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Risen Solar Panels Review

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Risen Solar Panel Review: Why They're Better Than You Think

At last, we’ve finally answered the question that you have all been waiting for. Are Risen panels actually any good, or just some more Chinese junk coming into the market. 

Well, straight away I can let you know that Risen solar panels provide a super affordable solar panel solution for Australian homeowners to take advantage of. 

Because of their affordability, this means they have a super fast payback period. This makes them a perfect choice for homeowners who consider moving in the future or want to really grab hold of a quick pay off period. 

Not only this, but Risen solar panels are backed by solar strong warranty and performance. You can expect some good quality energy being produced from a Risen solar system. 

Either way, let’s jump in and find out what we really think about Risen solar panels review and you might be surprised.. Here’s my full Risen solar panel review.

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Risen Company History

Let’s try to understand how Risen Solar Company came about. Founded in 1986, Risen Energy is a Chinese manufacturer of solar panels and Silicon wafers. The company has evolved to become part of large-scale solar projects across the globe and has multiple offices in various regions, including Europe, the USA, Australia, India, Mexico, and Japan.

Risen Energy has been producing and supplying solar panels in Australia since 2008. The company has multiple distribution channels across the country with products readily available for residential and commercial uses. It’s good for us to have another affordable solar panel manufacturer in the Aussie market.  

Do they have offices in Australia?

One thing that I always find super important is whether or not companies have offices in Australia. Luckily enough, Risen has a significant presence in Australia. The company has an office in Melbourne located-on Ricketts Road, Mount Waverley VIC 3149. The Australian office is critical because consumers can always receive local support whenever they need it.

What Risen Modules Are Available In Australia?

Titan 390w Series

Titan 390w Series

What I Like About It...

I find the Titan series quite impressive, especially due to its high-performance ability. It’s amazing how you only need to install a few panels to access optimum solar energy. This series is perfect because it has excellent efficiency, and the overall cost of solar panels is affordable.

You can comfortably use the Titan 390w series for residential and commercial uses. These solar panels have been thoroughly tested for Australian conditions. So, you are guaranteed that they will work even under extreme weather conditions. 

The series is also backed up by a 25-year warranty period. I mean, this is one of the highest warranties that you can access in this industry right now. Let’s check out some of the Titan 390w specifications:

Overall, homeowners can take advantage of a high quality solar panel and trust they will get a long lasting system to provide back a good return on investment. 


390w size
20.3% efficiency
Excellent PID resistance
1500v maximum system voltage
21.0 kg
1754 *1096*30 mm
Temp COEF -034%/ °C
25-year product warranty
25-year performance warranty.

Jager 370w Series

What I Like About It...

The Jager series is among the most popular solar panels in Australia. With solar energy, we are always looking for reliable products which can provide enough power for our homes.

I love the Jager series because it has modern specifications, yet it is still affordable.  The only downside if the 15 year warranty which is slightly below average now. Mostly because SunPower seems to have driven the industry average up. 

With the Jager series, you don’t have to worry about how to reduce LID (light-induced degradation). The series addresses other concerns such as BOS cost, internal loss, and shadow shading.

Overall, this is another solar panel that is able to provide ultra quick return on investment. If you are looking for the quickest payback time and don’t need to consider a life long system, then this is best for you. 


370w size
132 half-cell mono.
Temp COEF -034%/ °C
20.1% efficiency
1852*996*35 mm
15-year product warranty
25-year performance warranty

How Efficient Are Risen Solar Panels?

Risen solar panels range between 20-21% in solar panel efficiency. This puts them in the higher end of solar panels. To be honest, the solar panel efficiency shouldn’t be the biggest buying factor and I’ve explained why here.

Still it’s good to know that Risen solar panels are efficient and high performing. Risen solar panels are an award-winning Tier 1 brand with high performance and efficiency. They rank 6th in the world in product reliability and performance. 

Independent testing shows that risen solar panels perform exceptionally well and are Australia’s best value solar panel brand. The panels come in different models for commercial and residential use. Importantly, they can withstand severe environmental conditions without interrupting the power supply.

They have an anti-soiling surface that reduces power loss from dirt or dust and possess a high-power range and modern features. Hence, you can comfortably use them to power your smart home without worrying about a power outage. 

