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7 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Choosing Their Solar Installer

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the TOP 7 mistakes homeowners make when choosing their solar installer Melbourne...

...and how to avoid them!!

mistake 1.

Choosing an installer that uses cheap solar panels

This is a mistake that every homeowner needs to avoid! When you are looking into getting solar panels installed you should always do research into what solar panel systems suit your requirements best. There are many different factors that come into play, for example the size of your roof, any shading on the rood, the direction on the roof & more

If your solar installer is looking to equip you with cheap, less than effective solar panels then this is a big NO! In Melbourne there are regulations that need to be met in regards to the quality of solar panels before solar installers can install them. If your solar installer is not transparent with you about the solar panels they are using then you should look for another, more reputable solar installer. All solar installers should be open about the products they use. They should also run you through which solar panels are best for your roof and why. 

...And how to avoid this!!

Luckily, this mistake is really easy to avoid. Just make sure that when you are receiving quotes from solar installers Melbourne, that you are also knowing the make and model or branding of the solar panels your solar installer wants to use. 

Now do your research.

Once your solar installer has given you the information on your solar panels you should research it. See what other people who have these solar panels think. Are they as good as your solar installers says they are? By doing this our solar experts can guarantee you will avoid choosing solar installers than use cheap solar panels! If you are looking into high-end quality systems, check out all of the information we have on SolarEdge and Enphase

cheap solar panels

mistake 2.

Not checking your solar installers reviews

Quite possibly one of the most common and easily fixable mistakes homeowners make. It’s very easy to get caught up with a friendly salesman telling you exactly what you want to hear. Unfortunately this may lead you to forget about checking the solar installers reviews.  It is however extremely important to check what other peoples personal experience with the solar installers. 

Solar installers reviews give an honest insight into how the your chosen installer conducts their work, business and ethics. You might also find a solar installers with 0 reviews. Again this should be avoided until the solar installer becomes a reputable supplier. When looking into reviews you should take them all into consideration. If there are any extremely bad reviews its always good to check to see the solar installers response on how they are handling any issues. This is a great way to see how the solar installers would treat you if there were any issues!'s how you can be sure to avoid this!!

You can avoid this mistake by simply checking your solar installers reviews! You should also check them in multiple platforms. When you are talking to the salesman or solar installer the best thing to do is to ask for any case studies that they have. I’m sure that they will be proud of their work and want to share. If you find that your solar installer or salesman is reluctant to share their reviews or case studies with you then it would be a good time to say goodbye.

We recommend checking platforms like Google, Facebook & SolarQuotes to get the most accurate reviews. This is the simplest way to avoid forgetting to check your solar installers reviews and stopping yourself from making this very common mistake! Feel free to check out all of our 5* reviews on Google, SolarQuotes & Facebook! 

review platform for solar installers

mistake 3.

Not checking if your solar installer is CEC approved

Unfortunately most of the time this mistake does end in problems. If your solar installer does not have the right accreditation it will cause you a lot of trouble. You may not be able claim any solar rebates or incentives from the government because your solar installer is ineligible. If you are looking to claim solar rebates it is a MUST that you check if your solar installers are CEC approved before going with them!   

Another issue you might face is that your installed solar panels might be unsafe. Due to not having to follow the regulations given by the Clean Energy Council some solar installers do less than satisfactory work. Of course this can result in homeowners having to spend more on getting their problems fixed and become a real pain.'s the best way to NOT make the same mistake!!

To ensure you do NOT make this same mistake you can check if your solar supplier is on the CEC approved list here. Jump on the CEC website and search for your installer. If you cannot find your installer then its best to give them a miss and find someone else. A lot of the time most CEC approved installers like to publicly share their status of being CEC approved on their websites or social media. We are proud of our CEC approved badges which you can find see we show proudly on our website.

cec accredited solar installers

mistake 4.

choosing cheap solar installers trying to 'cash in' on the solar boom

This is another mistake that is similar to not checking if your solar installer is CEC approved because it can lead to unnecessary problems for you. Any cheap solar suppliers or installers are most likely to under perform for the solar panel installation you want. Again it goes back to the old saying, you get what you pay for. 

