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Jinko 440w Tiger Pro Review

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Jinko 440w Tiger Pro Review: Is This Their Best Panel Yet?

Since its release in 2020, the Jinko 440w solar panel has become extremely popular because of its affordability and performance. Today, we thought we would do a Jinko 440w Tiger Pro Review and assess whether it is their best panel yet.

Jinko solar panels were our top seller last year due to being one of the best solar Panels on the Australian market. They are a winner and work amazingly well in any home solar system.

The Jinko 440w Tiger pro, compared to other Jinko solar panels, comes in a bigger size. Making it better for smaller roofs can maximise the space and allow for a more extensive system on the roof. This is one of the many popular features this solar panel has to offer and why it is so popular now. 

As always, consultations are so important so do book in with one of our Jinko specialists here if you are interested. If you want to learn more about this topic, I have a full review on Jinko solar panels here. 

Again, we’ve got a guide on Jinko 440w vs 370w N type here as well. This will help you understand more about Jinkos products and which one might suit your home better. 

Don’t forget the all new Tiger 390w solar panel which is taking the market by storm as well, you can read about the 390w Tiger here

Let’s dive into the review to see if the Jinko 440w Tiger Pro really is their best solar panel to date.

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jinko 440w solar panel

Jinko 440w Tiger Pro Is Extremely Affordable

We know that the price of a solar system can add up, which is why we love the affordability of the Jinko 440w. Compared to some other solar panels on the market offering similar performance, the Jinko 440w Tiger Pro comes out a lot more affordable for homeowners.

So, with all of the savings you generate from the Jinko 440w solar panel, you can pay back your system a lot quicker. It is a no-brainer, really. 

What can make it even more affordable is the solar panel rebate programme. If you don’t know what this is, it basically provides Victorian households with a 50% rebate on the solar panels

The quality of the Jinko 440w solar panels is excellent and great for homeowners looking for a quick return on investment.

Jinko 390w N Type

Jinko 440w Tiger Pro

What I Like About It...

The Jinko 440w panel is larger than most of the other modules making it better suited for homes that are lacking in space but still want to maximise their energy output. I also love the feature of the multi busbar and the way Jinko has incorporated advanced technology into this panel.

Let’s not forget the 20.77% solar panel efficiency which is important for this panel to be able to perform and generate a significant amount of energy over the period of 25 years. Overall, this panel has to be one of my favourites and it would seem it resonates with a lot of homeowners as well.


440w output size
Multi BusBar Technology
12-year panel warranty
25-year performance warranty
20.77% panel efficiency
Operating Temperature- -40C – +85C
Anti-Reflection Tempered Glass

The Jinko 440w Tiger Pro Comes In A Size of 440w Which Helps Utilise Your Roof Space

Jinko 440w Tiger Pro really takes into consideration that not every roof is the same. Like most things, one size does not fit all.

The most common size in the industry is 370w (which can be seen by Jinko 370w N Type and cheetah), and to reach 8.8kw would require around 24 panels! Whereas the Jinko 440w Tiger pro provides an 8.8kw system for only 20 solar panels

Therefore, you can save space on your roof for the same amount of energy output as a 370kw system from a Jinko 440w Tiger Pro solar panel. 

It also means your solar panels can generate more energy per panel which is better. It is less reliant on string runs which can make your system less efficient if there are issues with shading on the roof. 

Overall, the 440w solar panel really suits homeowners who might be lacking a bit of space but still wanting to produce a good amount of energy to see quick savings across the board.

jinko 440w tiger pro are large so you can fit enough on your roof to produce more savings than ever.

You Can Only Get 12 Years Product Warranty And 25 Year Performance Warranty With Jinko 440w Tiger Pro Modules

Now, we know that compared to other Jinko solar panels, the Jinko 440w Tiger Pro is a bit low at only 12 years. However, we think this is for obvious reasons. 

Jinko has created the Jinko 440w for the sole purpose of those on more of a budget. It helps to save money instantly as well as move towards a more sustainable future. 

It is undeniable that the Jinko 440w can slash your energy bills overnight. Therefore, the affordable price of the Jinko 440w with such impressive efficiency, you can’t complain. 

