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BYD Battery Review

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BYD Battery Review: It's Storming The Market Against Tesla & sonnen

Do Tesla and Sonnen have competition? BYD, the largest Chinese rechargeable lithium battery manufacturer, has started storming through the market. In this BYD battery review, I will be running through all the pros, cons, and if you should consider this bad boy. 

BYD, short for ‘Build Your Dreams’, really lives up to its name as it is now the no.1 company for solar battery storage in the world. Expanding into the electric vehicle space shortly after is what has really accelerated BYD into direct competition with Tesla.

In this BYD battery review, I am going to look into the key features of the solar battery and just why it is doing so well in Australia. It has excellent off-grid capabilities and the option to expand in the future. 

I know what you are probably thinking. Chinese stuff again? Seriously, this is actually high quality and has been proven and backed by some serious big brands. Even Fronius is backing BYD and saying the best combo of battery and inverter is BYD and Fronius. 

Let’s dive into the BYD battery review.

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byd solar battery

About BYD And The Company History

Based in Shenzhen, China, BYD was founded in 1995 as a battery manufacturer before then slowly expanding into the automotive market in 2003. Now look, there is a lot of speculation around Chinese manufacturers as they are known for poor-quality products. However, they actually have some fantastic reviews and excellent products.

I mean, it shows as they are now a multi-billion dollar company with well over 220,000 employees and have won multiple awards.

They are a large manufacturer of electric vehicles

s well as BYD’s solar batteries, they also ventured into electric vehicles. Most commonly, BYD has manufactured millions of electric buses that circulate in China every day. This highlights the exceptional durability of the battery as it gets a good workout whizzing around the country. 

Not only this but it shows that BYD has a massive bankability rating, meaning even if their battery business went bust they could still pay out warranties through their EV vehicle revenue.

We love a combo when we install a Zappi V2 EV charger and a BYD battery with a Fronius Gen24 inverter… What a system!

Do they have offices in Australia?

Well, they use an official partner / representative for Australia which looks like it’s based in Sydney. This isn’t all bad but it would be nice to see a bigger local presence over the next few years. I’ve heard there are plans so we shall wait and see.

BYD Batteries Have Become Extremely Popular Across Australia In The Last 12 Months

So, we have definitely seen an increase in the demand for BYD batteries since they made their way over to Australia. I think this is down to the high performance and how affordable they are compared to solar batteries on the market. 

BYD solar batteries are certainly giving Tesla and sonnen a good run for their money as they appeal to the masses. Also, as the supply of solar batteries is coming from China, it is a lot easier to get hold of compared to companies based in Europe or Americas. 

Now, my prediction is that BYD may take over as the most popular battery across Australia within the next 5-10 years. Simply put, they are affordable and suit pretty much all homeowners. 

Not only this, but the quality is very much up there as the best. Combined with their extremely good value for money, affordable shipping costs without waiting times and their growth globally it looks like there is nothing stopping BYD right now.

Specification Of BYD Solar Battery

BYD battery

BYD Solar Battery

What I Like About It...

The BYD solar battery is high quality and affordable, which are key factors buyers are looking for. I like that it has won lots of awards which showcases its performance and the trust the public has in it. 

Also, features are easily extendable, meaning that you can add to your battery at any time in the future. I like this, as you have the option to expand in the future and aren’t tied into anything you can’t change.


Round-trip Efficiency ≥96%
10-year warranty
Operating temperature -10C to +50C
Lithium Iron Phosphate (Cobalt-free)
Off Grid backup

You Have Fantastic Off Grid Availability With A BYD Battery

With the lean towards becoming more greener and sustainable, homeowners are moving away from relying on the grid. Therefore, having solar energy storage backup allows homeowners to become energy independent.

The BYD solar battery is popular because it can store a lot of power in times of need. When paired with a good inverter, it can really change the game. One great feature is that the BYD range is compatible with many off-grid and hybrid inverters. This means you don’t need to change your system to fit in your BYD solar battery. They should work together nicely.

To be honest, I’m never a big fan of going completely off grid because it might actually end up costing you more or you would need a rather large system that most people don’t want to invest in. 

However, when compared to other batteries like Tesla or Sonnen it would seem that BYD does come out quite favourably in terms of the off grid capabilities. Without going into too much detail, BYD has some great features like priority load management. 

If your power goes out, it will ensure power is only feeding to the most important appliances such as your fridge, lights or whatever you set it too. 

There is also a blackout control feature which provides backup power in case of an emergency, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll always have a reliable source of power, no matter what.

Combined With A Fronius Gen24 Inverter, The BYD Solar Battery Achieve Extremely High Efficiency

So, one thing that I wanted to bring up was the relationship between Fronius inverters and BYD batteries. Essentially, both of these products really work to each other’s strengths. In fact, during some tests of 21 different systems back in 2022, Fronius and BYD came 1st.

Both BYD and Fronius have a fantastic reputation across Australia. The integrated multi-flow technology of the GEN24 plus ensures the investor can handle the energy flow that is going in all directions. What this means is that the electricity can be used in the house while also charging the battery. 

So, basically both Fronius and BYD work to each other’s strengths. They are both very versatile products meaning they are easily combined together without losing much efficiency or performance.

