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Are Solar Panels Worth It?

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Are Solar Panels Worth It: 18 reasons why…

Are solar panels worth it? No seriously, are solar panels really worth it? Let’s be realistic here, solar panels can be seen as a large investment. You’re going to be forking out a considerable amount of money for this.

So, let’s find out if they’re actually worth it or not. 

Over the past few years Australia has seen substantial growth in the demand and popularity of solar panels, but is this just a sign of a change in the times or are people investing in solar for a reason?

If you’re going to be spending thousands on a solar system, you’re going to need to make sure that it’s worthwhile, right? 

Well, I’m going to be taking you through 17 different reasons why solar panels will be worth it for you. Honestly, 17 reasons is more than enough… 😆

I’d say that if you can resonate with at least 5 reasons, that should be enough to tell you solar panels are worth it for your home. If not, then maybe look into a different solution.

Now, if you’re here because you just wanted to confirm that you’re making the right choice by getting solar panels, congrats. Please feel free to get a solar proposal designed by one of my solar electricians to help guide you on the right solar journey. 

Ok, well without going on any further, here’s the truth about solar panels being worth it.

What can solar panels give you as a homeowner?

As a homeowner, I’m sure you’ve wondered whether or not your current energy solution is the best one for you. Many homes across Australia are now switching to solar energy, which has a huge range of benefits.

First and foremost, powering your home with electricity sourced from solar allows you to live a cheaper lifestyle. You’ll be saving substantially on your energy bill, or even eliminating it altogether. 

This frees up money for you to spend on the things that matter, like your family, an extra holiday, or perhaps you’ll put the extra cash into savings for the future. How good is that, ay?

Aside from the financial benefits, you’ll benefit the planet and set a great example in your neighbourhood. By installing solar, you and your household can go green – reducing or eliminating your reliance on energy sourced from more environmentally-unfriendly means. With full control of your energy, you could even go off grid.

Are solar panels worth it? Here’s 18 reasons why they are…

1. Slash your energy bills

Installing solar panels on your property will allow you to slash your energy bills, freeing up money that can be better spent. Think of all the things you could do with the money you’re currently spending on your electricity bill… Well, let’s try not too 😆

Maybe it’s saving towards a new car, more visits to restaurants, a holiday abroad, or just being able to treat yourself and your family more often. Your energy bill is not a necessary evil – it can in many cases be completely eliminated.

This is possibly the biggest reason we’ve found that Australian homeowners move towards solar.

2. Increase your property value

Because properties that utilise solar energy generally have significantly lower energy expenses, they are highly sought after by potential buyers.

You can significantly increase the value of your property by having a fully equipped solar energy system, and the feature itself allows your property to stand out from the crowd amongst other property listings.

3. Take advantage of solar rebates / incentives

The Australian government has launched initiatives to help encourage the switch to solar energy. One of these is an STC rebate for all homeowners, to help with the investment cost of solar energy.

These rebates won’t be around forever, with the STC rebate being phased out from 2030. Now is the best time to invest in solar power! This includes the Queensland solar rebate, learn more about it here.

Additionally, there are rebates available in Victoria which are separate to other states. This includes the famous solar battery rebate which has become extremely popular the past 6 months.

4. Price of solar is becoming more affordable

Solar technology has been advancing at a rapid rate. Although most consumers have only heard about the recent home solar energy boom in the last decade, the technology is now more accessible than ever.

This means that you can pay off the cost of your installation and start generating an ROI faster than ever before.

However, this always brings up the question… Should I install solar now or wait for prices to come more affordable. Read my guide which will explain why this could be an expensive mistake.

cost of solar decreasing since 2012

5. Free up your monthly cash flow

By slashing your energy bills you’re able to free up your monthly cash flow, which takes some of the stress and strain off you paying your bills each month.

It also gives you money at the end of the month you wouldn’t normally have. It’s a win win really. Same applies to business owners, if you’re looking for commercial solar, here’s some benefits of how it can help your business.

6. Solar panel technology is becoming more advanced

As time goes on solar panel technology has become more and more efficient, meaning you’re now able to get more energy out of your investment, even when the weather or shading might not be fully optimal.

Solar systems like Enphase offer solutions that are long lasting and extremely high performing. Along with their competitor, SolarEdge who also offer quality high-end systems built for flexible designs and full visibility.

If you’re looking for the more affordable side of things, we highly recommend Jinko panels along with LG panels like the Neon 2 and of course, SunPower performance panels which are a fantastic solution for homeowners.

7. High return on investment

Solar panel installation can provide homeowners with a high return on investment. Now, faster than ever, solar panels are paying for themselves and providing homeowners with profit in the form of self-sustaining energy.

This is due to the ever increasing performance of solar panels – you can now generate more energy with less space and hardware, and the barrier to entry has fallen substantially since residential solar energy was introduced.

