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Hyundai Solar Panels Review

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Hyundai Solar Panels Review: Do They Live Up To The Name?

Hyundai solar panels have become extremely popular across Australia, mostly due to their high quality technology and long lasting warranties. One thing that really makes them stand out is the big name of Hyundai. 

Of course, since the shock exit of LG we’ve all been focusing on investing in panels that have a very good bankability. This applies for Hyundai solar panels which are seen as blue chip because they are backed by the automotive section of Hyundai as well. 

I’ll be taking you through my Hyundai solar panel review where I talk honestly about the performance and my opinions of these panels. 

You will be able to understand whether or not you should invest in these for your home or decide on another solar panel. By the way, I will also go through the different modules that are available for Australian homeowners. 

Now, if you are interested in Hyundai solar panels please get in touch with one of my design engineers who can chat to you about requesting a proposal or design consultation

Let’s not waste any more time, here’s my full Hyundai solar panels review.

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Hyundai Company History

Established in 1972, Hyundai Energy Solutions has been around for over 50 years. They entered the Australian market in 2009 and came back again with some even better technology in 2018.

Not only does Hyundai work with renewable energy but they are also backed by a huge automotive industry where they have been a key leader for 50+ years.

Does Hyundai have offices in Australia?

Yes, Hyundai Energy has an office in Sydney for any solar panel questions or queries. The reason why this is important is that in case anything happens and you need to make a claim, it’s much better to speak to someone in Australia and not South Korea. 

They can usually fix this issue straight away. It also means they have a local Australia presence meaning they’ll be more willing to help and understand the Australian market better because they have troops on the ground.

Types Of Hyundai Panels

hyundai UF solar panels

Hyundai UF Series

What I Like About It...

The UF Series definitely seems much more popular across Australia. They’re extremely high quality and come backed with a whopping 25 year warranty. It also has the highest efficiency when compared to the VG series coming in at 20.8% panel efficiency. 

It comes with a sleek all-black design and is made for the harsh weather conditions we face in Australia. Overall, this is an amazing panel with some awesome specs you can see below.


385-400w sizes
M3+ PERC cells
25 year product warranty
25 year performance warranty
Anti LID
20.8% panel efficiency
Operating Temperature -40 ~ 85°C

hyundai VG solar panels

Hyundai VG Series

What I Like About It...

The Hyundai VG Series also uses shingled cell technology to maintain a high performance across all of their products. Similar to the UF series the VG comes with a sleek all-black design and backed by a strong 25 year warranty. 

The only difference is the type of M6 PERC cells that are used. They are less efficient compared to the UF series meaning they come in at 19.9% efficiency. 


390-410w sizes
M6 PERC cells
25 year product warranty
25 year performance warranty
Anti LID
19.9% panel efficiency
Operating Temperature -40 ~ 85°C

Hyundai Solar Panels Uses Shingled Cell Technology

One really cool feature of Hyundai solar panels is their use of shingled cell technology. Interestingly enough, they ensure this technology is adapted across all of their solar panel brands. 

Essentially, shingled cell technology is where the cells overlap. This means that there is no gap between the cells where sunlight can get wasted and not converted. With shingled cells you can close the gap and fit more cells in. 

With overlapping cells this results in more sunlight being converted into energy. Overall it will give Hyundai a much higher efficiency rating compared to non-shingled cells in the same size. 

It’s impressive technology and I love to see that Hyundai has adopted this. Shingled cell tech is also very long lasting meaning you are getting both high performance and high durability from the panel.

You Get A 25 Year Warranty With Hyundai Panels

It’s good to see that Hyundai are keeping afloat in the industry by offering a 25 year warranty. This puts them in the forefront of the industry which seems to be moving towards an average of 20 years for panels. 

Being in the 25 year warranty mark sets them in the top end of panels along with Jinko, SunPower and QCell. 

I suppose this is a high indication of the performance and quality you can expect from Hyundai. By backing their product for 25 years it shows confidence in their solar panels and ensures the risk is minimised for all buyers. 

Not only this but Hyundai has an extremely strong bankability with their warranties backed by their multi million dollar automotive industry which has been around for over 54 years

There is still a way to go if they’re looking to beat SunPowers new 40 year warranty which has blown all other solar manufacturers out of the water. 

Overall, I’m glad to see a 25 year warranty here and can confirm that this is a good indication of what you will get from Hyundai. Not to mention that this warranty is backed by a multimillion dollar automotive industry as well.

Hyundai Solar Panels Are Made In South Korea

This is always important to remember because it allows us an insight into the quality of manufacturing conditions. South Korea is actually at the forefront of technology with some amazing advancements coming out of their country. 

In terms of manufacturing I am confident in saying South Korea is excellent at producing high quality solar panels. For me, I’m happy with this. Just remember, QCell solar panels are engineered in Germany, but manufactured in South Korea. 

That shows that South Korea is hot on their quality if QCell is getting panels manufactured there. I’d even argue that South Korea is better than China, however I know this is up for debate. 

Overall, it’s important to know that Hyundai solar panels are manufactured in South Korea with high quality standards meaning the panels that come out are strong, durable and long lasting. 

PS. There are talks that Hyundai solar panels have moved a large percentage of their manufacturing to China.

hyundai solar panels are manufactured in south korea under high quality requirements.

Hyundai Panels Are Blue Chip Panels

That’s right. Hyundai solar panels are blue chip. 

Blue chip basically means your investment is secured and backed by a low risk company. Blue chip panels are made from low risk companies who have been around for a long time. 

Of course, Hyundai has been an established car manufacturer for over 54 years now so their solar panels are also backed by this fortune as well. 

Essentially, you can trust Hyundai panels more than other panel brands who have only been in business for 5-10 years. 

It certainly gives you peace of mind. Especially with the likes of LG pulling out of the market and the number of other solar manufacturers disappearing. Hyundai is backed with a huge name and huge funding. 

This makes them one of the strongest and safest panels to invest in the Australia market. If you’re concerned about the longevity of your panel and warranty then you should consider Hyundai solar panels.

Hyundai Solar Panels Review

Price 9/10

Hyundai solar panels are affordable across the board. They compare favourably to other panels offering the same or lower warranty. This ensures that Hyundai is staying competitive in the market and allows us Australians to take advantage of high quality, affordable technology.

Performance 9/10

By using shingled cell technology Hyundai are maximising the energy generation and conversion efficiency of their panels. Overall, this increases the performance of the panel and allows Australian homeowners to reach maximum energy output for their roof space.

Warranty 9/10

Their 25 year warranty is in the top tier of solar panels in the industry therefore Hyundai solar panels are maintaining their position as one of the top panels you can buy in Australia. One high benefit to Hyundai’s warranty is their bankability backed by the automotive industry. 

They really are a blue chip company.

Efficiency 9/10

In terms of conversion efficiency Hyundai solar panels are pretty up there with the best. When compared to the likes of Jinko it’s sitting around the same efficiency. I know that Hyundai is much higher than others like Canadian solar but really, does efficiency matter that much?


Overall, Hyundai solar panels are a very strong contender for Australian homeowners. I am more than happy to recommend these solar panels and believe that they’re a high quality solution for your home. 

Coming with their huge bankability and long lasting 25 year warranty you can really get peace of mind when investing in Hyundai solar panels. This is important in this day and age especially since LG’s shock exit from the market

For homeowners who are interested in Hyundai, don’t feel sceptical. You are buying a high quality solar panel with a good conversion efficiency and advanced technology. 

I hope you enjoyed this honest Hyundai solar panels review as I’ve tried to share everything from my knowledge and experience. 

Please feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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