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Jinko Tiger 390w Review

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Jinko 390w Review: Why It’s Become An Industry Leader

You’ve probably heard about the Jinko 390w N Type solar panel, but really you need to know if you should consider installing this solar panel on your home. It’s a rather new solar panel module that was brought out by Jinko in Australia. 

Fortunately, the good news I can tell you is that the Jinko 390w solar panel is a very high performing panel. I will go into more details further down the page but to get things started, you can’t go wrong being interested in this panel. 

So, it comes with some industry leading performance, warranties and technology that is used. But is this enough to convince you to invest in the Jinko 390w N Type solar panel? 

Well, let’s take a deeper dive into this panel and see what we can find out. I’ll be giving my honest opinions as a solar electrician and engineer so you can make a confident decision on whether or not this panel is right for you. 

By the way, if you are interested in this solar panel please don’t hesitate to request a solar proposal from my Jinko experts here.

If you want to learn more about Jinko solar panels, I’ve got my review here

Ok, here’s my full Jinko Tiger 390w review! Let’s not waste any more time.

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Jinko 390w N Type Panel Has Taken The Australian Market By Storm

When Jinko released their Tiger 390w N Type module back in 2020, it took the Australian market by storm. This is because it’s very different from the other solar panels that Jinko was manufacturing. 

Interestingly enough, the Jinko 390w N Type uses very advanced technology. Along with the likes of LG (back when they were still doing solar) and SunPower who consistently use the most advanced solar technology for the best performance. 

Not only this, but Jinko did something which shocked the entire Australian solar industry. They were able to increase their product warranty to 20 years without increasing the price so much that it would become unaffordable. 

I suppose it was safe to say that Jinko was beginning to revolutionise the industry and put pressure on other solar giants to make their solar panels either better in performance and quality or offer a better solar panel warranty. 

It Comes With High Efficiency And A Long Lasting Warranty

The Jinko 390w N Type officially comes with a 20 year solar panel warranty and 30 year performance warranty. To be honest, for the price you are paying for this panel you won’t get a better warranty. 

This is the best value for money in a solar panel you can buy in the industry right now. Jinko has made sure of that. On average, solar panel warranties are still sitting around 15-18 years. Unless you’re the likes of SunPower sitting on 40 years… 

However, the Jinko 390w N Type solar panel is leading the way and moving with the times. This has kept them being one of the most popular solar panels in Australia even today. 

Not only this, but Jinko has maintained a high level of efficiency from this solar panel as well, sitting at 20.74% panel efficiency for the 390w N Type cells. This is due to advanced technology such as N Type cells and TR (tiling ribbons) which all contribute to a better performing cell. 

This warranty came into effect on the Tiger series such as N Type 370w and 440w. Of course the N Type 390w is included in this range and pushed by Jinko as being one of the best.

The Jinko Tiger 390w Is An Affordable Solar Solution For Your Home

What’s even more shocking is how affordable this solar panel is for the specs and performance you are getting. Like I mentioned, you won’t find another panel for this price offering the same value and performance. 

This has really started to put pressure on some of the other high end giants like QCell and Hyundai. Of course it’s a question on all of our minds, is it really worth paying the extra when you could get a similar result from Jinko at a lower cost?

Of course, this really depends on which solar panel is going to work best for your home. Some come in different sizes and suit your roof better, others may contribute towards a solution for any issues your home may have. 

It completely depends on your home really, and this is why it’s best to make a decision after you have spoken to a solar design engineer and they have inspected your home either virtually or during an in-home site inspection

To summarise, Jinko’s Tiger 390w is a very affordable solution for homeowners which is why it’s such a popular solar panel. For the performance you get, the price is unmatched meaning you are going to be maximising your savings for a long time with this panel.

Jinko 390w N Type

Jinko Tiger 390w

What I Like About It...

Jinko’s 390w N Type solar panel comes with a large range of benefits. Using the 9 busbar cells you can get a better performance compared to previous modules only using 9BB. The same applies for the use of tiling ribbons which allow for a better conversion rate at the solar panel cell. 

Overall, this solar panel is an all round great. It quickly became the industry leader, being suitable for most homeowners. This is down to its amazing affordability and great use of N Type technology meaning you will get a long lasting performance.


Size – 390w
20.74% efficiency
Half cut cells
9 Busbar
20 year product warranty
30 year performance warranty
1.0% first year degradation
Operating temperature -40 ~+85°C
Power tolerance 0~+3%

Who Should Consider The Jinko 390w N Type Solar Panel?

For me, homeowners who are looking for a high quality, affordable solar panel solution should consider the Jinko 390w N Type solar panels. Usually homeowners who are looking to slash their energy bills and save some money, without the risk of your system breaking in 10 years. 

Of course homeowners who have shading will need to consider other options like Enphase microinverters or SolarEdge panel optimsiers, however these could easily be added to the 390w N Type panels still. 

If you are looking for the best of the best, SunPower is your way forward but as a high quality, budget option these solar panels will bring the biggest value to your home. They are suited for big homes and smaller homes and guaranteed to perform for 20 years. 

Overall, these panels are a very good all rounded and combined with the solar panel rebates you can claim they will be suited for pretty much all homeowners across Australia. 

How Does It Compare To Other Solar Panels?

It’s safe to say they are giving a lot of other panels a good run for their money. The Jinko Tiger 390w is dominating against other panels with a similar price such as Longi, QCell, Hyundai etc. 

As I mentioned above it’s important to know that Jinko is offering extremely high value for this panel’s price. You are getting a 20 years warranty which is the same as what Hyundai offers and Jinko is certainly more affordable. The specs are coming in pretty close together too. 

To be honest, I’d love to say that the Jinko 390w Tiger is going to be the best panel for homeowners looking to slash bills, get a quick payback period but also invest in a high performing solar panel with good warranty. 

However, you will need to consider that some solar panels will achieve needs differently to others. I suppose this is why it’s so important to speak to someone where you can explain what you want to achieve with solar and they can tailor the solar panels around your goals. 

What I’m trying to say is that there is no one size fits all in solar. For a real long lasting solar solution you should tailor the solution around your goals, energy consumption and of course future energy demands. 

An example, you have a small roof and high energy usage meaning you will need a 440w solar panel instead of 390w to be able to reach a 8kW system that is able to provide enough energy for your to see valuable savings and a return on investment. 

Although the 390w N Type would have been perfect for you on paper, your roof size and energy usage suggested that a 440w or even 500w panel would be a better solution. 


Overall it’s safe to say the Jinko 390w Tiger is a very good solar panel to have landed on Australia’s shores and be available to the public. It’s high performing, uses advanced technology and comes with some very strong warranties. 

The biggest thing is the value this solar panel provides as Jinko has not increased the price of this to make it unaffordable for most. This is where this solar panel really shines and becomes an industry leader. 

I hope that you enjoyed this Jinko Tiger 390w review as I’ve tried to cover all areas for you to consider. My honest opinion, you can’t go wrong with this solar panel. It’s a great investment for all who buy. 

If you have this solar panel on your roof, please care to share your thoughts in the comments below for everyone to see 😁.

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Luke Cove
Managing Director
Lightning Solar & Electrical

luke cove - Founder of lightning solar

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  1. Good morning, I would like to purchase one fixed panel that will be used to charge my portable Ecoflow River 600w/720w power station, I am using a Ecoflow 220W Panel with MC4 connection Cable for Camping and require a suitable Jinko’s, Sun Power or at your discretion a Home fixed panel for long term charging solution for the same station with connector cable.

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