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Fronius Primo Vs Fronius Symo Vs Fronius Gen24

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Fronius Primo Vs Fronius Symo Vs Fronius Gen24

If you have read any of our articles before, you will know that Fronius is one of our best sellers and, in our opinion, the top solar inverter. But which one should you go for? That’s why we thought we should compare Fronius Primo Vs Fronius Symo Vs Fronius Gen24. 

Fronius is a technology and innovation leader and has been influential in creating a sustainable future through its technology. So, it is not surprising that all their inverters are top-of-the-range products. 

It’s hard to argue against Fronius being one of the best solar inverters in the industry. With their versatile range and high performance, they come in close to #1… They are also backed by amazing bankability and innovative design. 

With so many to pick from, it is hard to know which inverter will fit your solar system and home best. So we will help demystify that a bit for you today and help give you a side-by-side comparison so you can see clearer.

Of course, each inverter is going to work differently for each homeowner so it’s important to understand which one is going to be best for you. We’re going to talk through all the differences and key points for each Fronius Primo, Fronius Symo and Fronius Gen24 so you can understand. 

Before we get started, if you would like to speak to an expert who can help you choose the best Fronius inverter for your home please speak to my Fronius design engineers here

I’ve also written a comprehensive review on Fronius inverters here. 

Either way, let’s take a deep dive into Fronius Primo vs Fronius Symo vs Fronius Gen24 and find out which one you should choose!

Table Of Contents

Fronius Primo Vs Fronius Symo Vs Fronius Gen24

All 3 Fronius Inverters Come With A 10 Year Warranty

There is one thing guaranteed with all Fronius inverters: a 10- year warranty. So to start the comparison of Fronius Primo Vs Fronius Symo Vs Fronius Gen24, we thought we would start with the main similarity.

The warranty comes with the brand, so all 3 inverters will benefit from the 10 years. This is one of the best inverter warranties you can get in the industry. So you can be sure, no matter which inverter will suit you best, investing in the brand Fronius will give you peace of mind. 

However, we really doubt you will need to use your warranty. Fronius inverter usually lasts longer than 10 years and is guaranteed to give you a significant return on investments. So, now that the reassurance of the warranty is out the way, we can dive into the finer details.

One thing to remember though, the warranty works on a 5 year extendable to 10 years. It’s simple enough, all you have to do is register your Fronius inverter to get the extra 5 years. 

Fronius Gen24 Is A Hybrid, Whereas Fronius Primo And Fronius Symo Are String Inverters

So, one big difference between Fronius Primo Vs Fronius Symo Vs Fronius Gen24 is that Fronius Gen24 is a hybrid.

Let’s break that down a little bit. A hybrid inverter means energy can be stored in a solar battery as a backup in case of a blackout. So essentially, the Fronius Gen24 can send energy to your home for use, or it can be sent back to the battery to be stored. Pretty useful.

That being said, you can use your inverter without a battery, so it is not necessary. This is a really impressive inverter; so any homeowners looking to invest in a battery in the future then consider the Gen24 as your best option. 

Of course, the best solar battery we consider on the market is Tesla powerwall 2 or Sonnen Evo. Please feel free to read our Sonnen Evo review here and our Tesla powerwall review here.

Fronius Gen24 Is More Future-Proof Than Fronius Primo Or Fronius Symo

What we love about Fronius Gen24 is the company’s mission to move towards a more energy-independent future. More homeowners are choosing to move towards batteries to help store power in case of a black out. The Fronius Gen24 provides homeowners with 3kW of energy in case of a power cut. 

The Fronius Primo and Fronius Symo are standard string inverters which basically means they convert the energy and send it straight into your home to be used. 

They don’t connect to a solar battery like the Gen24. However, it is not always necessary or needed depending on what you need from your solar system. Of course, if you are looking to install a battery in the future with Primo or Symo, it’s not impossible. There are a few options but you will need to change your inverter to DC and add a few steps.

Fronius Primo Is The Most Popular And Most Common Inverter In Australia

If you have seen a Fronius inverter in an Australian household, it is most likely a Primo. It is not only Fronius’ most popular inverter but one of the most popular in the industry. This is mainly due to its size, reliability and price point.