8. Can sell your energy back to the grid

Excess energy generated by your solar panel system can be sold back to the grid. This allows you to open up another revenue stream from your solar installation.

Not only that, but you’re also providing your community with a regular stream of renewable energy. They can use your naturally sourced power instead of using the grid’s energy known for producing CO2 and fossil fuels.

9. Become VPP ready (Solar battery)

Homeowners can connect their solar panels to a solar battery, which allows storage of energy generated. There are many on the market, and we’ve reviewed a few. Check out our review on Powerwall vs LG Chem.

When the sun goes down, your battery can kick in and power your household throughout the night. Virtual Power Plants take this idea and expand it across your local community – a neighbourhood that combines their solar panels and solar batteries for mutual benefit.

This is still in the making, but it’s something to look out for in the future. Some of the best batteries we advise is Telsa’s Powerwall 2 and the Australian made Sonnen battery.

10. Electricity prices are increasing

Because traditional fuel sources are diminishing in supply, electricity prices are increasing across Australia, giving homeowners even more reason to opt for solar power and save on their bills. By installing solar, you can start making savings immediately and ensure that any future increases in grid electricity prices won’t catch you off guard.

11. You can go off grid

Have you ever wanted to escape traditional life and go off-grid? Perhaps you’ve had enough of living in your current area and want the freedom to set up home anywhere, free from any constraints.

Solar power might be your solution. By sustaining your own energy source for your home, you can disconnect from the grid completely, although this can be an expensive move and isn’t usually feasible for most, it’s nice to know the option is there.

12. Help saving the planet

Solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of energy available to power homes and businesses. Solar panels don’t require any water to generate electricity and they don’t generate any harmful gases.

Did you know, households in Australia utilising solar energy can offset anywhere between half a tonne to one full tonne of carbon dioxide for every megawatt-hour, just from independence from the grid? By choosing solar energy you can reduce your carbon footprint and help push the world towards a cleaner future.

13. Solar panels lifespan is around 25-30 years

Solar panels have a long lifespan, generally about 25-30 years. As technology advances and competition steps up their game, product and performance warranties are on the increase, which is a great thing for the consumer. Homeowners looking to switch can enjoy peace of mind knowing their solar energy solutions will be in great working order for decades.

14. Power anything electrical inside your home

Electricity generated from solar power is just as usable as electricity generated from the grid. You can use it to power any appliances inside your home, with no disruption.

Better yet, homeowners can opt to have a solar battery installed with their panels, which allow energy generated to be stored, for say overnight use or days when there isn’t much sunlight.

15. Break free from any contracts with energy providers

As non-renewable sources of energy diminish, you can expect your energy provider to increase the price they charge you for electricity.

They basically ensure in all their contracts that they are allowed to do this, as they won’t leave room for themselves to go under. By switching to solar panels you can take back control of your energy and bills, and break free of unfair contracts.

16. Monitor and optimise your system for your energy usage

Solar energy often comes equipped with the latest technology for monitoring and optimising your energy consumption. When you compare inverters like Fronius to ones like SolarEdge, you see the difference in technology.

At any time of the day, you can check how much you are using, and use that information to cut back on unnecessary usage. This is something we rarely see with traditional energy providers; with this information you’ll save more than ever!

17. Solar panels are low in maintenance

Solar panels are extremely low maintenance. Once installed, they’ll pay themselves off after just a few years and then continue to generate you savings on your bills.

While they absorb the sun’s rays on top of your home and you reap the rewards of clean energy, you may forget they’re even there! Just make sure that your solar installation is high quality, as this will factor in how long your panels will last.

It’s recommended that you get your solar panels cleaned every 4-5 years to ensure there is no dirt buildup affecting performance, but this is a cheap job any professional can do for you.

18. Solar energy has become the cheapest form of energy in the world

It’s been officially announced! Solar energy is the cheapest form of electricity that has ever existed.

Previously this accolade belonged to harmful and toxic fossil fuels that drive global warming, but in 2020 the International Energy Agency (IEA) confirmed solar has taken top spot.

New studies have led researchers to believe that solar energy is at least 20-50% cheaper than previously thought.

Summary, are solar panels worth it?

We believe that solar panels are most definitely worth it. The world is running out of unsustainable sources of energy at a rapid rate, and thanks to the affordability and technology of solar, we can all be part of the solution while saving money and even generating an ROI for our households.

For homeowners who install solar panels, the biggest benefit is the huge reduction in your energy bills. This money can literally be life changing. 

If you’re interested in finding out more, we’ve got a huge number of honest reviews. Our most popular ones are Solaredge Review, Jinko panels review, Sunpower review and of course Jinko vs Longi panels

If you’ve got solar panels, let us know in the comments below on whether or not you’ve found them to be worth it. We’d love to hear from you guys as well 😁.

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