Another factor we advise against is going with solar companies that sub-contract their work out to ‘electricians’ and non-solar experts. When the price is extremely cheap with larger companies they may contract their work to other solar installers who lack the regulations and experience to handle your job.

...and the easiest way to avoid it!!

Before you sign your contract with your solar retailer you should make sure that they are fully qualified to install your panels. Also its best to ask if they are installing your solar panels or if they are sub-contracting the work to another company. You will need to find out any information from the contractors if you are happy and do some research on them. We suggest just looking towards a solar company that provides in-house installation to prevent any issues. 

mistake 5.

Not checking any of your solar installers previous work

We feel this is extremely relevant for commercial solar, but should also be done by any solar buyer. Checking your solar installers previous work gives you a great insight into how your job would look. Again you should see professionalism and clean roofs. Any solar supplier should be proud of the work the do and upload photos regularly to Facebook, Instagram and Google. You should also make sure to ask to see some previous installs and if your solar installer refuses, it would be a good sign to not use them. 

For commercial solar this mistake happens a lot. We always advise asking your chosen solar installer for any pictures of previous jobs similar to the size of the one you are after. This is because some solar installers may have never actually handled a job that’s as big as yours. It’s better to go with someone who has experience and can manage bigger jobs's the best way to stop this!!

Make sure you check your solar suppliers Facebook, Instagram & Google for any previous jobs they have done. Its also really good to get into the habit of asking your solar installer Melbourne for proof of their work. Any installers with low quality or no pictures should definitely be reconsidered. In short, just make sure that you are verifying everything that your solar installer or salesman is telling you. 

mistake 6.

choosing a solar supplier that offers no after-sales care & support

By far this is the most frustrating mistake for homeowners! You will also find that a lot of customers leave reviews about after-sales care and support because its something that definitely matters to every solar panel owners. If your solar installer does not offer some form of after care then its seriously best to go with someone who does. 

The reason why this is so important is because if there is a small issue, you want to get it sorted quickly and without any stress. It’s not good for anyone having to wait around for a few weeks before your solar supplier even replies to you! We cannot stress enough how important having after-sales support in your contract really is. Whenever you have any problems or confusion, we aim to get the problems fixed as soon as possible. 

...below is the best way to prevent this from happening!!

Read through your contract to find out what kind of after sales care you get. Like we mentioned before a lot of customers may leave reviews regarding the after sales care, so make sure you check reviews to see if anyone has shared their experience. You should also be asking your solar installer, what happens if there is an issue after the installation? From their response its easy to see what support they will give you. 

solar installers after sale care

mistake 7.

Not checking the warranties you get with the installer

This includes warranties for solar panels and as well as the installation warranty. Forgetting to check warranties can be a very expensive mistake made by first time solar buyers. It really is a very important step in choosing the right solar installer. If your solar panels are not performing or there is a problem with your installation then your warranty will cover your from extra costs. Any solar suppliers offering small or no warranties should be avoided. 

Really you should be aiming for solar panel performance warranties of around 10 years performance at 90% and 25+ years performance at 80%. When it comes to the solar installation warranty then its great to aim for anything about 10 years. 

...and exactly how to avoid this!!

The simplest way to avoid this is to not go with anyone who doesn’t offer long lasting warranties. Make sure that before you make your investment into solar panels you know exactly what warranties come with your panels and with the installations provided by your solar retailer. Any solar installers that offer no warranties are to be avoided!

warranties with solar installer

7 mistakes as a checklist

  1. Choosing An Installer That Uses Cheap Solar Panels 
  2. Not Checking Your Solar Installers Reviews
  3. Not Checking If Your Solar Installer Is CEC Approved
  4. Choosing Cheap Solar Installers Trying To ‘Cash In’ On The Solar Boom
  5. Not Checking Any Of Your Solar Installers Previous Work
  6. Choosing A Solar Supplier That Offers No After-Sales Care & Support
  7. Not Checking The Warranties You Get With The Installer

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