Compared to Symo and Gen24, Fronius Primo has a smaller system range which is more suitable for the average household. It ranges from 3kW to 8.2kW, which is really great for single-phase homes. 

It is easy to see why this is a best seller as it gives you all the benefits of a high-performing inverter and saves your money on your energy bills. However, what makes it stand out for us is the connection options that allow you to track your energy.

It allows you to monitor your system, such as when it is down or how much energy you are producing. Seeing this and tracking your statistics shows you first-hand your return on investment and gives you peace of mind that you made the right choice for yourself. 

Fronius Primo is an excellent inverter, but that doesn’t mean the Symo and Gen24 don’t compare; it just depends on what you want for your household.

Specifications of All 3 Fronius Inverters

We thought it might be helpful to have a breakdown of a few of the key specs of both the inverters to help you see it a bit clearer. As you can see, both are pretty similar.

fronius symo inverter price

Fronius Symo

What I Like About It...

The Fronius Symo is an amazing all-round inverter. It’s best suited for 3-phase homes being much bigger than the Primo and Gen24. Of course, unlike the Gen24 this is a string inverter but comes with the 2nd highest efficiency out of all 3 inverters. 

Overall, the Symo performance is impressive and one to take advantage of. Being backed by a 10 year warranty you are also covered with one of the best warranties you can get in the industry. All in all, this is one of the best 3-phase inverters you can buy in the industry.


Efficiency: 97.7%
Ambient temperature range: -40- +60C
Wall mounted
Regulated air cooling
Transformerless inverter design
2 x MPP Trackers

fronius primo inverter price

Fronius Primo

What I Like About It...

The Primo is one of my personal favourites. Such an amazing all-round inverter that really does suit a majority of homeowners. This versatility is what makes it so popular and of course the performance and warranties help as well. 

When you put this up against other inverters you can clearly see why Fronius is so popular. Of course, this is the smallest inverter of all 3 but for its size it really packs a punch. This is also one of the oldest generations of inverters meaning it has been perfected over the years.


Efficiency: 95.95%
Ambient temperature range: -40- +55C
Wall mounted
Regulated air cooling
Transformerless inverter design
2x MPP Tracker

fronius gen24 inverter

Fronius Gen24

What I Like About It...

Fronius Gen24 has its biggest advantage being a hybrid inverter and the ability to connect to any solar battery in the future. This is the biggest advantage over the other inverters and of course the Gen24 is the most efficient out of the 3 as well. 

It also comes with a much more sleek design and is compact in size. The best features are the performance and the warranty of this awesome piece of kit. Let’s not forget that the future-proof ability to add any battery is a huge benefit as well.


Efficiency: 97.8%
Ambient temperature range: 25- +60C
Wall mounted
Regulated air cooling
Transformerless inverter design
1 x DC connection

Fronius Symo Is A 3-Phase Inverter But Fronius Primo Is Single Phase

So we have heard some of the unique selling points of the Primo and Gen24, but what about the Symo? 

So the Fronius Symo is specifically designed for a 3 phase home. Out of the three, Fronius Primo Vs Fronius Symo Vs Fronius Gen24, Symo and the Gen24 have a 3-phase inverter. 

A 3-phase inverter is wired for larger and older homes using 3 active wires and 1 earth wire. Compared to a single phase inverter with 1 active wire and 1 earth wire, which is more optimal for smaller homes. 

Out of all 3 inverters, the Symo is the most flexible inverter as it is compatible with most systems. It ranges from 3.0kW to 20.0kW, so it can be used in most circumstances. But again, it is totally dependent on your system and whether you need a single phase of a 3 phase inverter. 

Without going into too much detail, 3-phase is usually for bigger homes. However, what makes Fronius so awesome is that it has a large range of modules designed for different homeowners. 

So to summarise, if your home is 3-phase then Fronius Symo is going to be the best inverter compared to Fronius Gen24 or Fronius Primo.

Fronius Has Released A New Primo Gen24 Series, Which Can Be Updated To Convert Into A Hybrid Inverter

This can be done by Fronius UP which updates the Fronius Primo Gen24 to a Gen24 Plus, with the ability to connect to a DC coupled battery. The fans on the Primo Gen24 are also quieter compared to the SnapInverter series (Primo and Symo) as the fans run slower. 