Overall, I suppose the reason why this is important is to ensure that you are really maximising the amount of energy you can generate from your solar system. It’s safe to say that you can get this by investing in Risen solar panels.

Risen Energy Use a Local Team In Australia

We all want to engage with a product where we can easily contact the manufacturers without going through hoops. Usually, most solar companies focus on the distribution channels and deal with customer service later. At Risen energy, customer service is a top priority.

Risen solar technology has local offices in Melbourne and Brisbane. Therefore, if you have any concerns about the product, you can directly engage with the manufacturer to address them. Local teams ensure a better and adequate supply of solar panels and support in case of anything. 

With local Australian offices, Risen Energy has people on the ground who understand the climate, technology, and culture. Thus, when you buy a Risen Solar panel, you are sure it is tailored to Australian conditions. You also don’t have to worry about contacting an international office to claim your warranty.

Risen Solar Panels Are An Affordable Solution For Australian Homeowners

Since solar can require a large investment and PV modules are a critical component, it is essential to choose the right manufacturers. Risen Energy is among the pioneers in the solar panel industry. It produces high-quality modules that are budget-friendly. 

Risen solar panels users agree that the products have the best grade of silicon and are reasonably priced. Installers like myself and my team also agree that these solar panels are long-lasting and highly efficient in running various smart needs. The company also has a strong reputation in Australia and its sales are rapidly increasing.

The bottom line is, Risen solar panels are quality certified and tested. They are from Tier 1 manufacturers and are incredibly long-lasting.

Risen Energy is listed among the most affordable Tier list of manufacturers. There are a lot of excellent and positive reviews about Risen solar panels written by users across the internet. Interestingly enough, they actually are seeing an increase in popularity across Australia.

The Risen Solar Panels Review

For most Australian homes, Risen solar panels are a perfect fit on roofs. They are both durable and adapted to Australian conditions. Furthermore, they also operate flawlessly in shaded conditions. I love that Risen solar products have a range of modules that you can choose from. You are guaranteed to get a perfect panel regardless of your roof space.

Price 9/10

So, I think we can all agree that Risen solar panel deserve this score. They are extremely affordable for pretty much all homeowners, especially if you are eligible for any solar rebates. Risen solar panels are budget-friendly. You can get quality modules for commercial and residential use at affordable prices. 

Performance 8.5/10

Risen solar panels offer peak performance. Both the titan and Jager series use modern technology with low current density. Thanks to good research and funding this makes Risen solar panels high performing. Don’t forget, they also have reduced power loss and increased power yields. 

Of course over a 15 years you are going to get a high level of performance from these solar panels for a very affordable cost. Overall, Risen solar panels has a good level of performance. 

Warranty 8/10

To be honest, if we’re just looking at the Titan series then these panels have a good 25 year solar panel warranty. However, these days I’d say anything less might struggle to be worth it for homeowners. This means 15 year warranties aren’t very strong anymore. 

Fortunately, Risen has both 15 year and 25 year warranty so it’s still keeping up with the industry average which is a good sign to see. 

Efficiency 9/10

Risen solar panels have modern specifications, which increases their efficiency and performance. With these panels, you can expect an efficiency rate of up to 21%. Thanks to thorough research and top-tier manufacturing, the panels’ output is through the roof, even in harsh conditions. 

If you are using the Titan series, you only need a few panels because the module has been created to be highly energy efficient. This comes in handy, especially when your roof space is small.


From the specs and other factors, we can see that Risen solar panels are an excellent fit for Australian homeowners. They have been in the country’s market for over a decade. So, you can best believe that you are dealing with an efficient product tailored to Australia’s conditions.

One thing Risen solar panels are best for is a fast return on investment. Therefore, it’s best for homeowners who might consider moving home in the future or wanting to get a crazy fast payback period.

Risen solar panels are affordable and offer premium and modern quality. The company offers reliable customer support, and you are guaranteed high value for your money.

Either way, I hope you enjoyed my Risen solar panels review and it’s help you understand if these panels are right for you. Feel free to share your thoughts with everyone in the comments below, if you have Risen solar panels please share your opinions below. 

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