towards a solar battery.

Something along the line of Tesla’s powerwall 2, it will give you the opportunity to store any power that you generate from your solar panels.

You can then use this power at night or when you need it. Essentially this will remove your need to buy any energy from the grid and allow you to become completely energy independent.

top brand pv award for lg solar panels

Top Of The Range Solar Panels

Although the sun is shining all year round in Brisbane, your system may not be good enough to take full advantage of this energy.

If this is the case then you should look towards getting a high end solar panels system in Brisbane.

You should look at solaredge, LG solar panels or enphase. These use the latest technology to allow homeowners the best performance and energy generation.

High end solar panels will make sure that solar is worth it for you. 

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