It is perfect for homeowners that might be looking to move in the future but want something with a quick return on investment. 

 So yes, it comes with a 12-year warranty and a 25-year performance warranty. Whilst not the best on the market in terms of warranty I think that it is made up for in other areas.

Jinko 440w Tiger Pro Uses Multi BusBar Technology To Improve Performance

The multi-BusBar technology is fantastic at maximising the amount of energy you get from your solar panel and cells. I’ll briefly just explain what a Multi BusBar is.

Multi BusBar’s aim is to reduce the amount of current that flows in the BusBar to help reduce resistive loss. They do this by allowing both the fingers and busbars to be smaller.  This is the distance between the BusBars and the Gridlines. 

The distance is significantly decreased, meaning you can get more energy from your solar panels and cells. By shortening the length of the distance, the current has to flow the less chance energy is wasted through resistance. 

The benefit of Multi BusBars is that they help increase the efficiency and performance of the Jinko 440w Tiger Pro by reducing the amount of energy wasted. Hence why it can help you see a massive difference in your energy bills overnight.

Jinko 440w uses multi busbar technology. Here is an image showing the number of busbar on each solar cell.

In Australia, The Jinko 440w Tiger Pro Is One Of The Most Popular Panels For Homeowners

You might be thinking, why is the Jinko 440w one of the most popular solar panels in Australia? What makes it stand out over other solar panels on the market?

While we are constantly reinforcing that every home is different, and everyone is going to have different preferences. However, we do believe that the Jinko 440w is an all-around option.

It is fantastic for pretty much every household. While there is no one size fits all, the Jinko 440w Tiger Pro does suit a lot of houses due to its affordability. It is also a low risk in investment compared to other Jinko models.

It obviously depends on how big you want your solar system and how much you are willing to spend. However, for the price and performance you get, I don’t think anyone would argue that it is an outstanding deal.

This Module Is Made By Jinko Solar, Which Are A Credible And Reliable Company With Great Bankability

You are in safe hands with Jinko. They are an incredibly low-risk company with outstanding reliability. 

They were the most bankability photovoltaic (PV) module supplier in the industry from 2015-2020. In the solar industry, this has become the golden standard when looking at the most bankability solar panels.

It showed that the Jinko Solar panel’s bankability was 67% above the average. Pretty impressive, right?

They invest a lot of their profits into developing technology and researching how to advance their solar panels. It definitely shows as they continue to bring out impressive solar panels with unmatched affordability and reliability. 

Jinko 440w Tiger Pro comes with a great warranty which reflects the company’s confidence in its product.

Jinko has a fantastic bankability and therefore makes investing into the tiger pro 440w very risk free.

The Jinko 440w Tiger Pro Comes With A Strong 20.77 Solar Panel Efficiency

While not the biggest buying point when purchasing a solar panel, it definitely helps when the efficiency is high.

The Jinko 440w Tiger Pro comes with a high efficiency of 20.77%. The average in the industry is 20%, so the Jinko 440w is above the norm. This always gives you peace of mind knowing that your solar system is going to generate a good amount of energy. 

It is up there as a strong contender in the industry. While not quite as good as SunPower, Jinko 440w is still doing really well with the performance. If you take into consideration all of the factors, such as affordability, reliability and bankability, I think you will agree that efficiency is just another area where it is thriving. 

As long as you know your system will generate a good amount of energy to use, then there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.


So, Jinko 440w Tiger Pro, is it Jinko’s best solar panel yet?

We think it is a strong contender. Like we always say, it really depends on your home and what you are looking for in a solar system. However, that being said, we do believe that the Jinko 440w is the best solar panel suitable for most homes.

The Jinko 440w affordability, efficiency and reliability are unmatched. The whole reason for the 440w Tiger Pro is specifically for homeowners wanting to maximise their roofs. It gives you great flexibility no matter the shape of your roof, with the added bonus of the multi-BusBar technology saving you energy.  

There is a reason why Jinko is one of our best sellers; Australia loves them. You really won’t go wrong installing a Jinko 440w solar panel on your roof. 

Let me know your thoughts on the Jinko 440w Tiger Pro. If you are interested in a consultation, do get in touch with one of our specialists.

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