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Escape Rising Energy Costs By Moving To A Solar Powered Lifestyle

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Escape Rising Energy Costs By Moving To A Solar Powered Lifestyle

As we start forgetting the covid world another issue strikes. Energy prices. Our old enemy for as long as we can remember. It seems that due to some unseen circumstances they are on the rise again, and fast. 

There are many factors that contribute towards this energy price increase, most experts are suggesting the pressure from the Russia-Ukraine war has the biggest part to blame. 

Not only this, but extreme weather conditions has caused Australia’s supply to slow down significantly and is causing knock on effects nationwide. It’s also reported that the global supply of energy has taken a rather large hit worldwide.

Either way, we are now seeing an increased cost of living due to a huge hike in the cost of energy. When will we see the end? I’m not sure anyone could give you a correct answer as of yet, but it’s not forecast to end for a few years. 

With this being said it seems some smart homeowners do have a solution. Solar energy. We can see the demand for solar increase even more than the record breaking few years during the pandemic.

Australian Energy Market Operator Reported a 141% Increase In Energy Costs Compared To 2021

It was reported by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) back in April 2022, that energy prices have risen over 141% compared to the previous year. I’m sorry, but 141%… That is a seriously significant increase in costs. 

It seemed that Queensland and New South Wales were hit the hardest but this increase, however there really wasn’t much between it all. The demand for energy across the board did increase as well for many homeowners who are baring a cold winter. 

I don’t think any of us saw a price increase as large as this. Sometimes you may see 10% or so, but over 141% increase in the cost of energy is simply unbearable for most. This has caused many homeowners to begin to reconsider their future with energy companies and move towards a more sustainable future. 

Overall, this meant that homeowners started to feel the force of an extreme increase in cost of living. Money that was able to pay for bills previously would no longer cut it. Measures were being taken to become more energy efficient at home and use less power.

This Price Increase Is Causing Devastating Effects For Families Across Australia

As you can imagine the knock on effects of a 141% price increase in 12 months caused some seriously devastating effects for many homeowners and families across Australia. Of which, many are still suffering now. 

It’s predicted that 1 in 4 Australians are struggling with this price increase. Outgoings and expenses have all increased to mount added pressure for families to be able to afford the cost of living. 

ABC reported that many people like us, have sacrificed common luxuries like gym memberships, streaming services and much more. We really are seeing people suffer as a result from this extreme energy price hike. 

This has a long term impact for all businesses as people start to cut costs in areas they cannot afford. When people do this, businesses begin to see a significant hit in revenue and profits.

No Sign That Prices Will Slow Down Or Decrease, Set To Continue Into Late 2024

There is absolutely no sign that energy prices are slowing down. If anything, the forecast predicts further pain into the future. The Australian Energy Regulator predicts a rise in energy costs for the “next few years”. 

This is adding extra pressure to government and homeowners to take action and move towards a better source of energy. With no sign of these prices slowing down, what is the next best option that you can take?

With this, many homeowners are looking for a quick solution to help them move back to living comfortably. As time is key, waiting for prices to come down is no longer an option. 

However, there is a small community across Australia that seems to be unphased by the energy price hike. The solar community are rather reaping the rewards of their solar systems and being able to pay them off quicker.

Many Homeowners Are Looking At Solar Panels As Their Saviour

As it comes to light that waiting for energy prices to come down will either send you broke or will never happen at all, homeowners look towards solar as the solution for the energy price hike. 

It’s come as a large increase in demand for solar is being seen over the past 6 months. When you install solar panels, you start generating your own energy straight away. This means that your costs will immediately begin to fall. 

This instant solution is being hailed by many as a saviour for homeowners allowing them to live a much more affordable and comfortable lifestyle, like before the energy price hikes. 

Not only this, but it further protects them against any more price increases in the future which is a massive benefit for homeowners and gives most peace of mind knowing they are safe. 

The ability to move away from these energy prices increases is giving homeowners hope again and causing them to start making the move towards a solar powered lifestyle. What’s more, is how quickly they can pay off their system.

Those Who Installed Solar A Few Years Ago Would Have Already Paid Their Systems Off From Their Savings From This Energy Increase

When we speak to some of our existing customers the same topic always pops up. Wow, I’m so glad I installed solar when I did because now I’ve paid my system off. Some of the customers we installed as little as 3 years ago have already fully paid their system off. 

With the forecast of increased prices, this means that your solar panels can provide an even quicker payback period and furthermore, larger return on investment for years to come. Some homeowners will be saving thousands every year.

Let’s not forget the help of government solar rebates as well. For anyone who is low on cash flow because of this energy price increase then you may be eligible to apply for the federal solar panel rebate which can help you lower the upfront cost of solar. 

Overall it’s clear to see that solar panels are the obvious solution here. Waiting for these energy prices to slow down will be nothing short of a very expensive mistake. By the time you wait, you could have paid off the majority of your solar panel system.

Solar Energy Allows Homeowners Peace Of Mind For The Future Knowing They Are Energy Independent

The reason why solar panels are the solution to this energy crisis is because you will no longer be relying on energy retailers and buying their power. Instead you will generate your own energy and use that in your home. 

For most, this gives peace of mind knowing that they are moving towards a more sustainable future which is going to be greener, cheaper and freer. They also set you up for the future as we move into the renewable age. 

One thing the war and covid can teach us is that life is unpredictable and having too much reliance on external factors like energy retailers can result in us being burnt. Solar is the gateway towards independence and future-proofing your lifestyle to ensure you are only reliant on yourself.

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Written By:

Luke Cove
Managing Director
Lightning Solar & Electrical

luke cove - Founder of lightning solar

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