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Powering the Future: How SolShare is Transforming Energy Transactions

So, if you haven’t heard of SolShare then I don’t really blame you. However, it is something that is extremely interesting for a lot of Australians that may feel slightly against the grain when it comes to renewable energy, especially solar. 

To be more specific I’m talking about property owners, apartment owners or even renters in apartment blocks. Where SolShare comes in is to help allow the property to install their own solar system and freely share the energy that is generated to all users. 

The way it does this is through a smart metre box and advanced software technology. We will go into more details below regarding this. In simple terms, SolShare allows you to share the extra energy produced by your rooftop solar system with your neighbours. 

All in all, SolShare by Allume Energy is a smart, practical solution that can help households reduce their energy costs, support a more sustainable energy future, and bring a sense of community to multi-unit dwellings.

So, let’s not waste any more time. Let’s find out more about SolShare and how it’s really starting to build some weight across Australia through helping homeowners achieve solar energy where they usually would struggle.


SolShare Uses a Smart Box To Create a Micro-Grid System Connecting Multiple Solar Systems & Batteries Together

So, SolShare’s smart metre works by measuring the flow of energy between households within a multi-unit dwelling. The metre is installed in each household and it communicates with the cloud-based platform to manage the energy sharing.

By allowing households to share their excess energy with each other, the SolShare system helps to reduce waste and promote more efficient use of energy. Of course, as we touched on above it also creates a sense of community within multi-unit dwellings, which is something that’s often lacking in modern society.

The system is usually installed on top of a large apartment block and the energy generated can then be safely split between the apartment/property owners. 

Most importantly, the software is user friendly and highly efficient making it very easy to use for homeowners, which of course is an important factor. 

One really cool feature is that homeowners can use a mobile app to track their energy consumption and production, monitor their energy balance with their neighbours, and receive real-time updates on the energy exchange.

You Can Claim a Massive Subsidy Through STC’s and The Federal Solar Rebate

Let’s talk about this massive benefit… So we have the federal government solar rebate available for homeowners to take advantage of in the form of STC’s. If you don’t know what these are (or been living under a rock 😆) I got into more details here on my rebate post

Anyway, for apartment owners and property managers you will be able to install a solar system in a high demand area for renewable energy and claim a significant amount of STC’s back off the upfront cost. 

I can only imagine the system would be anywhere between 30kW and 100kW for larger apartments to be able to power enough homes to make it worth it. With a system this size in a city or built up area you can see a huge amount of cash back from this rebate. 

But let’s be honest, this isn’t going to be around forever. So it’s extremely important to take advantage of these solar rebates now whilst you can and begin generating your savings. 

The bottom line really is that you can see a huge amount of cash back from a system so property managers or owners won’t be forking out as much as they originally thought.

There Are Multiple Modes Available To Tailor The Best Solution For Tenants or Apartment Owners

SolShare offers a few different modes of operation that allow households within a multi-unit dwelling to share energy in unique ways. Let me break down a few of the most popular modes for you:

Energy Sharing Mode:

This is the bread and butter of SolShare, it allows households to share their excess solar energy with their neighbours in real-time. The software platform takes care of the energy exchange so that everyone gets a fair share of the excess energy. This mode is super cool because it’s a way for households to help each other out, and it’s a great way to save money on energy bills!

Grid Services Mode:

This mode is all about helping the grid out during peak periods. SolShare can provide grid services, like peak shaving and demand response, which helps reduce the strain on the grid and lowers energy costs for everyone. This mode is a win-win for everyone.

Backup Power Mode:

This mode is all about making sure you never have to be without power. In this mode, households can use their neighbours’ excess solar energy as a backup power source in the event of a power outage. It’s great peace of mind knowing that you’ll have access to energy when you need it, even during blackouts.

All of these modes are designed to make sharing energy easier and more efficient for everyone. The best part is, the software is super flexible, so households can choose the mode that best suits their energy needs. Pretty cool right?

Could This Be The Future Of Energy Sharing?

It’s certainly a step forward in my opinion. It allows energy to be shared across areas that usually would struggle with renewable installations. Giving a lot of homeowners, property managers and apartment owners access to free, renewable energy. 

So yes. I truly believe this is going to be shaping the industry of renewables and allowing it to become much more accessible for urban areas. Before, it seemed a much bigger battle to install solar on blocks or highrise buildings because how would the energy be used? 

Of course, technology plays a large part in this. The smart metre box will use some very high tech software to be able to share the energy across multiple households. 

Either way, this is super exciting to see and now we are beginning to see property managers invest in solar and SolShare to get the best outcome for their tenants.

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Written By:

Luke Cove
Managing Director
Lightning Solar & Electrical

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  1. Great article! The concept of SolShare is impressive as it allows apartment buildings to harness the benefits of solar energy without the need for each unit to install individual solar panels. This not only reduces the cost for the residents but also promotes the use of renewable energy sources.

    It is exciting to see companies like Lightning Energy contributing to a more sustainable future by introducing innovative solutions like SolShare. I appreciate the detailed explanation of how SolShare works and the benefits it offers.

    I also liked how the article mentioned the importance of education and awareness to encourage people to switch to renewable energy sources. It is essential to create awareness and educate people on the benefits of renewable energy and how it can help in reducing their carbon footprint.

    Overall, a well-written article that sheds light on an excellent solution for apartment buildings to adopt renewable energy sources. Keep up the good work, Lightning Energy!

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