Fronius is known for quality and BYD is known for high density energy and reliability. Therefore this combination between the two become elite. But do you want to know what really does it for me? 

The affordability. Both Fronius Gen24 and BYD solar batteries are extremely affordable in the industry making them one of the best value systems when put together.

BYD solar batteries perform best when they are installed and combined with a fronius gen24 inverter

You Can Add To Your BYD Battery At Any Time In The Future, Meaning This Is A Future-Proof Battery Solution

Now, this is where I really think BYD solar batteries are taking the edge in the market. I suppose it’s similar to the stacking features of a Powerwall of the battery sizes available for sonnen as well. 

So yes, you are able to increase the size of your battery very easily in the future if you are ever in need of extending or growing due to an increase in your energy consumption. For me, this is so important, and I’ll go into details why…

You might move house or have kids. You might downsize. You might increase the number of electrical appliances you have in your home or even invest in an electric vehicle. All of these factors contribute to the size of the solar battery you might need. 

We are moving into an electric age, with EV cars and appliances like air fryers, phones, smart TVs, laptops etc. Our energy consumption is ALWAYS increasing. Therefore, the amount of energy you use is bound to increase in 10 years

That is why the ability to expand your BYD solar battery if you need it is a massive selling factor for me. It is precisely why future-proof batteries are so important, as it allows you to extend as and when you need them. 

Think about it, once you have some savings back from your system, you can reinvest into expanding your battery or system. Having full control over your energy consumption is very important.

Your BYD Solar Battery Uses SMART Technology To Optimise Your Self-Consumption, Maximising Your Savings In The Long Run

There are a few different modes that BYD uses to help optimise your energy consumption. I’m going to take you through the most important ones and walk you through the smart technology. 

Energy Management System (EMS)

There are a few different modes that BYD uses to help optimise your energy consumption. I’m going to take you through the most important ones and walk you through the smart technology. 

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

This technology continuously adjusts the voltage and current to match your panels maximum power output. This way you can generate as much energy as possible.

Load Shedding

Simply put, load shedding automatically reduces or disconnects non-critical loads during periods of high energy demand, helping you save energy and reduce costs.

Advanced Battery Management System (BMS)

BYD’s advanced BMS technology continuously monitors the battery’s performance, providing real-time data on its state of charge, temperature, and other critical parameters. This helps keep the battery in top condition, so it lasts as long as possible.

Intelligent Monitoring and Management

BYD’s intelligent monitoring and management system provides real-time data on energy consumption, generation, and storage. This information helps you optimise your energy usage and reduce costs, so you can get the most out of your renewable energy system.

optimise your energy and savings with BYD smart operating modes

All BYD Batteries Are Cobalt, Free Using Much Safer Lithium Ion Phosphate Chemistry

Having lithium ion phosphate (LFP) is good for a number of reasons. Number 1 being it is safer and also more sustainable. It is also more ethical as cobalt is mined across Africa and is a really horrible issue. It is good to see BYD avoiding cobalt.

On top of that, LFP is more efficient. So you get a longer-lasting battery as well as a battery with a better warranty. It can be used across a range of temperatures which suits Australia well which is important for a lot of homeowners because we live in hot or cold places depending on location. 

I’d also say that from what I’ve seen, LFP has a better warranty as well. Usually it lasts a longer cycle of around 10,000 or more. This was actually proven by sonnen in a test of their warranty as well.

BYD Battery Review

What many homeowners love about the BYD battery is how affordable it is compared to some of the bigger names, such as Tesla. It is a lot more accessible.

It is the industry standard of 10 years. It is natural for batteries to reduce capacity over time, so it is to be expected. Ten years should be fine and is in line with other leaders in the industry however, if they really wanted to dominate they could consider pushing the boat out to 15-20 years… 

As we have seen, BYD solar batteries have the ability to be incredibly efficient in a solar system. Over the years, they have shifted to higher voltages and moved towards the tower concept, making them more efficient.

The performance of the BYD batteries has been reported to be very good, trustworthy and reliable. Combined with a great hybrid inverter and you can’t go too far wrong. If you are combining with Fronius GEN24 inverter then you can expect to get 10/10 performance. 


So, that’s my verdict and review on the BYD battery that is taking the Australian market by storm. I think to summarise, you are getting an extremely good solar battery here.

If you are just focusing on price, then this is the best solar battery you can buy for the value of money it costs. If you do not care about price, of course Tesla or sonnen are going to be another great pair of options. 

Even though people might look past BYD because it’s Chinese, I definitely think you should consider that battery when you are getting your proposals. The warranty is also the same as others like Tesla or sonnen. 

Either way, that’s my full review of BYD battery so I really hope to help clear some questions regarding the performance and quality of this solar battery. 

If you are interested in getting a proposal, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to our friendly team of trained solar experts.

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Written By:

Luke Cove
Managing Director
Lightning Solar & Electrical

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  1. Thankyou for this article and explaining the hand-in-hand relationship of Fronius and BYD.

    If some panels are run off a Fronius Gen24 Plus, will the Fronius Gen24 Plus be able to smartly treat power produced on the same site by other panels that are on Enphase inverters?

    I have small pieces of roof so my ability to only used two mppt of panels facing the same direction and angle, is limited – hence my question.

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