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Why Use Solar Energy?

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20 Thought-Provoking Reasons Why You Should Use Solar Energy...

Look, we can all come together and agree that energy bills SUCK. Some of us spend hours online researching how to lower energy bills whilst others just attempt a military routine to ensure you’re not using much energy. 

Either way, all of us know deep down that there is one simple solution. Although you may not like to admit it at first, the science is there and the proof is in the pudding. Solar energy will be the solution to your problem. Yes, solar energy will reduce your energy bills. 

So what is solar you ask?

Solar is what we use to harness the light from the sun, generating power from converting sunlight into energy. This power can then be converted into electricity and used in any electrical appliance in your home. 

Instead of taking energy from the grid for your home, you can just power it yourself from your solar panels. First, congratulations on considering this safer option for your home. You’re not only doing a positive thing for the earth’s environment, but also for humanity’s greater good.

And of course, how can I forget the endless benefits solar will give you as the homeowner?

But look, let’s get into these reasons (as I’ve got a lot of them) and then you can make the decision yourself.

5 Things Solar Can Give You As A Homeowner

1. Return on investment

When you invest in solar, you are making an investment. This is because you will make your money back in the savings on your energy bills each month. For example, if your energy bills are $1000 per month and you installed solar, you could save up to $500 per month. This means every month you will be getting $500 back from your system.

2. Increased property value

Solar is becoming more and more popular, we all know this. Homes with solar panels are valued higher than homes without. This is because your energy bills will be lower and of course, the home is able to power itself during the day. If you installed a solar battery, then you could increase your property value even more.

3. Lower energy bills

This one is a bit obvious. But yes, solar energy can reduce your power bills as a homeowner. Just imagine that. At last, you see an affordable energy bill. I know… It sounds like you’re dreaming but it can be done. We’ve seen it ourselves. This means you’ll have the extra cash flow to spend on yourself, your family or just save it up.

4. Freedom from increased energy prices

Who wants to be shackled to an energy provider who constantly ups prices behind your back? I certainly don’t. When you invest in solar you are breaking the chains of those dammed energy providers and tasting the sweet flavour or independent energy freedom.

5. Peace of mind

Not only do you feel awful when you see those big energy bills, but there’s always a feeling of deeper guilt as well due to all the fossil fuels you’ve contributed to. Don’t worry, we’ve been there before. Moving forward, when you install solar you have the peace of mind that you are helping the environment and not damaging it.

Solar Energy Is The Future…

It was announced last year that solar energy IS the cheapest form of energy on the planet right now. That means it’s cheaper than any fossil fuels or any supplier offering you the best deal. 

Of course, governments all around the world are also recognising the benefits of solar energy and are stepping up their efforts to offer solar rebates or financial incentives. We’ve got the rebates available in Qld and of course the notorious Victorian solar panel rebate as well. 

You probably know at least 1 person or more who has solar installed on their home right now… Soon that will become more and more. It’s the future, people want to save money and solar is the solution here. 

Not only that, but the world is starting to wake up and take a stance again the climate change that is happening right now. Join the community of fun-loving homeowners who went from being frustrated, grumpy and broke to stress-free, happy and rich… All thanks to solar.

20 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Solar Energy

1. Solar rebates won’t last forever

Believe it or not, the solar energy system you buy will pay you back. The Australian Government is offering an STC rebate for all homeowners as an incentive to help with the investment cost of solar energy. 

However, these are set to phase out in 2030. Each year they are getting less and less valuable because more and more homeowners are jumping at the chance to claim these rebates. Now is the best time to take advantage… 

They’re not going to be there forever, so ensure that you are making the most of the rebates that are available whilst you can before they’re gone. The more people that get solar, the fewer rebates there will be.

2. The price of solar is decreasing

Thanks to some awesome data that’s been collected over time by Choice solar, we can see that solar panel prices are becoming more and more affordable… If you combine this with the sizes and performance increasing then really it’s becoming sooo good for everyone. 

