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Goodwe Vs Fronius: How To Choose The Right One

Today I am back with a review and looking at Goodwe Vs Fronius solar inverters. Specifically, I am looking at the Fronius Primo Gen24 and the Goodwe DNS series inverter. 

So, if you have seen our Fronius reviews, you will know just how popular and well renowned their solar inverters are in Australia. However, they aren’t in everyone’s price range. There are alternatives such as Goodwe’s inverters that might suit some households better.

There is no ‘one is better than the other’ here. They are both great inverters. I am simply here to just review and compare the two if you are struggling to pick. 

Both inverters are hot on the market right now, but which one is better? If you are planning on installing a solar system or replacing your current solar inverter, then this article will look at all the differences. 

Let’s jump into the comparison of Goodwe Vs Fronius and see which would suit your home better. 

If you are interested in either the Fronius or Goodwe system, do get in touch with one of our solar design engineers who can offer you a solar proposal. We’ve also got some reviews on Fronius Gen24 vs Primo and Symo. 

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goodwe vs fronius

Fronius Come With a Better Warranty Compared To GoodWe

Let’s start by looking at the warranty period on Fronius Vs Goodwe. Warranty is important when looking at inverters because most plan to have the inverters for a long period of time. So you want to make sure you are covered. 

Fronius comes with a 7-year warranty with the ability to extend it to 20 years. Goodwe comes with a 5-year warranty that can extend to 7, 10, 12, 15, 20 and 25 years on the Goodwe DNS Series. 

Although you can extend the warranty on the Goodwe, Fronius has the better upfront warranty. Fronius has one of the best warranties in the solar industry. However, 5 years is still good for Goodwe and has the option to extend if you need it. 

Overall, they both come with some really strong warranties but if you look at the bankability of Fronius and how long they have been in business, I’d say their warranty carries more weight.

GoodWe Can Provide Homeowners a Faster Return On Investment Over Fronius

Not everyone looks for longevity when it comes to inverters. For some, other factors like price and a faster return on investment are more important. 

Goodwe is a more affordable solar inverter than Fronius. This means you will see a faster payback period on your investment. For those who are just starting out in the solar game and want something that will make a noticeable difference fast, then the Goodwe DNS series will do that. 

Not only that, it is very efficient for its price range. This means you will generate more energy from your system. Goodwe inverter’s efficiency ranges between 96.% and 98.3%. The Goodwe DNS Series is around 97% efficient, which is going to provide you with a lot of energy. 

Therefore, GoodWe will prove you will have a faster ROI, whereas Fronius will provide you with a longer-term ROI. 

To simplify this, homeowners who are looking to move house later on and just want to slash their energy bills and free up their monthly cash flow should invest in GoodWe. Those who are wanting more permanent results with slower but bigger returns go for Fronius.

Fronius Is Without Doubt The Higher Quality Inverter

It is unquestionable that the Fronius inverter is much higher quality than Goodwe. This is because Fronius inverters are in demand because of how well-made and efficient they are. Particularly the Fronius Primo range. 

Of course they come with Austrian and European design. This usually means they are higher in quality and performance as they get much larger investments into the technology and research to improve the inverters. 

Fronius Primo Gen24 are much smaller, ideal for single-phase homes. On the other hand, if you want a bigger power range, then it is probably better to go for the Fronius Symo range. But, for the purpose of this review, we are looking at a comparison of two similar solar inverters.

One of the biggest selling points of the Gen24 range is that it’s a hybrid inverter. So you can either send the power to your home to use there and then or send it to your battery for use later. This is Ideal for not wasting power and having a backup in case of emergencies without having to rely on the grid. 

Fronius uses a fan to provide cooling to their systems, whereas most inverters use a heat sink. This method is so much better because it improves performance and reliability. In addition, the technology is way more complex than a heat sink. It helps Fronius to provide that high quality it is known for.

Fronius has an app called solar web, which can monitor your solar panel inverter in real time. This will show your daily, weekly and monthly solar generation history.

Specifications Of GoodWe vs Fronius

Below are some of the key specs from both Fronius and Goodwe. As you can see, they are both pretty similar in terms of specification. The main difference is the price, quality and power rating.

fronius gen24 inverter

Fronius Gen24

What I Like About It...

I like the Gen24 because of its hybrid features. It’s also improved in inverter efficiency since the Fronius Primo and Symo series. This shows that Fronius is making the difference and focusing on producing a high quality product. 

Let’s not forget the Fronius web app which allows you to monitor your energy productions, however you will need a smart meter to correctly measure this. Lastly, the Gen24 Primo comes with 8.2kW sizes which is fantastic for homeowners needing something a little bigger.


Max efficiency: 97.6%
Regulated air cooling
Ambient temperature range -40 – +60C
2 x MPP Trackers
Transformerless inverter design
Single Phase

What I Like About It...

