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Growatt Solar Battery Review

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Growatt Solar Battery Review:
The Most 'Affordable' Solar Battery

If you’ve got solar, or you’re looking into solar then we all turn our eyes towards somewhere to store that magical, clean energy we are generating… 

But, oh my GOD some of the price for these solar batteries 😮 They’re expensive, but does that mean you should be avoiding them? Well no, not exactly. It’s the life long saying we all say, Time Is Money.

We give the similar answer to people when they ask, should I install solar now or wait? That could be an expensive mistake for you. Especially if you can find an affordable solar battery or solar system. 

This is exactly where growatt comes in… 😁

So, let’s find out exactly what these Growatt solar batteries are about and quite frankly, if they’re any good. As it turns out, they could just be your next best investment!

Growatt started making batteries back in 2019

Yes, so Growatt bought out their first solar battery back in 2019. They mainly make inverters but because they have been incredibly successful in that industry, they moved over to solar batteries. You can learn more about growatt inverters in my review here

Although they haven’t been in the solar battery market for too long they are already causing quite a stir. From what I’ve seen so far, Growatt batteries have some really good reviews about them. They are averaging 4.8 stars on SolarQuotes with no 1* reviews which is good to see. 

Just because they haven’t been in the battery industry for a while doesn’t mean that you should avoid these batteries, and I’m going to explain exactly why. By putting their success and innovation from their inverters and batteries, Growatt could have created something amazing here…

growatt 2019 solar battery

Growatt is literally the most affordable solar battery you can buy on the market…

Pretty much everywhere you look online you will find people complaining about the prices of solar batteries. Admittedly, some solar batteries can be rather pricey and take a long time to pay off the investment. 

BUT… Growatt has changed the scene here. Their solar battery is literally the ‘cheapest’ on the market right now. 

Please don’t mistake this price tag for junk though. If you look through the specifications you will find that this solar battery is very well made. One thing I will say though, is that it’s quite a small battery. I will go into more details regarding the specs further down the page. 

In terms of the price tag, it might even shock you how low it is compared to other batteries on the market right now. This could have something to do with the size of the battery, or because the affordable reputation Growatt have with their inverters.

Does this mean they are trying to shape a more affordable solar battery industry?

With affordability comes a faster payback period meaning this solar battery is a great investment

Of course, this is exactly what we have all been waiting for right? An affordable solar battery with a quick payback period? 

Well, as you know being the more affordable solar battery on the market comes with benefits. One of the biggest is that you could be looking at a very short payback period for this solar battery. This also means very fast and very BIG returns on your investment. 

At last you no longer have to worry that your investment could take years before it pays itself off. However, one thing I do want to mention is that for some people solar batteries could very much be worth it regardless of the high price tag. 

To understand more, you need to work out how much you are wasting on your energy bills every year then study how much the price is dropping on solar batteries each year. You might actually find that because the price is dropping slow, you could spend thousands waiting when it could have been invested. 

What would make even more sense though, is to invest in Growatts affordable solar battery. If you’re in Victoria then take advantage of the solar battery rebate and this could then be super affordable for you.

growatt solar battery has a fast return on investment compared to other solar batteries. Man happy with the fast payback time from the growatt solar battery.

Of course, is Growatt’s solar battery any good? It has a 10 year warranty to back it up…

The question that is probably on everyone’s mind right now… Is this Growatt solar battery any good then? And how do we know if it’s any good? Let’s jump into a little bit more detail. 

Firstly I’d like to cover the long warranty you get with this solar battery. Growatt is providing a good 10 year warranty on this battery. For comparison, Powerwall 2’s along with LG Chems and Sonnen are all offering a 10 year warranty… 

So, if it wasn’t as good as these big brands… How would they be able to offer the same warranty length? 

We can also consider the battery cycles of > 6000. It’s also said that at 25°C that you can push the cell cycle life to above 8000. They’re also designed to suit the harsh climates of Australia, including being IP55 waterproof and dustproof.

How does it compare to the likes of a Tesla powerwall or LG Chem?

It’s much more affordable. This also means it’s a better investment. Typically you can trust a product if it’s offering the same warranty as well. 

However the differences are that Growatt’s battery is much smaller. If you are going completely off-grid you might struggle with this battery (I’d never recommend going off grid anyway, learn why in my powerwall review here).

You won’t be able to store as much energy compared to the LG chem and the Powerwall 2. Additionally, you aren’t able to stack or add up the batteries like the powerwall or chem, meaning its best suited for smaller households. 

It uses safe chemicals for their batteries which is known as LiFePO4 technology. It’s slightly different to a Powerwall and LG chem and might mean that the output is slightly lower. 

However, all in all I would say all 3 of these solar batteries are great. They will all be suited to different people. If you are looking for an affordable, fast paying solar battery then growatt is the one. If you’re looking to go virtually off-grid then a powerwall or sonnen battery would be better.

Could this solar battery shape the way for a more affordable market?

Now you can see that Growatt have created an affordable battery, could this kickstart the industry for a change? 

It would be great to see the popularity of this battery soar and put pressure on the bigger battery manufacturers to start to provide homeowners with more affordable solutions that can get paid off quicker.  

Again I would recommend this battery along with the powerwall 2 and LG chem or Sonnen and a great battery for your home. Choosing any of these is the right step to storing your power and slashing your energy bills even further. 

It would be great to hear from people who have installed growatt’s battery or what others think about getting it for their home. Share your thoughts with everyone in the comments below 😁.

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Written By:

Luke Cove
Managing Director
Lightning Solar & Electrical

1 thought on “Growatt Solar Battery Review”

  1. Very happy with our Growatt batteries,have been operating for two and a half years now,and no issues at all.there are 2 @ 6’5 klw must point out we have never had a power bill in that period of time. The cost at the time were approx $4,000 dollars each

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