A better system, more energy and bigger savings for a more affordable price? Sound a bit too good to be true right? Nope, it’s just solar 😅

cost of solar decreasing since 2012

3. Solar energy classed the cheapest energy in the world

That’s right. As mentioned above, last year it was crowned the world leader. The cheapest form of electricity in the world and also in history. 

We’ve never ever seen a cheaper form of electricity than solar. Now, if that’s not a good reason to start investing then I don’t know what is… But here’s another 17 reasons…

4. People will like you in the community

I mean, if you’re going to go the whole way with solar, expect to be loved by your neighbours and accepted into a whole new pro-solar community club. Hopefully, there aren’t any people that aren’t too jealous of your energy achievements. 

But seriously, people will prefer you in the community because you are helping provide them with cleaner energy and also not contributing to fossil fuels etc. We even have neighbours that show off their expensive systems… It’s like a billionaires boy’s club.

5. You can live a less stressful life (Won’t worry about bills)

Honestly… One big thing solar gives people is peace of mind. Once you have affordable bills, it really makes a big change in your life and your lifestyle. It can help you relax and live a more stress-free life knowing your energy bills are forever low. 

Not only this, but you know that you are helping society and fighting against climate change. One of the most stressful things is being at the forefront of an energy provider running up prices.. With solar, you have the peace of mind that you are going to be good for the next 25 years.

6. Free up monthly cash flow

You won’t be stuck with the same mindset anymore.  No more saying to yourself “I’ll start putting money away next Monday!” Nope! 

Investing in solar power will allow you the freedom to put money away without the stress of needing funds for something else. Really, you have more power over your pocket. More time to spend your money on the things that have the most value to you. 

Having extra cash flow at the end of the month is seriously life changing… So that’s exactly what solar is. It’s life changing and can give you a better life.

7. Solar panel performance has increased a lot…

Unlike years ago, older panels have gone from 250-watt panels up to 380-400watt plus panels. You’ll need fewer panels on your roof to bring on more energy but they can come with optimisation.

This means if one panel is shadowed, the rest of the panels still absorb solar energy from the sun. It’s always important to ask if the panels are optimised before you buy them, especially if you have a lot of trees on your property. 

Systems like SolarEdge provide this cutting edge technology meaning there are no more excuses about shading or the shape of your roof.

8. Return on investment

Like I mentioned before when you invest in solar you get your money back. This means you are getting a return on your investment. This comes with a range of benefits mostly once your system has been paid off, which can take anywhere between 1-5 years. 

Solar energy can also give you more money to pay off your mortgage quicker and frees up a lot more cash flow for your house. This way, rather than wasting money on utilities, you could put your money to better use. Holiday, anyone?

9. Become VPP ready (Solar battery)

There are also solar battery storage systems, which is the perfect way for you to store your electricity for future use. 

These are affordable and you can get a rebate on these batteries as well (If you are in SA or VIC). The battery power can kick in during the nighttime, saving you even more on your energy bills and making you virtually off-grid. 

Virtual Power Plants are a fantastic opportunity to help your entire community receive extremely low bills by combining your systems and batteries together for a virtual solar powerplant. This is going to be the future, and Tesla already has one set up in South Australia.

10. Sell solar back to the grid

With money saved on the electricity, you can also gain extra by feeding electricity back into the grid. That’s right… You can not officially get paid for selling your solar energy back to the grid

It’s an incentive that got bought about by the government, but again this isn’t going to last forever. If you are in high tariff areas you may get more, and if you are in areas with a lot of solar or low tariffs you will get less. 

The moral of the story is, the electricity credit can be transferred back into your gas bill. Yup, keep thinking about that soft sandy beach because this is your one-track trip to your best destination!

11. Option to go off-grid

Have you always dreamed of quiet country life? Maybe you’re tired of the town you’re currently in and need a change. Getting solar could be the bridge to your off-grid life.

