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Commercial Solar Brisbane

What can commercial solar panels give your business?

Reduce your energy bills

Installing solar panels at your commercial business property will massively reduce the cost of your energy bills. It’s a well known fact that is popular with business owners.

For those businesses in Brisbane that suffer from high energy bills each month, commercial solar should be on the top of your list. If you are looking for serious savings then we suggest investing in a big size system.

Any businesses that use overnight power will see big benefits from commercial solar panels. Living in Brisbane, we boast some of the highest energy bills for homeowners and businesses in the world. Commercial solar panels will see an instant impact in reducing your energy bills.

commercial solar will decrease your energy bill in brisbane

Become an environmentally-friendly business

Brisbane has one of the best community business structures in the whole of Australia. Here we love to support our local business and make sure we put Brisbane businesses first.

When you install commercial solar panels you are taking a step in your community to help fight climate change, and protect the planet. Brisbane folk are very aware of the negative impact of burning fossil fuels and generating greenhouse gasses.

Therefore you will see more support for your local communities when you move to solar. This could even lead to an increase in sales and growth. 

commercial solar brisbane will give you an eco friendly status

Invest savings from solar back into high profit areas of your business

After your solar panels have been installed, you will begin to see your savings each month. Reinvesting these savings back into your business will promote quick growth.

Known as the commercial solar investment funnel, you can actually use solar to give your business the push forward it needs. The spare money you have each month can be invested in sales or other high profit areas.

In turn your business will see a big increase in growth due to the investment. Again businesses with high energy bills can profit the most from this technique, however it benefits all size businesses and makes sense for all. 

you can invest your savings from commercial solar back into your business

Increase property value

Lets not forget that commercial solar is a huge business asset. When you purchase your solar panels then become part of your property as assets.

This means that in years to come and you decide to sell, you will still see the money back from your solar panels. Due to their expensive upfront costs, solar panels will give your commercial property a big boost in value.

You may even see that your business is worth significantly more with solar panels than it was without. Not only this, but due to the popularity of commercial solar panels around Brisbane most buyers are looking for places with solar panels over those without.

It’s becoming very common to boost your business through commercial solar in Brisbane. 

commercial solar will increase your property value in brisbane

Reduce your operational costs

Operational costs for some businesses are the biggest expense. So if you are able to reduce these by a fair amount, your business will instantly become more profitable.

Commercial solar panels really help business owners reduce their operational costs through providing clean, renewable energy. Not just any energy but free energy you have generated yourself.

Any businesses that suffer with high operational costs need to look to invest in commercial solar. We have seen some great positive outcomes for businesses who have taken the move to solar. They saw huge reductions in operational costs. 

commercial solar reduces your operational costs

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30kw commercial solar panels in brisbane

Why we are trusted by the local business community....

Over 150+ Five Star Reviews On Google, Facebook & SolarQuotes

We have over 150+ five star reviews to show the service that we provide. It’s our aim to help you with a ‘stress free’ move to solar energy.

By providing a top of the range, high quality service we are putting ourselves above the rest of the market. It’s our priority to maintain high quality commercial solar in Brisbane. 

Local CEC Accredited Commercial Solar Installers

Our installers are experienced and approved by the Clean Energy Council. They have extensive knowledge in commercial solar which is shown by their previous work.

All trained to the highest level our installers are quick thinking. If there are any issues that come up on the day of installation they will quickly find a solution to work with.

Regularly our installers carry out site inspections, comprehensive consultation and thorough energy assessments to provide you with the best possible commercial solar system for your business. 

cec accredited solar installers

National Company Servicing Australia-Wide

We are a national company meaning we are here to stay. Having locations in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide shows that we are not going to just disappear once we’ve done your job.

Our teams are committed to you and want to help provide a great service. Being a national company also shows our success in the solar industry confirming that the work we do is high quality and up to industry standards.

With over 15+ years in the industry we have spent 1000’s of hours perfecting the jobs that we do. 

nationwide commercial solar installers brisbane

High-Quality Commercial Solar Products At An Affordable Price

High quality products at an affordable price. It’s no secret that solar is expensive. It’s also no secret that everyone wants the best solar products as well.

This is where we are set apart from the rest of the solar companies in Brisbane. High end solar products are some of our favourites, and we love to provide them to Brisbane business owners for affordable prices.

Offering a wide range of high end commercial solar panels like LG, QCell, SunPower and many more. For a personalised quote get in touch with our team today. 

commercial solar panel in brisbane
commercial solar panels in the brisbane sun

Your Commercial Solar Installation Process


Comprehensive consultation


Design of your solar system


Complete site


After sales care and support




Installation of your commercial solar panels

Our recent commercial solar projects in brisbane

Is commercial Solar worth it in brisbane?

When living in Brisbane, we see a significant amount of sun each year. So yes, you will save money with commercial solar panels. By saving money with commercial solar panels you will then be generating a return on your investment. Once you have installed solar you will really start to see a big growth in your business. If you want to know the best commercial solar panels for businesses then click here

Here is also 12 logical benefits of commercial solar.

We get asked this question a lot, and we always have the same answer. Even with a good budget system you will see a considerable deduction to your energy bill. This applies to all size businesses as well! 

Here is how much energy you can produce & How much money you can save with commercial solar...

Commercial Solar Rebates For Brisbane

COVID Stimulus Package For Commercial Solar

The government have release a series of stimulus packages to help businesses with the upfront costs of commercial solar installation.  You can see a full list of government rebates here

These have recently been extended to 31st December 2020. 

Commercial Solar Installation For Small - Medium Businesses...

government incentive

As of july 1st 2020 the government has increased the instant asset write off to $150,000. Also, it will only be available for small businesses who turn over less than 10 million. The threshold will be $1000.

advantages for businesses

Businesses now have more incentives to purchase solar systems of up to $150,00 and will get the instant asset write offs. This can help cash flow and reduce energy bills.  

dates valid until

Active from the 12th March 2020 until the 31st December 2020.

Annual turnover of up to – $500 Million dollars.

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