I suppose this means Fronius are really starting to look towards a future-proof product range allowing homeowners full control over their energy even with the Primo series. This comes in 3-6kw single phase and 3-10kW three phase. 

Fronius UP is a software update allowing homeowners to update their Gen24 to the Plus series. This update has only recently come around in 2022 and may be one of many we see over the next few years.

As energy consumption increases in households, Fronius is looking for a way to combat their systems becoming void because homeowners are consuming too much energy. To combat this, storage and the ability to increase your system are becoming more popular.

If You Are Interested In Storing Some Energy, The Gen 24 Is Best For You

As mentioned before, the Gen24 is the best Fronius inverter for those looking for energy storage as well as energy production. 

What Fronius was aiming to achieve with the Gen24 line is the vision of the 24-hour sun, hence the name. The ability to store in a solar battery helps to create this vision by having a constant store of energy no matter the time of day. 

If you experience frequent blackouts and need an inverter that helps you in a time of need, then the Fronius Gen24 is for you. It is a bit more than an inverter which is perfect for those wanting to make the most out of their investments. 

This is not for everyone as it might be a bit too high-tech for some homeowners but ideal for others.

Fronius Gen24 can be connected to a battery

For Smaller Homes, Fronius Primo Is Perfect

If you look at the Fronius Gen24 and think it is too much for you, then the Fronius Primo could be better suited. Honestly, the Primo is the best seller in Australia. Most people only require this. 

Typically, when we compare the Fronius Primo Vs Fronius Symo Vs Fronius Gen24, we think the Fronius Primo is better for smaller homes. However, it is also perfect for homeowners looking to get started with a solar solution. 

It is more affordable than the other two, which means it offers a faster payback period. Especially if you have just started to set up your solar system. If you have already spent quite a bit of money, you might not have yet seen your return on investment. Therefore, the Primo is great for getting started while maintaining high efficiency and reliability.

It is not only affordable but an excellent inverter. As mentioned before, most Australian households will have a Fronius Primo, which speaks for itself; it must be doing something right!

What Are The Biggest Differences Between These 3 Inverters?


There is a difference in the price but for a good reason. The Gen24 offers energy storage and overall is more high-tech. However, Symo and Primo are more affordable, which shows as they are more popular.

We wouldn’t let the price put you off as one of the 3 will suit your home better. To play it safe, if it is your first purchase, we suggest the Primo. But if you want something a bit jazzier, then the Symo and Gen24 are great.


This is where the real difference comes in, we would say. Naturally, they will all be different sizes and offer a different range of sizes. We don’t think this affects the quality or reliability at all. 

Every home is different hence why there is such a range in sizes. Below is the size range for the three. 

  • Primo- 3.8-15kW
  • Symo- 3.0-20kW
  • Gen24- 3.0-10kW

This doesn’t matter too much unless you want as high as 20k, where the only option would be Symo. At the end of the day, a 6kW inverter will work the same; it just depends on which model you prefer.


Efficiency is also a little different between these inverters. However in the grand scheme of things the difference between them all is so little I’m not really sure it would matter that much or make a big difference. Either way, here’s the efficiency rating for each inverter:

  • Primo- 95.95%
  • Symo-97.7%
  • Gen24- 97.8%

Fronius Primo Vs Fronius Symo Vs Fronius Gen24,there is such a slight difference in efficiency. It really is a matter of 0.2%. Fronius is great at offering excellent efficiency, so whichever inverter you pick, you are guaranteed great efficiency.


So we have come to the end of Fronius Primo Vs Fronius Symo Vs Fronius Gen24. As you can tell from this article, we are big fans of Fronius and all of their inverters.

Each inverter offers a feature that will better suit different households. For smaller houses or for those starting out, we suggest the Primo. For those looking to splash the cash a little bit more or upgrade their system with a 3-phase inverter, try the Symo.

Finally, if you are looking for a hybrid two-in-one investment, the Gen24 is a fantastic piece of kit. The ability to store energy in a solar battery is impressive and should be taken advantage of if it works for you.

We hope you have enjoyed this article and feel a bit better about picking what solar inverter would best fit your solar system. Leave us a comment below if you have any Fronius inverters, and if so, which one and what you think about them! 😁

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