So, the GoodWe DNS is another brilliant inverter. I really love the affordability combined with high performance and warranty. It has a very strong inverter efficiency meaning you are going to convert more DC into AC. 

The compact size and design make for easy installation around the home. To be honest, GoodWe has come out with the top dog here. It’s a very impressive inverter all round and is suited for those looking for fast return on investment.


Max efficiency: 97.8%
Regulated air cooling
Ambient temperature range -25 – +60C
2 x MPP Trackers
Single Phase

Both Are Good Inverters But Suit Your Requirements Differently

So, I always talk about getting the right solar system that will suit your home and needs. But what do I mean by that exactly? 

At the end of the day, I am not going to promote a product that I think is rubbish and you shouldn’t buy. Everything I review here, I know has value and is definitely a product you should invest in. 

Therefore, there is no bad choice. The choice you make will be based on whether it is suitable for you and your needs. 

That being said, Fronius is better suited for those looking for a high-quality system that is going to last a lifetime and provide a very large return on your investment. Of course, it costs more than the Goodwe DNS series, but you should see a more significant ROI over time.

Whereas, Goodwe is better for those who are really looking to make the most of solar for now. For those that are not super worried about long-term solar or may even consider moving house in the future. Goodwe is a great starter option for those who don’t have a larger budget. 

Fronius will definitely give the best performance and allow for a higher quality system. Goodwe allows the affordability of solar for some.

GoodWe Comes With a Very High Inverter Efficiency

Goodwe is excellent when it comes to inverter efficiency. While not the leader in the industry compared to Fronius, the efficiency of their inverters is highly competitive. 

High efficiency equals more energy from your system into your home for you to be able to use. This also leads to a faster and bigger ROI. 

When looking at the efficiency of Goodwe Vs Fronius, Goodwe actually beats Fronius by 0.02%! While only small, it is pretty impressive considering the affordability of Goodwe. It’s not quite enough to beat Sungrow though 😁

I wouldn’t consider this difference in efficiency a big enough deciding factor. At the end of the day, it won’t make a world of difference. There are other factors that you should focus on when comparing Fronius Vs Goodwe. I, however, think it is great to see such excellent efficiency out of the Goodwe solar inverters. 

Unfortunately though, neither of these inverters has managed to topple SolarEdge from the top spot with a 99% efficiency.  You can read my review on Fronius vs Solaredge here.

goodwe inverter is more efficient than fronius

Fronius Is Designed & Engineered In Europe, Whereas GoodWe Is In China

You would be surprised how much the manufacturing location impacts the quality of the solar inverters. Fronius solar inverters are designed and made in Austria, whereas Goodwe is made in china. 

Typically, European standards are much higher and innovative in technology. This allows for better designs and overall manufacturing. It gives buyers more peace of mind knowing that the manufacturing process has undergone strict quality control. 

Unfortunately, China has a reputation for using cheap materials and poor manufacturing. However, this is not so much the care anymore as standards have raised. Just because the cost to make is low doesn’t mean the quality is always low. 

Disclaimer, I don’t want this to taint Goodwe and its performance. It has an overall lower quality than Fronius, but that is reflected in the price. However, it is still an excellent solar inverter that is suitable for some homes and first-time buyers.

Which One Should You Pick?

As I always say in these reviews, the solar inverter depends entirely on you and your needs. When looking at Fronius Vs Goodwe, there are advantages to both inverters. 

Fronius is for those looking for longevity and a long-term ROI. If you aren’t planning on moving any time soon or looking to upgrade your solar inverter, then the Fronius Gen24 could be for you.

Whereas if you are looking for a fast payback on your investment, then Goodwe is the inverter for you. It is a great starter inverter for those early in their solar journey. If you are planning to move in the next few years but still want a good, efficient solar inverter, then Goodwe will be for you. 

Again, these are two smaller scale inverters for single phase homes. If you want something a bit bigger, then check out our SolarEdge Review or Fronius Vs Sungrow Vs Growatt.

fronius vs goodwe


So, I hope that this has been a helpful review of Goodwe Vs Fronius solar inverters. 

Both are great brands and great inverters. It just totally depends on your preference and your home. What are your thoughts? Share them below 😁

As always, get in touch with one of my solar design engineers for a proposal for you.

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Written By:

Luke Cove
Managing Director
Lightning Solar & Electrical

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  1. I agree with you Luke, great comparison.

    Do you know if either have huawei internals. I’m hearing their might be a critical infrastructure/national security crackdown

  2. Previously, I had a Converter called “Sunnyboy who gave me the daily, monthly and yearly total of energy supply by my PV-installation. With my current GoodWe hybrid 10kW I only get the momentan Output using PVMaster. Is it possible to get a more extended overview as well? Thank you very much for any Information!


    Gero Jenner

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