Traditionally speaking, electricity is relying on fossil fuels, greenhouse gasses and other bad contaminants to work the way it does, so really, you’re doing the world a big favour by making this leap. 

However tempting this might sound, it’s probably not the best idea for most because you would need a big system and a lot of battery storage as well… I’ve talked about this in my powerwall review here.

12. Rising energy costs could put you out of pocket

There’s no doubt, the cost of electricity is only going to up by as “much as 3%” as more people use it and resources become more and more limited.  Getting a solar panel is guaranteed to lower the current price of your electricity bill, and you won’t have a single regret with this investment.

Don’t freak out about leaving lights on or leaving the TV on for background music, it’s all acceptable now with solar. Haha, well, it’s much more affordable especially if you’re a family with kids.

13. Environmentally friendly

Installing solar panels on your property is contributing to a more sustainable future, how amazing is that? Solar power opts for a cleaner, renewable future, and a resource that will pay you back three-fold, money-wise and within yourself too. 

You’re combating the production of pollution and harmful chemicals, minimising your carbon footprint and fighting against climate change. Now, how good does this feel already? You’re probably fired up at least a little bit. In a good way.

14. Slash your energy bills

I don’t think I need to speak too much about this one.

Solar energy will slash your bills. Period. 

It’s been proven time and time again. Enough said.

15. Increase your property value

Are you thinking of perhaps selling your home in future? Solar energy is not only useful in all its many forms but can make your home value skyrocket. It is not only an investment in your home but in your entire future endeavours.

It is sure to interest any real-estate agent and potential buyers. As I mentioned before, people prefer homes that are sustainable and can generate their own energy. No one wants to be tied down by high energy prices.

A home with solar is worth more than a home without. Just make sure that you are getting a quality solar installation that last’s more than 2+ years… 

16. Break free from 5-year energy contracts

Just like the brutal rise and fall of the stock markets, energy is no different. With the current electricity we use, there’s a risk of those prices increasing a lot over time. Don’t forget, energy companies are using non-renewable sources which are going up in price the more they run out. 

At any moment, your energy provider could up their prices. They pretty much ensure they’re allowed to do this in every contract that they write, they will never let themselves go under. You’re basically a prisoner for your contact abiding by their rules… Break the shackles, and move away to energy independence.

17. Energy can power anything in your house, even hot water

If you’re thinking about what solar can power, then basically it’s everything in your home. Your TV, your kettle and even your aircon or fridge. So yes, there is a lot of energy to be saved from these household appliances. 

Don’t forget, solar hot water is a thing. That means even your water can get powered by solar. That’s amazing, right? Well, let’s not stop here…

18. Solar energy is renewable (doesn’t run out)

As stated before, this sun is sustainable. I mean, why not take advantage of the biggest star in the solar system? You’ll be kicking yourself for not at least trying this out.

On top of saving money on electricity and gas bills with your energy provider, you can also use solar power to access free hot water.

If you could produce your energy for free, and power your home… Then why wouldn’t you?

19. Allows You To Monitor Electricity Usage

Solar energy will be your next best friend. It shows you how much you’re using and at what time of the day. This will really help you to cut back even more on your usage. Imagine how much you could save now. 

This is great because it means you have full visibility over your energy bills. That’s something we barely have a chance to see with energy suppliers. Here, you can see exactly what you’re using day by day, hour by hour.

20. Solar panels are low maintenance

The cost of solar energy isn’t going to be a stress, because they ultimately pay for themselves after a decade of long-term use. Plus, once they’re installed you literally just have to sit back and let the sunshine… Reap the rewards without doing anything. 

Furthermore, even if solar panels appear dirty after long wear use, it doesn’t affect their lifespan but it may drop the performance a little… Most panels also come with anywhere between a 10-25 year guarantee. It will be your partner for life.

It’s suggested that you get them cleaned every 4-5 years, depending on your location etc. Usually, you can get this done for pretty cheap by a professional.  

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Written By:

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